NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis – Why Not?

WHY NOT? Nobody spies as heavily as the israeli's, how come they've never been busted?
Jim W Dean tells why - www.presstv.ir/detail/2013/07/11/313314/nsa-spying-never-catches-israelis/

Hitler Brings Diversity To I$raHell

The jew Barbara Spectre had the following to say?

Here she is in living color.

Just as the serpent Spectre reckons she has the solution to Europe’s diversity problem … Hitler has a solution for I$raHell’s NONE EXISTING Diversity problem.

Alison Weir – The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

A clear, calm and outstanding presentation on the hidden history of the role of the US in the creation of Israel.

A talk by Alison Weir, Executive Director of If Americans Knew and author of the book “Against Our Better Judgment: The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel” recorded July 30, 2014 at the Common Good Cafe at University Temple United Methodist Church in Seattle, WA.
Folks!, you might find the following presentations by Pastor Eli James rather educational - The Jewish Dialectic.

I know you Nationalists out there believe the Bible to be a jewish book, but I urge you to put your difference aside for now, and just LISTEN to what’s presented in the following videos. Can you do that?

Part 1

Part 2

Euro Folk Radio

In 1950,  white European peoples worldwide made up 28% of the world”s population. Today, after countless wars and the corrosion of our culture by the covert social engineering of our enemies, aided and abetted by traitors within, we are headed to account for 9% by 2060.

Euro folk radio is a developing voice and gathering point for actions that aim to reverse this decline and set us back upon the path of family, honor, grace, beauty and courage. Many of our people know not who they are. Many of our people have forgotten who they are. We aim to remind them of their strengths and failings and set us back aright upon the path of duty; duty to the highest in each of us, duty to the highest above all of us.

EURO · FOLK · RADIO is a developing communications platform providing a voice for european peoples worldwide. As such it tackles topics which the mainstream media give little or no time to and which are commonly classed in certain quarters as being politically incorrect.

One hundred years ago, prior to the outbreak of the first fratricidal slaughter known as WW1, the anglo-saxon, aryan, gaelic, celtic, slavic, teutonic, nordic, mediterranean, scandinavian, caucasian peoples accounted for 30% of the world’s population. Today, after two world wars, multiple further wars and all the social engineering forces brought to bear in the  attack on the family unit, white people now account for 8% of the world’s population.

Our primary homelands of europe, north america and australasia have seen unprecedented levels of unwarranted immigration, an ongoing event which seeks the end of the white race to be replaced with a more compliant, rootless population. The proponents of “multi-culturalism” and “diversity” pursue policies which in reality destroy both. Their aims show that; multi-culturalism and diversity are code words for white genocide.


EFR will not be accused of preaching hatred towards non-Whites.  We protest against the global slaughter of White people that characterizes the New World Order, International Zionism and Corporate Socialism.  The agenda of these globalists, which includes the policies of Agenda 21, is to enslave or destroy the White Race.  We also insist on the right of self-determination for all people, especially Whites who do not wish to be balkanized by banksters and other internationalists.

We demand this right as enunciated in Woodrow Wilson’s “Fourteen Points,” which were presented at the Versailles Treaty but never adopted.  The current onslaught against White Civil Rights has been orchestrated by the banksters of global Zionism, the United Nations Organization and international communism.  We utterly reject these international programs of multiculturalism, by which our White nations are being forced to subsidize the destruction of our own nations and culture.  We have an absolute right to defend ourselves against this sinister agenda; and we will oppose it until we are victorious over it.


Although much of the content of this website is biblically-oriented and advocates the Christian Identity point of view, which asserts that the Celtic, Welsh, Caucasian, Anglo-Saxon and kindred people are the True Israel of the Bible, Eurofolk Radio is concerned about all White people and their struggle to break free of the Jewish matrix of deceit.  We therefore present all pro-White points of view.   We support all pro-White groups who are opposed to the Talmudic, Zionist, bankster empire of Mystery Babylon, also known as the New World Order and the United Nations Organization.   It is extremely important that all Whites, the world over, Christian or non-Christian, recognize that Talmudic Judaism’s international stranglehold on media, banking, politics, economics, the press, etc. must be opposed by all lovers of truth.   For example, secular authors, both Jewish and non-Jewish, have been issuing articles and books about the fact that up to 95% of the world’s Jewish population has no genetic connection to ancient Israel.    
This fact blows the Zionist claim to Palestine right out of the water.   Furthermore, because of Jewish control of mass media, their censorship of damning facts must be exposed by real journalism, free from Jewish censorship.  Bearing these issues in mind, not all of our presentations will represent the ChristianIdentity point of view.  We will strive to feature those who are sympathetic to the cause of White separatism and freedom of speech.

Know Your Enemies

. . .  They have names and faces and can be confronted.

The whole of Europe is under attack; not just the European homeland, but overseas Europe too.  We are faced with such a concerted attack that it can become demoralising.  However, what we need to remember is that our enemies are just people; people with names, faces, places of work; people who can – and must – be confronted.

We often think of our enemies as the heads of financial and political institutions; people who are protected day-and-night from the grim reality they have created for the rest of us.  There are bankers in their gated communities and MPs, MEPs etc who pontificate to us about how they are serving the nation, whilst all the time they are serving themselves and their owners, with no care whatsoever for our interests or well-being.  When we think of people at this level, it seems as if there really is no hope of reaching those who do us so much harm, let alone convincing them to change their ways.  But rather than using the remoteness of the ‘elite’ as an excuse to give up and do nothing, we should be looking at those who we can reach, and who we can confront for their treachery.

In a recent edition of the liberal rag, the Independent on Sunday, an organisation called Mazi Mas was highlighted for its services to liberal extremism.  The despicable organisation is organised by a half-Greek, half German ‘gender specialist’ (which no doubt is something hideously ‘politically correct’), called Nikandre Kopcke.  According to the Independent, Mazi Mas means ‘with us’ in Greek, and – get this – the reason its founder was chosen for the paper’s  Happy List, is that she employs and trains refugees and immigrants only, and not only is her organisation exclusively foreign, the invaders thus employed are also exclusively women .  For this display of anti-indigenous and anti-male discrimination, the Independent of Sunday felt compelled to recognise Mazi Mas and the ‘gender expert’, Kopcke.

Contrast this with another Greek initiative for feeding the people!  Back in Greece itself from which the self-hating feminist, Kopcke, slithered, Golden Dawn established soup kitchens to feed the victims of mass immigration and financial terrorism.  Golden Dawn put the Greek people first, and was dubbed the ‘Soup Kitchen of Hate’ for its efforts to look after the people.  Mazi Mas actively discriminates against the indigenous people of the UK (and indeed all Europe), and it also agitates for the ‘rights’ of all foreigners who manage to get to our shores in the manner of criminals breaking into our homeland.  Mazi Mas is welcomed by Parliament and fawned over by the mainstream media.  Why the disparity of reception?  Simply because to love one’s own people is to be ‘xenophobic’, whereas to hate one’s own and to love those who are destroying our nation, is to be a cuddly liberal multicultist!

The mainstream media – national and local – is full of sickening stories of people bending over backwards to aid the foreign invaders.  These self-hating parasites love to get their mentally-deranged faces in the media.  If we want to know who the enemy is, we need only have a look at the grinning images which can be found in all our newspapers.  The worse the treason, the more accolades these people receive.

It is possible that many of those committing treason against the European people are themselves victims of liberal brainwashing, and that they can have the error of their ways explained to them in such a way that they will cease to engage in activities which damage our people.  They are more than happy to promote themselves at every opportunity – we should be ready to confront them, educate them, and stop them.

Not all of the people who are engaged in activities which are injurious to the European people, are witting traitors.  Some of them can be brought back to sanity with exposure to the truth about what their ‘do-gooding’ actually achieves.

The organised multiculti bigots have a monopoly on disrupting organisations which oppose their agenda.  We have to ensure that this pitiful situation is not allowed to continue.  Organisations which promote the genocide of our people and the destruction of our way of life must not be allowed to continue unopposed.  They must be picketed, leafleted against, denied access to their premises and the public places they infest.  A little imagination, and readily available research is all that is needed to bring an end to the cosy drift into absolute liberal depotism.  Those who are sleepwalking into this nightmare can easily be awoken by their antics producing uncomfortable results.  That only leaves the hardcore enemies of the people, who will not be so brave once their puppet human shields are removed.

Don’t give the bigots an easy ride.  Let them know that the days in which they could discriminate against the indigenous people and commit acts of war without fear of repercussions or even without any objections, are over.

You Must Know By Now



Adventures in revisionist history

By John Kaminski

You must know by now that Arabs living in caves in Afghanistan did not knock down the  World Trade Center towers on September 11, 2001, murdering three thousand people in the process. You must know that all the subsequent USA wars since that have murdered millions of innocent people were total frauds meant to rob defenseless countries of their wealth based on the false pretext of 9/11 and the phony terror hysteria it precipitated.

You must know by now that the U.S. government and mainstream media continue to insist the 9/11 Arab hijacker story is true, and that this false fact is being taught in public schools, creating the unfortunate situation in which the government echoed by the media is foisting a deliberately false view of history on the people it pretends to govern, inform and protect.

You must know by now that Osama bin Laden died ten years before Barack Obama said he did. You must know that Obama ordered the murders of Seal Team 6 before any of those principled individuals could reveal the lie the president told to boost his election chances.

You must know by now that Saddam Hussein didn’t have the weapons of mass destruction which led to the United States “shock and awe” invasion of Iraq that murdered more than a million innocent people. You must know that the deal was about stealing Iraqi oil, which has been accomplished.

You must know by now that the invasion of Afghanistan was a giant hoax to protect poppy production so the CIA could sell more heroin on the streets of the world. You must know that all those American soldiers who have come home and committed suicide have done it out of shame for the needless atrocities they were involved in.

You must know by now that Muammar Qaddafi wasn’t cruel to his Libyan people like Barack Obama said he was, that he provided free houses to newlyweds and free college for everyone and had a notion to make all of Africa independent of white exploitation with its own currency. You must know that he was unjustly murdered and raped in the street after Obama declared a no fly zone over Libya in order to steal billions of dollars in gold he possessed.

You must know by now that no children died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The school had been closed for years because of asbestos problems, and dozens of people in town got their houses bought for them for participating in the colossal charade. You must know that this is the most bizarre event in American history, even more bizarre than the false flag 9/11 demolition.

You must know by now that no Jews were gassed by Germans during World War II, and that the so-called Jewish Holocaust was a colossal hoax. You must know that the Associated Press reported in 1947 that only 271,000 or so people died in all the work camps, and those deaths were caused by starvation when Allied bombings cut off the supply lines to the camps.

You must know by know that Adolf Hitler put forth nine different peace proposals prior to World War II and that the so-called allies — the U.S., Britain and the USSR — were all run by Jews intent on stamping out the greatest threat to Jewish world financial hegemony that the world has ever known.

You must know by now that Hellstorm, the greatest book on what America did to the Germans AFTER World War II, is now available in its entirety at

You must know by now that Lee Harvey Oswald didn’t kill John F. Kennedy, and that the job was orchestrated by Lyndon Johnson, David Ben Gurion, Sam Giancana, George H. W. Bush and many other familiar names on the American political scene who couldn’t stand the idea that JFK was trying to be an honest president and ruin the financial scam of the Jews who owned the Federal Reserve.

You must know by now that no American president has ever been honest — and lived.

You must know by now that the FBI has fabricated virtually all the so-called terror events since 9/11.

You must know by now that Russia didn’t start the massacres in the Ukraine, the U.S. backed Mossad hit team that hijacked the Ukrainian government did.

You must know by now that the Bolshevik Revolution was a completely Jewish operation and wound up murdering 100 million non Jewish individuals during the course of the 20th century. Why the U.S. chose Stalin rather than Hitler to support is one of the key questions in American history.

You must know by now that we didn’t go to the moon, because humans can’t survive the radiation above the Van Allen belt.

You must know by now that anybody who talks about ETs or beings from other dimensions is, knowingly or unknowingly, helping the Jewish world conquerors remain invisible by deflecting attention from their criminal activities and misdirecting it toward these constructed fantasies.

You must know by now that Iran never intended to possess nuclear weapons; their chief ayatollah wouldn’t permit them. You must know that Israel has always wanted all its neighbors in a state of convulsed disarray so that they can’t focus their wrath on the criminal Israeli state, the racist hideaway of criminals from all over the world.

You must know by now that the United States broke every treaty it ever made with the American Indian tribes, and pretty much has broken every treaty it has made with countries around the world.

You must know by now that all American elections are fixed by various computer program shenanigans.

You must know by know that your current president, an outright homosexual, is married to a man.

You must know by know that your previous president had overnight visits from an ex-Marine male escort bodybuilder.

You must know by now that Richard Nixon had a homosexual lover named Bebe Rebozo.

You must know by now that Lyndon Johnson supervised the murder of John F. Kennedy and had a lover named Mathilde Krim, who was also a Mossad agent.

You must know by now that Martin Luther King was murdered by an Army sniper, and that James Earl Ray took the fall for something he didn’t do.

You must know by now that Bobby Kennedy was killed by a shot from a bodyguard from behind and that Sirhan Sirhan never knew what happened that night.

You must know by now that cigarettes contain radioactive polonium for the purpose of population control.

You must know by now that genetically modified wheat is a poison meant to reduce the human population.

You must know by now that the weather is no longer natural and that Hurricane Sandy was a deliberately engineered storm.

You must know by now that the IRS is a private company, funneling all its profits to the Queen of England.

You must know by now that there is no law compelling most Americans to pay income taxes.

You must know by now that Jews believe it is their Talmudic duty to kill or enslave all the non Jews of the world. You must know that Jews regard all non Jews as animals whom it is OK to kill as long as they don’t get caught. You must also know that Jews control all the courts of the civilized world, and non Jews will never receive justice in any court as long as they are opposed by a Jew, because all the judges are approved by the Jews and all the lawyers are trained by the Jews.

You must know by now that Jews trumpet the shibboleth of “strength in diversity” for all countries it sabotages by race mixing, but strictly prohibits the intrusion of any non Jews in Israel because Jews know the introduction of foreign races into any homogenous population inevitably destroys that country with endless conflict, thereby creating more money making opportunities for Jews who support both sides and foment further strife.

You must know by now that the so-called people running the United States will admit to none of these truths listed here, and that the Department of Homeland Security was created to protect only the Jews, and not the rest of the American people, which is why 97 percent of DHS funding goes to Jewish organizations to assist with the elimination of the non Jewish population.

You must know by now that Americans are the most deluded populace ever to live on this planet, thinking that they themselves are heroes while their government goes around ravaging the world for fun and profit. And not just that, that the government Americans have put in charge of themselves is busily and continuously trying to kill its own citizens to adhere to the dictates of the world Jewish organization to kill or enslave the entire non Jewish population of the world.

You must know by now that if you don’t know everything on this list, your life is in grave jeopardy and your life expectancy is much shorter than you realize.

This would be a good checklist to run past your favorite local elected official to make you realize how important it is to vote him (or her) out of office as soon as humanly possible.

John Kaminski is a writer who lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida, constantly trying to figure out why we are destroying ourselves, and pinpointing a corrupt belief system as the engine of our demise. Solely dependent on contributions from readers, please support his work by mail: 6871 Willow Creek Circle #103, North Port FL 34287 USA.

USA: the Disposable People

While the USA goes around the world expounding on the virtues of its way of life, it is obvious that those in charge place little value on human life. They are willing to kill thousands, even millions, for profit, for power, for money, for oil and resources.

So meet the mentally ill of the USA and victims of the many who go without treatment. Meet more disposable people.

Miscegenation Of The Blood IS Genocide.

The Jewish controlled media, churches, schools, governments, etc encourage THIS Divine Law breaking - which leads to extinction. 

Failing to recognize the importance of "race" is our 
most fatal mistake

Ode To A Dying People by Saga

Eyes shining bright with unspilt tears,
Thinking about all those wasted years.
When everything worth living for is gone,
Brother, I find it hard to keep fighting on.
Falling down towards the abyss,
The reaper embraces me with his kiss;
It makes me want to refuse to care,
To watch this all unfold - too much to bear.

If this is the way it ends -
If this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends - i can't bear to witness

Disease encroaching on all I hold dear,
Somehow I gotta get my soul outta here.
Heart of agony, faint burning hope,
I'm finding it hard to try to cope . . .

Because liars own the world with conquering poise,
In a wasteland of the meaningless noise;
We don't stand a chance with dormant pride,
The heroes of our race have already died . . .

If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends. . .
If this is the way it ends - i can't bear to witness . . .

To imagine it has all come down to this,
Apathy and suicidal bliss . . .

It's all over except for the cryin',
With a whimper instead of the roar of a lion . . .

The greatest race to ever walk the earth,
Dying a slow death with insane mirth,
The tomb has been prepared, our race betrayed, our race betrayed
White man fight the flight towards the grave . . .

If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends - i can't bear to witness . . .
If this is the way it ends - if this is the way my race ends . . .
If this is the way it ends - i can't bear to witness . . .

Don't let it end this way,
Don't let it end this way,
Don't let it end this way, i can't bear to witness . . .


70th Anniversary of The Dresden Holocaust

More people died in the fire bombing of Dresden on February 13th to 14th, 1945 than in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined. 

Holocaust (noun) - "Great destruction resulting in the extensive loss of life, especially by fire."

Instead of viewing this mass murder of innocents as a tragedy, many jews, anti-fascists, and other cultural marxists consider this holocaust to be a good thing.

“All Good comes from above”

The Race Issue

The White Anglo Saxon Protestant race is losing its traditional values by exchanging them for the worldly program of material security and the good-life that is offered by the Edomite race which controls our economy, our politics, our entertainment, our news-media. Our Christian heritage and European traditions are being trashed on sit-coms, in the news, and even in the courts. Our God is no longer tolerated in America by the minority which has successfully legislated Him to be an Outlaw. 
The following articles argue that the European White race is really those twelve tribes of Israel whom our God loves, protects, guides, disciplines, punishes, rewards, and to whom the Savior was sent. While preachers ignore the passage, Jesus did say, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."

WHITE RACE HERITAGE (written in 2004, published Dec 2010) Our European Christian white race has a rich cultural history which has been tossed aside and our school children are estranged from it, disconnected from it. Here is a discussion of the problem and a list of materials which one might use to reconnect with our own past.

RACE IN NATURE (July 20, 2005) Nature is God's design and we should learn from it as from a textbook. Nature will not permit a homogenization of all races into one uni-race. That is contrary to nature. Here is a discussion of this issue.

RACE BIAS IN THE BIBLE (June 16, 2005) The Bible is the story of one racial line of people, to the exclusion of all others. Although this fact is not politically acceptable today, it is clear for any one who is open to the evidence. This article presents this thesis by a study of one original language word which is mistranslated into English, thereby misleading the Bible reader.

OUR PEOPLE (January 2005) Who are our people? Who are we, and from where did we come? Europeans, yes, but where did we originate before Europe? Here is a brief history of the migrations of the white race from the time of Adam to Noah to Israel to the lost tribes in Northern Europe, and to America.

WHITE SUPREMACY (October 5, 2004) The dry bones of Israel, in Ezekiel's vision, are about to awaken to the Truth which God reveals in the end-times. Now. The true Israelites, the sheep of Christ, need to know who they really are, along with knowing the other players on this great stage.

THE RACE ISSUE  A discussion of God's pageant where two races wage eternal war. The dark races are a different species from us. They are not born from above. Only the white Adamic race has eternal life as it wages eternal battle in this arena we call earth.

GENTILES, A PROBLEM WORD:  The word "gentiles" does NOT mean "non-Jews." The Greek word, from which it comes is "ethnos," which means "ethnic group." The word was used most often by Jesus and N.T. writers to refer to THEIR OWN ISRAELITE ETHNIC GROUP! This article is an exegetical word study which should solve the question of to whom Jesus really came? 

GENTILES & SALVATION  Another discourse on the word "gentile," which is a mistranslation of "ethnos." I've written so many different articles about this topic, but will limit the number of them on the web-site to just a couple. It helps to understand a subject if one approaches it from different directions sometimes.

ETHNOS, GENOS, & GENS  Definitions of words which get mis-translated as "gentile."

SHEEP  The white race sheep on the way to slaughter, without a whimper of protest, or even raising their eyes. Our race has a lower birthrate than death-rate, and we are in serious decline, while other races flood into our land and take over our world. Maybe that's good?

RACE IS EVERYTHING!  Like O.J. Simpson's attorney, Johnny Cochran said, "Race is everything!" He is proud of his Negroid race, and I am proud of my white race. Let's take an honest look at the difference between our genus and theirs.