Iran … Just Another Lie?

Please remember this while the candidates (except Ron Paul) scream for your children to die in a war with Iran.

Remember Colin Powell’s lies? - See Video for a refresher!

"They" Are Afraid Of Us!

Why are we afraid of "them"?

If we will only pull back the curtain, it will be revealed just how pathetic and useless "they" really are!
It is only their media machine that portrays "them" as all-powerful and unstoppable!
It is only OUR delusional belief that "they" are not to be dealt with swiftly!

Think for a minute! …
What would happen if we climb out of our "sheeple suits" that blinds us to the truth?
What would happen if we say enough is enough?
What would happen if we exercise our God given right to oppose tyranny?

You see … "They" don’t REALLY control us YET! … That’s why "they" are implementing all the enslavement laws we see being signed into power as we progress deeper into the abyss of the New World Order … "They" don’t even have the guts to call it what it should be called … New Khazar Order!

I’ll tell you one thing! … I don’t want to be a "they" (Khazar, Zionist or a "useful idiot" (liberal)) when that day arrives! ... The day when the White Anglo-Saxons WAKE UP!

The Plastic People of the Universe
An extract of lyrics from a song by "The Plastic People of the Universe" rings oh so true! … Take a look.

They are afraid of the old for their memory,
They are afraid of the young for their innocence,
They are afraid of the graves of their victims in far away places,
They are afraid of history,
They are afraid of freedom,
They are afraid of truth,
So why in the hell are we afraid of them?
For they are afraid of us!"
- "The plastic people of the Universe", Czechoslovakian Rock Band.

Yes folks! … "THEY" ARE AFRAID OF US!
And rightfully so … It’s a dangerous game "they" are playing … "They" are scratching the lion’s balls with a thorny twig.

This little kitty is ALMOST as pissed off as I am!

I truly hope for their part, that "they" have a plan B, because even "they" know their little plan for OUR future won’t last long!
One thing’s for sure … Earth WON’T be big enough for the BOTH OF US … You know! … The "They" and US!

Back In 5 Minutes …

To all the followers of my blog, I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year …

We have a perfect opportunity to DEFY the "synagogue of Satan", by shouting out loud "Merry Christmas", and not (as they want us to) "Happy Holidays" … What does "happy holidays" mean anyway?

Here are some simple but effective ways to fight the "synagogue of Satan" this festive season:
Keep your wallet in your pocket this season, spend the minimum, and most importantly use CASH, don’t buy on credit!
Do not purchase cards with "happy holiday" messages.
Do purchase cards with "Merry Christmas" messages.

Now, seeing that the "synagogue of Satan" is hell bent on enslaving the "Goyim" (non-Jews), it would only be fair for us to study up on our "slave masters" to be! Especially now that we have some spare time at hand.
We should INVESTIGATE and get a better understanding … Isn’t it wise to know one’s enemies?
We should also look to the wisest teacher of all here on earth … TRUE HISTORY!

I’ll be signing off for a short while, but I will "pop in" from time to time (just in case any of you leave comments), however, I shan’t be posting any posts till early in the New Year.

Judaism’s Strange Gods

Judaism’s Strange Gods
Brother Nathanael Interviews Michael A. Hoffman.

Michael A Hoffman II, historian and writer, is the founder of Independent History & Research. He was educated at the University of New York and is a former reporter for the New York Bureau of the Associated Press. Hoffman is the author of several books, including the well-known Judaism’s Strange Gods. His newsletter, The Hoffman Wire, is sent out weekly to thousands of supporters.

Br Nathanael:
Is Judaism based on the Old Testament Scriptures?

Michael Hoffman:
No. By the time of Christ, Judaism was based on the "Oral Law." The New Testament speaks of this as the "traditions of the elders." Jesus Christ denounced and condemned the "traditions of the elders" in the Gospel of John Chapter 5 and in the Gospel of Mark Chapter 7.
After the Jewish leadership crucified Jesus Christ, and their subsequent killings and persecution of Christians throughout the Roman world, the rabbis committed to writing the "traditions of the elders" which formed the first part of the Talmud called the Mishnah.
This occurred in Babylon toward the end of the second century A.D. All subsequent books of the Talmud were composed in Babylon from the third century until the end of the sixth century A.D.

Br Nathanael:
Is then Judaism based on the Talmud and not on the Bible?

Michael Hoffman:
The hermeneutic system of Judaism is not based on the Bible but on the Talmud. This must be understood when dealing with the rabbis and their submissive flock. Judaism, though much in vogue with Evangelicals and Roman Catholics, is totally alien to the only Biblical religion on earth today, Christianity.

Br Nathanael:
You said above that Jesus Christ denounced the traditions of the elders? How so?

Michael Hoffman:
The rabbis teach that the revelation granted to Moses had been delivered in two forms, a smaller revelation in writing, and the larger one kept oral.
The rabbis claim that the so-called "oral revelation" had been transmitted by the leaders of each generation to their successors - by Moses to Joshua; and then to the elders; to the prophets; to the men of the Sanhedrin; to the leaders of the Pharisees; and finally to the earliest rabbis who saw themselves as heirs of the Pharisees.
This supposed transmission of the Oral Law, the "tradition of the elders," was challenged by Jesus who termed it "commandments of men which nullify the Word of God."
Thus Jesus made the tale of the transmission a fraud. It is a lie concocted in hell to claim that Moses issued two sets of law, one written and public - the other oral and secret. In the entire Bible there is nothing to support this imposture.

Br Nathanael:
So the oral tradition of the Jews is not consonant with the Old Testament?

Michael Hoffman:
Not at all. The spurious claim of an oral "tradition of the elders" bequeathed by God to Moses is anti-Biblical, just as Jesus asserted. Christ very simply illuminated the fact that if the Pharisaic tradition had indeed been from Moses, then they would have become Christians. For Christ rebuked them saying, "Had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed Me, for he wrote of Me. But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe My words?"
Here Jesus annihilated in one stroke the basis for the religion of Judaism and its conceit of an oral tradition given to it by Moses. For had such a tradition existed it would have testified of Jesus the Messiah. Instead, Christ tells them point blank that they do not follow Moses!

Br Nathanael:
When speaking of the centrality of the Talmud in Judaism, you refer to the "rabbis and their submissive flock." How then does the Jewish secularist figure into this submissive flock?

Michael Hoffman:
All of those within the polity of Judaism, even the Jewish secularist, give tacit allegiance to the rabbis. How often have we heard from any of them when challenged with the Messiahship of Jesus, this response: But the rabbis do not believe in Jesus!
Well of course they do not believe! How could they? For as Jesus stated in his reproof to the Pharisees, their tradition is a denial of what Moses wrote about the coming of the Messiah in the Person of Jesus Christ. Moreover, as regards the Jewish secularist, he exhibits the same chauvinism and racism as the Talmudists.

Br Nathanael:
With the Talmud being the basis of Judaism, how then does one bring the Gospel message to the rabbis and their followers?

Michael Hoffman:
When presenting Old Testament proofs of the Messiahship of Jesus to the rabbis and their followers - one must penetrate the iron-clad grid of the Talmudic mind-set which according to Christ’s assertion makes the Scriptures of none effect.
From the outset, the Christian must realize that the rabbis and their followers do not know their own Scriptures, and for that matter, do not care to know them. For they view the Talmud as superceding the Scriptures. Much patience is required when bringing the Gospel message to them, and perhaps at times, stern reproofs are necessary.

Br Nathanael:
What do you mean by saying that the Jewish secularist exhibits the same chauvinism and racism as believers in the Talmud?

Michael Hoffman:
The main tenet of Judaism is Jewish self-worship. Judaism has as its "god," not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, but the worship of the Jewish people.
Jewish self-worship is at the core of the Talmud. The secularist amongst them shares in this self-worship. For the Talmud teaches that the Gentile is a lower form of humanity. They all believe that they have this special-ness about them, believing the myth that they, not the Christians, are the "chosen people."
Coupled with the false notion that they are the "chosen people" - regardless of their unethical conduct, their gross distortions of the God of the Bible, their unbelief, their hatred of Biblical Christian culture, (which has afforded them asylum in Christian nations), and their persistent rejection of Jesus the Messiah - the Talmud teaches that those within Judaism are of a higher form of humanity than others. For they pray both in the synagogue and in their homes, "I thank Thee O God that Thou has not made me a Gentile."

I’ll include the last question, as it’s something many Christians don’t understand, or simply refuse to want to understand.

Br Nathanael:
What attitude then should Christians take towards Judaism?

Michael Hoffman:
Christians must understand that the religion of Judaism is anti-Biblical. The true religion of the God of Israel is Christianity not Judaism. Judaism is simply a perversion of God’s original revelation to the Hebrew nation – it is the very religion of nullification of the Old Testament.

Now what fellowship has light with darkness?
What fellowship has Christ with Belial?
What fellowship has the true worship of God with idols and "Judaism’s strange gods?"

Read the rest of the interview here.

Americans Beware! … Obama Wants To Detain You Without Trial!

If you are an American, or you are planning to visit "The United States of Israel" (USA), I urge you to see the following link and WATCH the short clip!
Senator Levin revealed - It was Obama who required the Indefinite Detainment Bill INCLUDE U.S. Citizens as part of the wording!

Obama will veto the 1031 Indefinite Detainment Bill against holding U.S. Citizens without rights to a trial or lawyer or charges for the rest of their lives.

Woman Leaves $13M Fortune to Pet Cat!

What Can I say?

Woman Leaves $13M Fortune to Pet Cat
A 4-year-old stray cat that was rescued from the streets of Rome has inherited a $13 million fortune from its owner, the wealthy widow of an Italian property tycoon.

Maria Assunta left the fortune to her beloved kitty Tommaso when she died two weeks ago at the age of 94. The feline's newfound riches include cash, as well as properties in Rome, Milan and land in Calabria.

As her health began to fail two years ago, Assunta, who had no children, began to seek out a way to see that Tommaso was properly cared for after she died. In November 2009, she bequeathed her entire estate to the alley cat that she'd rescued.

Initially, Assunta had instructed her attorneys to "identify an animal welfare association or group to which to leave the estate and the commitment of looking after Tommaso," according to the Daily Telegraph.

Unable to find a satisfactory association to see to it that Tommaso was loved and cared for, Assunta decided to leave all her money to the cat via her nurse, Stefania, who cared for her until her dying day. Her last name has not been disclosed.

"She had become very fond towards the nurse who assisted her," Anna Orecchioni, one of the lawyers, told Il Messaggero newspaper.

"We're convinced that Stefania is the right person to carry out the old lady's wishes. She loves animals just like the woman she devoted herself to right up until the end."

Stefania told the Telegraph that she had no idea the woman that she was caring for was so incredibly wealthy.

"The old lady suffered from loneliness," the nurse said. "She looked after that cat more than you'd look after a son.

"I promised her that I would look after the cat when she was no longer around. She wanted to be sure that Tommaso would be loved and cuddled. But I never imagined that she had this sort of wealth," she said. "She was very discreet and quite. I knew very little of her private life. She only told me that she had suffered from loneliness a lot."

Tommaso and Stefania, along with another cat, are living outside Rome at an address that is undisclosed, so to avoid con artists and potential kidnappers.

"We have gotten lots of email messages from candidates who wanted to adopt the little Tommasino," the cat's lawyer told ABC News.

The windfall for Tommaso places him No.3 on the list of wealthy pets, behind Kalu the chimp, whose owner left him $80 million dollars, and top dog Gunther IV, a German shepherd who inherited $372 million dollars from his father, Gunther III, the beloved companion of an eccentric German countess.

Real estate magnate Leona Helmsley famously left $12 million to her little dog Trouble, although her human descendents contested, and Trouble's pot was cut to $2 million.

Sourse – ABC NEWS

Why Do We Have A Tendency To Say … Coal Fired Power Stations Are “Bad For The Environment”? - It’s Something Most of Us Have No Knowledge Of!

We are propagandised into thinking the way we currently generate power is "evil" … Wouldn’t that be a "tits up" to civilisation as we know it?

There are countries with itchy fingers that cannot wait to press the "red button" and launch us into nuclear war! … Yet we’re more concerned with our silly little "carbon footprints" and the "pollution" of coal fired power stations … WTF! And in between all the "diversions", we fail to see the hoax called "Global Cooling" "Global Warming" "Climate Change"

I don’t know about you … I find modern-day "windmills" the most hideous things ever constructed! All it does is spoil the view plus they’re quite unreliable!

Take a look at what someone who has 25 years experience in the Electricity Commission of NSW working, commissioning and operating the various power units has to say about carbon dioxide emissions etc.

The following was written by Terence Cardwell (PDF format here).

First I should clarify, my name is Terence Cardwell. I spent 25 years in the Electricity Commission of NSW working, commissioning and operating the various power units. My last was the 4 X 350 MW Munmorah Power Stations near Newcastle.

I have sat by for a number of years frustrated at the rubbish being put forth about carbon dioxide emissions, thermal coal fired power stations and renewable energy and the ridiculous Emissions Trading scheme.

Frustration at the lies told (particularly during the election) about global pollution. Using Power Station cooling towers for an example. The condensation coming from those cooling towers is as pure as that that comes out of any kettle.

Frustration about the so-called incorrectly named man-made 'carbon emissions' which of course is Carbon Dioxide emissions and what it is supposedly doing to our planet

Frustration about the lies told about renewable energy and the deliberate distortion of renewable energy and its ability to replace fossil fuel energy generation. And frustration at the ridiculous carbon credit programme, which is beyond comprehension.

And further frustration at some members of the public who have not got a clue about thermal Power Stations or Renewable Energy. Quoting ridiculous figures about something they clearly have little or no knowledge of.

First coal fired power stations do NOT send 60 to 70% of the energy up the chimney. The boilers of modern power station are 96% efficient and the exhaust heat is captured by the economisers and reheaters that heat the air and water before entering the boilers.

The very slight amount exiting the stack is moist as in condensation and CO2. There is virtually no fly ash because this is removed by the precipitators or bagging plant that are 99.98% efficient. The 4% lost is heat through boiler wall convection.

Coal-fired Power Stations are highly efficient with very little heat loss and can generate a massive amount of energy for our needs. They can generate power at efficiency of less than 10,000 b.t.u. per kilowatt and cost-wise that is very low.

The percentage cost of mining and freight is very low. The total cost of fuel is 8% of total generation cost and does NOT constitute a major production cost. As for being laughed out of the country, China is building multitudes of coal-fired power stations because they are the most efficient for bulk power generation.

We have, like, the USA, coal-fired power stations because we HAVE the raw materials and are VERY fortunate to have them. Believe me no one is laughing at Australia – exactly the reverse, they are very envious of our raw materials and independence.

The major percentage of power in Europe and U.K. is nuclear because they don't have the coal supply for the future.

Yes it would be very nice to have clean, quiet, cheap energy in bulk supply. Everyone agrees that it would be ideal. You don't have to be a genius to work that out. But there is only one problem - It doesn't exist

Yes - there are wind and solar generators being built all over the world but they only add a small amount to the overall power demand.

The maximum size wind generator is 3 Megawatts, which can rarely be attained on a continuous basis because it requires substantial forces of wind. And for the same reason only generate when there is sufficient wind to drive them. This of course depends where they are located but usually they only run for 45% -65% of the time, mostly well below maximum

capacity. They cannot be relied on for a 'base load ‘because they are too variable. And they certainly could not be used for load control.

The peak load demand for electricity in Australia is approximately 50,000 Megawatts and only small part of this comes from the Snowy Hydro Electric System (the ultimate power Generation) because it is only available when water is there from snow melt or rain. And yes, they can pump it back but it costs to do that. (Long Story).

Tasmania is very fortunate in that they have mostly hydro-electric generation because of their high amounts of snow and rainfall. They also have wind generators (located in the roaring forties) but that is only a small amount of total power generated.

Based on an average generating output of 1.5 megawatts (of unreliable power) you would require over 33,300 wind generators.

As for solar power generation much research has been done over the decades and there are two types.

Solar thermal generation and Solar Electric generation but in each case they cannot generate large amounts of electricity.

Any clean, cheap energy is obviously welcomed but they would NEVER have the capability of replacing Thermal Power Generation. So get your heads out of the clouds, do some basic mathematics and look at the facts, - not going off with the fairies (or some would say the extreme greenies).

We are all greenies in one form or another and care very much about our planet. The difference is most of us are realistic. Not in some idyllic utopia where everything can be made perfect by standing around holding a banner and being a general pain in the backside.

Here are some facts that will show how ridiculous this financial madness is that the government is following. Do the simple maths and see for yourselves.

According to the 'believers' the CO2 in air has risen from .034% to .038% in air over the last 50 years.

To put the percentage of Carbon Dioxide in air in a clearer perspective;

If you had a room 3.7 x 3.7 x 2.1 metres the area carbon dioxide would occupy in that room would be .25 x .25 x .17m or the size of a large packet of cereal.

Australia emits 1% of the world's total carbon Dioxide and the government wants to reduce this by 20% to reduce emissions by 0.2 % of the world's total CO2 emissions.

What effect will this have on existing CO2 levels?

By their own figures they state the CO2 in air has risen from .034% to .038% in 50 years.

Assuming this is correct, the world CO2 has increased in 50 years by ... 004%.

Per year that is .004 divided by 50 = ... 00008%. (Getting confusing - but stay with me).

Of that because we only contribute 1% our emissions would cause CO2 to rise .00008 divided by 100 = ...  0000008%. Of that 1%, we supposedly emit, the governments wants to reduce it by 20% which is 1/5th of
.0000008 = ...  00000016% effect per year they would have on the world CO2 emissions based on their own figures.

That would equate to an area in the same room, as the size of a small pin.

For that they have gone crazy with the ridiculous trading schemes, Solar and Roofing Installations, Clean Coal Technology Renewable Energy, etc, etc.

How ridiculous it that?

The cost to the general public and industry will be enormous. Cripple and even closing some smaller businesses.
T.L. Cardwell.

More on "Climate Change"
Green Truth in 90 seconds.

The Difference Between Putin & Obama … They Are Poles Apart!

The Difference Between Putin & Obama
By Brother Nathanael

"GREAT LEADERS ATTRACT GREAT PEOPLE," said Von Goethe at the close of the 18th Century.
As we begin the 21st Century, two leaders in the public eye, Vladimir Putin, prime minister of Russia, and Barack Hussein Obama, president of the United States, are vying for worldwide recognition and global influence.

The difference between these two heads of state is strikingly dissimilar if not poles apart.
For instance, this past April, Vladimir Putin brought his co-leader, Dimitri Medvedev, along with state photographers to Easter Sunday services in Moscow, joining over 4 million Russians in celebrating their nation’s holiest day of the year.
Following the service, Putin appeared on National Television to congratulate the Russian people for celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
By way of contrast, Barack Obama did no photo-ops this past Easter Sunday…no speeches, no television appearances.
But instead, the Zionist-puppet Obama brought a cadre of journalists and photographers to the "Third Annual White House Jewish Passover Seder" this past April, complete with a myriad of his overloaded Jewish staff.
The irony of it all, is that Russia, once dominated by Jewish Bolshevism, is now, under the revered and popular leadership of Vladimir Putin, a Christian nation.
But, America, a once Christian country, is now under the all pervasive influence of what I call, "The Jewification of America."

Obama is surrounded by Zionist Jews who have leadership positions in every sphere of his administration …while Putin has gained world renown for his purge of the Jewish oligarchs, known as the "Robber Barons," who took control of the Yeltsin administration in 1996 and looted all of Russia’s wealth from oil to aluminum and everything in between, not to mention their taking control of all of Russia’s mass media.

Today, in Putin’s Russia, not a single Jew holds a position of civil or juridical authority.
Lamentably, sadly, to our great demise and destruction, the same cannot be said of America, but rather, just the opposite is the case.

As regards "toughness," compared to Putin, Obama is nothing more than a freshly squeezed marshmallow.

While Obama supports same-sex marriage, in Putin’s Russia, even a gay parade is illegal, and if conducted, is instantly dispersed by the police. And the homosexuals and lesbian activists, (mostly agitators from Western Europe), are immediately arrested.

Putin is a no-nonsense leader, and for this, he enjoys great popularity and acclaim by the Russian people.
When a French journalist attempted to trap Putin into making an anti-Muslim statement because of his anti-terrorism actions in Chechnya, Putin suggested that the journalist come to Moscow for circumcision. [Clip: "If you want to become an Islamic radical and are ready to be circumcised, I invite you to Moscow. We are a multi-faith country and have experts who can do it. And I would advise them to carry out that operation in such a way that nothing would grow back in that place again."]

And for those whose expertise is the interpretation of body language, a classic study is the 2009 breakfast meeting in Moscow between Obama and his host, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
While Putin stares the US president down, the intimidated Obama hunches over while nervously making inconsequential small talk. Obviously, Mister Putin is NOT interested.

To sum it all up, in outlining the difference between Putin and Obama, Putin announced last year that the founding of Christianity in Russia in the 10th Century would be a new national and public holiday for the Russian people to celebrate.
At the same time, Obama announced last year that the month of May, traditionally known as the month America celebrates its war heroes on Memorial Day, would be known as, "Jewish American Heritage Month," [Clip: "Thank you so much! I am proud to welcome you to the first ever event held at the White House to honor Jewish American Heritage Month"], one more step on the road of Jewry’s usurping of America’s time-honored traditions.

The Jewification of America is now complete under the presidency and Jewish-dominated administration of Barack Obama.
But in Putin’s Russia, a vision to create a Christian society once again is well underway complete with Churches and Monasteries proliferating throughout Russia, a ban on gay parades, the closing down of casinos, and the permanent cancellation of youth-corrupting television shows such as The Simpsons and South Park.

Aah! If only we had a leader like Vladimir Putin in America, what a great country we could be once again!
Brother Nathanael

Jewish Extremists Are Waging War On The Western Cultural And Religious Tradition Of Christmas.

Jewish Extremists Are Waging War On The Western Cultural And Religious Tradition Of Christmas.
By DR David Duke.

This video  documents how the Jewish extremists are waging war on the Western cultural and religious tradition of Christmas. It shows how Christian symbols are banned on public ground, while huge Jewish religious symbols are placed even in front of the White House. It compares the love and peace of the Christmas celebration to Hanukkah, which is symbolized by the Menorah.

Hanukkah is a celebration of a military victory and massacre against the Greek Syrians whose only crime was to be tolerant to the Jews of Jerusalem and accept them freely. Jewish leaders could not accept this because Greek tolerance and friendship posed a danger of assimilation so they massacred them! Jewish scholars teach that Hanukkah symbolizes Jewish resistance to assimilation. Could one imagine a huge sign in front of the White House symbolizing European American resistance to assimilation with other races?
But Jewish extremists get away with anything. Of course that’s not too difficult
when your brethren run the media, politics and the finance of the nation!
So in the United States, a nation where we are told that assimilation is the American ideal, we have thousands of religious symbols put up on public land promoting the Judaic supremacist religion and it’s ethnic chauvinism! It’s wacky that this goes on, but one thing is for sure, it sure does show who run things in the United States. Sadly, it must be said that the same thing is also going on in almost every European nation as well, as Menorahs are now put up in public squares at Christmastime than crosses in Christian Europe.

The video also shows how a viciously anti-Gentile hate organization, Chabad, puts up these racist symbols and meets with Presidents, but no one in media breathes a word of the fact that Chabad believes the same supremacism of the recent head rabbi in Israel, Yosef, who stated, "That the sole purpose of all Gentiles on earth is to serve Jews." He compared non Jews to donkeys and said that Gentiles are meant to work and slave for Jews, while Jews are "meant to sit and eat." Wow, with the chutzpah of rabbis like Yosef, you don’t need any Protocols of Zion to expose Jewish anti-Gentile hatred and extremism. This video will go a long way to waking our people up to the evils of Jewish supremacism and how it is waging a war against our culture, our faith and our very people’s existence!

Now there are some folks who think Dr Duke a joke! … I don’t know if you are aware that
he’s currently being persecuted in Germany, yet he’s still fighting the good fight!

Note … I’m fully aware that Christmas lends itself towards paganism, with the tree, gifts and all the trimmings! However, it is THE DAY ALL CHRISTIANS CELEBRATE TOGETHER … It is one of the few days where ALL Christians have the same mindset! … That’s something the Pharisees (Khazars) HATE!
One thing’s for sure, if I get an opportunity to sit on Santa’s lap, he might not like my request! … I would ask Santa if I could borrow his sleigh, so I can send the Khazars back home … No not to "Israel"! … All the way, through the "Mongol Highway"

Technocracy … The Road To Global Control!

"The dark horse of the New World Order is not Communism, Socialism or Fascism. It is Technocracy."
- Patrick Wood.

If you do not know what Technocracy is, or even if you do … I urge you to view the videos (1 video split in 3 parts) below.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

Patrick Wood gave an excellent presentation about the history of technocratic control, and the nature of the "elitists" such as David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski who have shepherded "Smart Meter" technology.
The global "Smart Grid" they are putting in place aims to reduce individuals to their representative zeros and ones in the digital world to "commodify" the production and consumption of the human race toward a "new economic order".
The data collection and surveillance component are merely an added bonus for technocrats and those with aspirations of global control.

Where have I heard this saying before … "Everyone according to his needs"?

"And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."
- Revelation 13: 17 - 18 (KJV).

It isn’t JUST Electricity that’s in the plans for global control, food production is also steam-rolling ahead! And the American giant "Monsanto" is a major player.

How else are they going to deny True Christians who has not the "mark" or the "name" or the "number" to "buy or sell"!

Ah! These Globalist / Zionist / Communist / Socialist / "Elitists" … Call them what you want, are clever buggers … But, not clever enough! See, the Scripture has their whole plan laid out already … There’s nothing new under the sun! – See Ecclesiastes 1: 9 (KJV).

Germany Supplies A Marxist State with “Capable” Nuclear Weapons, At Discount?

"German official, speaking on condition of anonymity, says his country set aside $180 million to fund about a third of another Dolphin-type submarine.

A senior German official said Wednesday that the government has approved the subsidised sale of another Dolphin-type military submarine to Israel.
The official said Germany has set aside €135 million ($180 million) in next year's budget to pay for about a third of its cost.

Dolphin-class submarines are capable of carrying nuclear-tipped missiles, but there is no evidence that Israel has armed them with such weapons.
Israel already has three Dolphin submarines from Germany — one half-funded and two entirely funded by Berlin, a staunch Israeli ally.
The official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue, said Wednesday a 2005 agreement between the two nations included an option for another subsidised submarine, which was now activated at Israel's request."

Germany has already given "Israel" three Dolphin-class submarines & the ability to knock out every capital city in Europe and Washington to boot.
The Dolphin carries Popeye Turbo Cruise Missiles having nuclear warheads with a range of 900 miles.

Yes folks! … The "synagogue of Satan" (see Rev 2:9 KJV) has nuclear weapons! … Weapons of mass destruction! … And it’s subsidised by the Germans!

Can we now rest easy, knowing that the "chosen" or more correctly as per Scripture the "synagogue of Satan" has nuclear arms? … History tells me NO! … Marxism killed 20 million Christians in Russia, post 1917 … How many Christians will Marxism aim to kill this century?

Do You Fancy A Jelly Baby Made From Human DNA?

Taboo? In future sweets could be made using human-derived gelatine.
By Andrew Marszal

Reports last week that researchers could be just six months away from producing the world’s first artificial meat, using thousands of stem cells bred in a laboratory, sent a wave of fascination around the world. Yet there is an even more ghoulish prospect ahead: the idea of eating artificial food made from humans.
 This may sound like science fiction, yet a new technique for making gelatine from human DNA is attracting "increasing interest from research and industrial circles", according to a new study by scientists from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology. The paper, published recently in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, revealed that successful experiments had been carried out in which human genes were inserted into a strain of yeast to "grow" large amounts of recombinant (genetically engineered) human gelatine.

Gelatine has a long history of use as a gelling agent by the food industry – and, according to the journal’s publisher, the American Chemical Society, human-derived gelatine "could become a substitute for some of the 300,000 tons of animal-based gelatine produced annually for desserts, marshmallows, candy and innumerable other products".

There would be safety issues to consider. When an ice-cream parlour in London began selling flavours derived from human breast milk earlier this year, it was soon withdrawn for hygiene reasons. The Food Standards Agency said: "There would be a restriction on the sale or import of this type of product, because it would require a pre-market safety assessment."

However, scientists do not believe that the new gelatine product would pose any risk. "There’s a very high degree of similarity between gelatine that comes from a cow, a pig, and a human," explains Dr David Olsen, senior scientist at FibroGen, which specialises in recombinant gelatines. "So due to their similarities, I can’t see why there would be a health risk to it. It’s a very similar protein to what people have been ingesting for many years."

In fact, human-derived gelatine is already in use by the pharmaceutical industry in the manufacture of certain pills and vaccines. The highly controlled production techniques of the laboratory offer a more consistent product than "traditional" gelatine, which is made from the bones and skin of pigs and cows. More broadly, human genes are used by pharmaceutical firms in the production of insulin for diabetics, human growth hormone, and erythropoietin, which is used to treat anaemia.

In fact, the Beijing University scientists believe their method offers many health advantages over animal-derived gelatine. Researchers from the Sapporo Medical University of Japan have reported an increase in allergic reactions to animal-derived gelatine in vaccines, but such a response to human material is less likely. Moreover, the risk of gelatine transmitting animal-borne diseases such as BSE would be eliminated.

It remains to be seen, however, whether there is an appetite for human protein among the wider public. Dr Gregory Kaebnick, of the US-based Hastings Center for bio-ethics and public policy, says the idea of human-derived gelatine "appears to raise the question of cannibalism", even though such concerns may be misplaced. "The gelatine is not derived from human tissue in the same way that animal gelatine is," he says. "It’s really derived from yeast – yeast that have been modified with genetic sequences found in human beings."

This difference may help remove the taboo borne by human-derived food products. "You really wouldn’t see it or recognise it," says Dr Olsen. "It would almost be part of whatever the food is, and you wouldn’t notice the difference."
Either way, it won’t appear in the organic aisle any time soon.

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“Psywar” (Psychological War) … The Mother Of All Wars!

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Listen carefully to what he says, and pay special attention to the names of the organizations that are currently waging "psywar" (psychological war) against us!

"A man's judgement cannot be better than the information on which he has based it... Give him no news or present him only with distorted and incomplete data, with ignorant, sloppy or biased reporting, with propaganda and deliberate falsehoods, and you destroy his whole reasoning process and make him something less than a man."
- Arthur Sulzberger (Publisher, New York Times, 1948).

"We the people are at war!"
- Adrian Salbuchi