Vicious Black Racist Walks Free … Racist Media Cover Up For Her

A BLACK WOMAN launched a tirade of abuse during a road rage attack on a terrified mum taking her two children to nursery.

Leanna Greenwood, 30, wept as she was spared an immediate jail term by magistrates in Bristol for the 15 minutes of abuse and threats directed at victim Tanya Thelwell.

Black perpetrator, Leanne Greenwood

Greenwood, 30, followed Mrs. Thelwell's car, before getting out and circling the vehicle screaming abuse and threats. She even moved her red Peugeot car because commuters were beeping their horns - intentionally slamming her door against her victim's car - so she could continue the barrage.

A shaken Mrs. Thelwell had to ask someone to take her two upset children into nursery following the attack in Speedwell.

The court heard it was the second time Greenwood had been convicted of a road rage incident and had been handed a suspended prison sentence on the last occasion.
Yesterday magistrates told Greenwood: "This offence is so serious that only a custodial sentence is justified. It was a sustained attack in front of children and was a road rage incident. But because of your personal circumstances we are not going to send you to prison today."

See if you can work out who paid for Greenwood’s lawyers?
If you are not sure then look in the mirror.

Putin … Looking Sharp … As Always!

Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn breaks Taboo - The Role of Jews in Soviet-era Repression.

If you don’t know who Mr Solzhenitsyn was, I suggest you find out!

Here’s a hint:
You won’t find out about Mr Solzhenitsyn on the "Hitler Channel" (History Channel). Yeah, you can "Google" and find him on "Wikipedia", but don’t swallow EVERYTHING "Wikipedia" says – It’s VERY Jew oriented, I wonder why?

The Idiocy of Being an Anti-White White

This is ONE aspect of "Multiculturalism"!

This is ONE aspect of "Cultural Diversity"!

This is ONE aspect of "Immigration"!

  Into White Countries and ONLY White Countries!

It's Genocide!

“Holy” Moments Captured Forever

Jews have created a predicament for themselves – They can ONLY be seen as angles or devils!

Our forefathers saw them as … Yes, devils!

We on the other hand are seeing them as … Yes, angels!

As a refresher -

Just in Europe and Russia alone, the Jews have been banished 47 times in the last 1,000 years:

Mainz, 1012
France, 1182
Upper Bavaria, 1276
England, 1290
France, 1306
France, 1322
Saxony, 1349
Hungary, 1360
Belgium, 1370
Slovakia, 1380
France, 1394
Austria, 1420
Lyons, 1420
Cologne, 1424
Mainz, 1438
Augsburg, 1438
Upper Bavaria, 1442
Netherlands, 1444
Brandenburg, 1446
Mainz, 1462
Mainz, 1483
Warsaw, 1483
Spain, 1492
Italy, 1492
Lithuania, 1495
Portugal, 1496
Naples, 1496
Navarre, 1498
Nuremberg, 1498
Brandenburg, 1510
Prussia, 1510
Genoa, 1515
Naples, 1533
Italy, 1540
Naples, 1541
Prague, 1541
Genoa, 1550
Bavaria, 1551
Prague, 1557
Papal States, 1569
Hungary, 1582
Hamburg, 1649
Vienna, 1669
Slovakia, 1744
Moravia, 1744
Bohemia, 1744
Moscow, 1891

The above list is excerpted from The Synagogue of Satan by Andrew Carrington Hitchcock.

Them Darn Tickets … Can’t They Just Give Them To The Public?

Here’s a sneak peak into the London Olympics … From the athlete’s point of VIEW.

Pictures from

Deserted: Gymnast Pierre Yves Beny of France competes in front of empty seats in the North Greenwich Arena.

Plenty of room: The scene at the Aquatics Centre in the Olympic Park on Saturday, on the first day of swimming events.

All by myself: A spectator sits among empty seats as he waits for the start of the final session on the first day of the swimming competition at the Aquatics Centre

Pointing out the gaps: Soldiers fill empty IOC seats for the women's gymnastics yesterday

That's enough! - A picture says a Thousand words!


Understanding the U.S. - Israel Relationship

Israel Continues Weekly Flights of Deportees to South Sudan

Israel continues to keep a low media profile regarding the weekly flights of deportees to South Sudan. The next flight will take place on Wednesday from Ben-Gurion International Airport, aboard an aircraft operated by Corendon, a Turkish charter airline.

Approximately 150 unlawful migrants are expected to be on board. Last week’s flight of deportees to South Sudan was operated by Ethiopian Airlines.

The Population and Immigration Authority has been holding a new tender offering each week for the special flight to South Sudan. Two weeks ago, in the authority’s third flight, Arkia flew the deportees back home – the first time an Israeli airline had won the tender. The 180-passenger flight was assigned the code of a Moldavian airline.

The first flight, which left in, June was operated by Corendon, the Turkish airline, and the second flight, a week later, was operated by Ethiopian Airlines. Both companies regularly operate in Israel.

The number of deportees, which started at 130 on the first flight, has gradually increased with each passing week.

Before the first flight, Interior Minister Eli Yishai, arrived at the terminal to speak with the migrants before their departure, said he did not "belittle the pain of the families returning home," but added that between Sudan’s interest and that of Israel, Yishai chooses the latter.

"I hope that citizens of North Sudan and Eritrea will return to their homes and countries – this will inevitably happen. We need to guard our home, with all the sensitivity and pain that that entails."

Benjamin Netanyahu Argues That a Flood of Refugees from Africa Threatens Israel's National Identity.

Remember, Israel is the ONLY democracy in the Middle East.
With THAT said!
"Bibi" made the following statement:

"If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state" he said on Sunday.

5 More Black Invention Myths!

As I mentioned before, apparently blacks have given soooo much to White Civilisation … should I laugh or cry?

Here’s 5 more Gibs:

Bicycle Frame

Isaac R. Johnson in 1899? - Nope.

Comte Mede de Sivrac and Karl von Sauerbronn built primitive versions of the bicycle in 1791 and 1816 respectively. The frame of John Starley's 1885 "safety bicycle" resembled that of a modern bicycle.

Cellular Phone

Henry T. Sampson in 1971? - Nope.

On July 6, 1971, Sampson and co-inventor George Miley received a patent on a "gamma electric cell" that converted a gamma ray input into an electrical output (Among the first to do that was Bernhard Gross, US patent #3122640, 1964). What, you ask, does gamma radiation have to do with cellular communications technology? The answer: nothing. Some multiculturalist pseudo-historian must have seen the words "electric" and "cell" and thought "cell phone."The father of the cell phone is Martin Cooper who first demonstrated the technology in 1973.

Clock or Watch (First in America)

Benjamin Banneker built the first American timepiece in 1753? - Nope.

Abel Cottey, a Quaker clockmaker from Philadelphia, built a clock that is dated 1709 (source: Six Quaker Clockmakers, by Edward C. Chandlee; Philadelphia, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, 1943). Banneker biographer Silvio Bedini further refutes the myth:
Several watch and clockmakers were already established in the colony [Maryland] prior to the time that Banneker made the clock. In Annapolis alone there were at least four such craftsmen prior to 1750. Among these may be mentioned John Batterson, a watchmaker who moved to Annapolis in 1723; James Newberry, a watch and clockmaker who advertised in the Maryland Gazette on July 20, 1748; John Powell, a watch and clockmaker believed to have been indentured and to have been working in 1745; and Powell's master, William Roberts.
Silvio Bedini, The Life of Benjamin Banneker (Baltimore: Maryland Historical Society, 1999).

Clothes Dryer

George T. Sampson in 1892? - Nope.
The "clothes-drier" described in Sampson's patent was actually a rack for holding clothes near a stove, and was intended as an "improvement" on similar contraptions:

My invention relates to improvements in clothes-driers.... The object of my invention is to suspend clothing in close relation to a stove by means of frames so constructed that they can be readily placed in proper position and put aside when not required for use.

US patent #476416, 1892Nineteen years earlier, there were already over 300 US patents for such "clothes-driers" (Subject-Matter Index of Patents...1790 to 1873).A Frenchman named Pochon in 1799 built the first known tumble dryer - a crank-driven, rotating metal drum pierced with ventilation holes and held over heat. Electric tumble dryers appeared in the first half of the 20th century.


Lloyd P. Ray in 1897? - Nope.
While the ultimate origin of the dustpan is lost in the mist (dust?) of time, at least we know that US patent #20811 for "Dust-pan" was granted to T.E. McNeill in 1858. That was the first of about 164 US dustpan patents predating Lloyd Ray's.

Are We Watching The SAME Olympic Games?

Can we be THIS retarded in America, that we cannot notice the blatant exposure of corporate symbolism.

Notice how the logo they are now using for American audiences is very different from the official Olympic logo used in Britain - the forms of which can easily be rearranged to spell out the word "ZION."

That’s Jew-Vision for you!


The logo, a jagged representation of the year 2012, has been said by its critics to resemble many things, from a swastika to a sexual act, but the Iranian government argues it represents a veiled pro-Israeli conspiracy.

10 Black Invention Myths

Wow! ... Apparently blacks have given soooo much to White Civilisation … should I laugh or cry?

Let’s take a quick look at just 10 of these Gibs:

Traffic Signal

Invented by Garrett A. Morgan in 1923? - Nope.

The first known traffic signal appeared in London in 1868 near the Houses of Parliament. Designed by JP Knight, it featured two semaphore arms and two gas lamps. The earliest electric traffic lights include Lester Wire's two-color version set up in Salt Lake City circa 1912, James Hoge's system (US patent #1,251,666) installed in Cleveland by the American Traffic Signal Company in 1914, and William Potts' 4-way red-yellow-green lights introduced in Detroit beginning in 1920. New York City traffic towers began flashing three-color signals also in 1920.

Garrett Morgan's cross-shaped, crank-operated semaphore was not among the first half-hundred patented traffic signals, nor was it "automatic" as is sometimes claimed, nor did it play any part in the evolution of the modern traffic light.

Gas Mask

Invented by Garrett Morgan in 1914? - Nope.

The invention of the gas mask predates Morgan's breathing device by several decades. Early versions were constructed by the Scottish chemist John Stenhouse in 1854 and the physicist John Tyndall in the 1870s, among many other inventors prior to World War I.

Peanut Butter

George Washington Carver (who began his peanut research in 1903)? - Nope.

Peanuts, which are native to the New World tropics, were mashed into paste by Aztecs hundreds of years ago. Evidence of modern peanut butter comes from US patent #306727 issued to Marcellus Gilmore Edson of Montreal, Quebec in 1884, for a process of milling roasted peanuts between heated surfaces until the peanuts reached "a fluid or semi-fluid state." As the product cooled, it set into what Edson described as "a consistency like that of butter, lard, or ointment."
In 1890, George A. Bayle Jr., owner of a food business in St. Louis, manufactured peanut butter and sold it out of barrels. J.H. Kellogg, of cereal fame, secured US patent #580787 in 1897 for his "Process of Preparing Nutmeal," which produced a "pasty adhesive substance" that Kellogg called "nut-butter."

Automatic Lubricator, "Real McCoy"

Elijah McCoy revolutionized industry in 1872 by inventing the first device to automatically oil machinery? - Nope.
The phrase "Real McCoy" arose to distinguish Elijah's inventions from cheap imitations? - Nope.

 The oil cup, which automatically delivers a steady trickle of lubricant to machine parts while the machine is running, predates McCoy's career; a description of one appears in the May 6, 1848 issue of Scientific American.

The automatic "displacement lubricator" for steam engines was developed in 1860 by John Ramsbottom of England, and notably improved in 1862 by James Roscoe of the same country. The "hydrostatic" lubricator originated no later than 1871.Variants of the phrase Real McCoy appear in Scottish literature dating back to at least 1856 — well before Elijah McCoy could have been involved.

Refrigerated Truck

Frederick Jones (with Joseph Numero) in 1938? - Nope.
Did Jones change America's eating habits by making possible the long-distance shipment of perishable foods? - Nope.

Refrigerated ships and railcars had been moving perishables across oceans and continents even before Jones was born. Trucks with mechanically refrigerated cargo spaces appeared on the roads at least as early as the late 1920s. Further development of truck refrigeration was more a process of gradual evolution than radical change.

Blood Plasma

Did Charles Drew "discover" (in about 1940) that plasma could be separated and stored apart from the rest of the blood, thereby revolutionizing transfusion medicine? - Nope.

The possibility of using blood plasma for transfusion purposes was known at least since 1918, when English physician Gordon R. Ward suggested it in a medical journal. In the mid-1930s, John Elliott advanced the idea, emphasizing plasma's advantages in shelf life and donor-recipient compatibility, and in 1939 he and two colleagues reported having used stored plasma in 191 transfusions.
Charles Drew was not responsible for any breakthrough scientific or medical discovery; his main career achievement lay in supervising or co-supervising major programs for the collection and shipment of blood and plasma.

Washington DC city plan

Benjamin Banneker? - Nope.

Pierre-Charles L'Enfant created the layout of Washington DC. Banneker assisted Andrew Ellicott in the survey of the federal territory, but played no direct role in the actual planning of the city. The story of Banneker reconstructing the city design from memory after L'Enfant ran away with the plans (with the implication that the project would have failed if not for Banneker) has been debunked by historians.

Air Brake / Automatic Air Brake

Granville Woods in 1904? - Nope.

In 1869, a 22-year-old George Westinghouse received US patent #88929 for a brake device operated by compressed air, and in the same year organized the Westinghouse Air Brake Company.
Many of the 361 patents he accumulated during his career were for air brake variations and improvements, including his first "automatic" version in 1872 (US #124404).

Air Conditioner

Frederick Jones in 1949? - Nope.

Dr. Willis Carrier built the first machine to control both the temperature and humidity of indoor air. He received the first of many patents in 1906 (US patent #808897, for the "Apparatus for Treating Air").
In 1911 he published the formulae that became the scientific basis for air conditioning design, and four years later formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation to develop and manufacture AC systems.

Automatic Transmission / Gearshift

Richard Spikes in 1932? - Nope.

The first automatic-transmission automobile to enter the market was designed by the Sturtevant brothers of Massachusetts in 1904. US Patent #766551 was the first of several patents on their gearshift mechanism.
Automatic transmission technology continued to develop, spawning hundreds of patents and numerous experimental units; but because of cost, reliability issues and an initial lack of demand, several decades passed before vehicles with automatic transmission became common on the roads.

More black Gibs to follow - Stay tuned!

Multiculturalism IS Scary!

What an Opening Ceremony THAT Was!

Now, I could write and write and write and write all about this lovely eye-popping ceremony witnessed on Jew-vision (TV), but I just don’t have the … Excuse me! ... I need to go puke!

Ah! … That feels a bit better.

Where was we? Oh yes, the opening ceremony. What? No I’m OK NOW.

Queeny looked lovely, didn’t she? – She hardly cracked a smile! Maybe a dollop of paraffin under her derrière would make her look less constipated.

Out of this whole Social Engineering (Olympics ceremony) exercise, I can come up with only ONE statement and ONE question … Well, actually two questions … Here goes:

It would be un-acceptable to handicap White athletes in the Olympics, yet Whites are handicapped in the market place with Affirmative Action.
Affirmative Action targets and handicaps a specific race economically - It’s Genocide.

Are you White?
Do you feel all fluffy inside after watching the opening ceremony? – Yes!?
I have a question JUST for YOU!

Are you pro-White or are you pro White Genocide?

The Olympics NO-SHOW List

Athletes and VIP politics who decided not to go to London.

In the last week or so, a very intriguing list of sports superstars and VIP personalities who decided not to attend the London Olympics in the last minute, was largely discussed in conspiracy forums.

Some of these names are believed to be "in the loop". Members of the Illuminati cabal who may know their plans concerning a false flag attack during the games.


Hay! … Where’s MY Race Card?

Here’s the headline, wait for it – "Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’"

South African President Jacob Zuma has blamed the Limpopo textbooks scandal on apartheid era Prime Minister HF Verwoerd.

This is A CLEAR indication of the mentality (TNB) of South Africa’s so-called leaders – What a bunch of … (feel free to let your imagination fly here).

"What is happening today is what Verwoerd did, where the black majority were historically not given education," he said in an interview on Talk Radio 702 yesterday.

"We are dealing with a system which had put black people back for centuries," Zuma said.

There's the textbooks "Mr Zuma"

Huh? – 18 years later apartheid is still to blame!

Mugabe turned Zimbabwe into a hellhole, and he STILL blames colonialism for it!

Here’s the article:

The Citizen

23 July 2012

JOHANNESBURG - "What is happening today is what Verwoerd did, where the black majority were historically not given education," he said in an interview on Talk Radio 702 yesterday.

"We are dealing with a system which had put black people back for centuries," Zuma said.

He defended Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga and the ANC government, saying they were dealing with problems created by the apartheid architect who served as Prime Minister from 1958 to 1966.

Zuma denied that politics had been prioritised above the interest of pupils.

Political analyst Andre Duvenhage said Zuma’s arguments were an attempt to deflect blame for the failures of the ANC-led government. He believes that Zuma and the ruling party have no answers on how to fix education generally or, specifically, in the case of the scandal in Limpopo.

He said it had taken Verwoerd seven years to damage the education system, while the ANC was unable to bring about changes in education in the 18 years the party has been in power.

"Verwoerd was not the best politician, but the democratic government led by the ANC needs to take responsibility instead of blaming him.

It is easy for Zuma and the ANC to blame others for the failures in education, which is an attempt to shift attention from the responsibility of the ANC government," he said.

When Is Enough … Well, Enough??

Your shit is booked!!!

To the moron who tried getting through my kitchen door in the early hours of last night – your shit is booked!! You fucked up big time!!

You see, I used to hunt people for a living you idiot!! And now I am hunting you…. And what’s more you make it so damn easy!! The shot gun round I pumped through the door has left you with shrapnel and wood splinters at the very least, not to serious though because you were still able to out run the dogs, but judging from the blood trail you left behind, it must hurt like bitch? Good!! But have no fear the next one wont hurt, that I promise you.

So today I went out into the surrounding plots and spoke to your brothers and sisters, I was very persuasive and now I know where you live, so I am coming for you… You can run, you can hide, but there is no getting away from me, you see the army I was in did not just issue me with an ak47 and tell me that particular color of person was my enemy. Nope they spent months training me to hunt you like the savage animal that you are, trained me so well that you will not see me coming until it is to late, and your blood mingles freely with the African soil. The question now is, will I behave like an officer and a gentleman if your family is there when I arrive and just kill you or will I adapt to your way of hunting and kill all of them, maybe even rape and torture them before I move on?

You see I am tired of your continued attack on me and my friends and family, so now the line has been drawn in the sand, every time one of us is hurt or killed by one of you, I will respond in kind and trust me when I tell you I play this game much better than you ever will.

I was taught to clean up after myself so what’s left of the pathetic police force will never catch me. I will not show you the respect of cutting you open to free your spirit, because you are not a warrior you are a rabid animal and I will put you down and leave your spirit to rot with your putrid carcass. Did you think we would just lay down and die when you came knocking?

Well you were wrong, and there are many like me who served with me and we are all tired of you.


Time To Wish Happy Birthday!

Monica Samille Lewinsky turned 39 TODAY!

Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday when she crawled around the White House on her hands and knees, and stuck everything in her mouth.

They grow up so fast, don't they?

So here goes:

Happy birthday to you! X2
Happy birthday you Jew job!
Happy Birthday to jeeeewwwww!

This one gives fellatio a new meaning ... A Jew job!

UN Gun Control Psy-Op!

Aurora massacre was a STAGED PSY-OP!

Here’s why:

Shooter kicks in steal reinforced exit door of movie theatre:
Impossible – Doors ONLY open INWARDS.

Shooter, dressed as Bain, the movie’s villain, dressed head-to-toe in body armour and wearing a gas mask, tossed in a few canisters of tear gas: Civilians CANNOT BUY TEAR GAS CANISTERS.

Initial reports of shooter having one or more accomplices;
Now changed to "lone gunman".

71 people are hit – even assuming 100% accuracy, one man would have to change weapons and/or switch magazines several times in order to achieve this.

Incident happened in Aurora, Colorado – a suburb of Denver, which has the strictest "gun control" laws in the entire State:

Movie theatre was apparently a "gun free zone".

Incident happened just as government is trying to pass UN gun ban ??

Imagine what the outcome would've been IF PEOPLE INSIDE THE THEATRE WERE PACKING!

Time For a Joke!

A woman’s life in 3 pictures

A man’s life in 3 pictures

Russia, China Veto Western-backed Syria Resolution at UN Security Council

20 July, 2012

Russia and China have vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that threatened Syria with more sanctions.

­It was the third time in nine months that Russia and China used their powers as permanent members of the 15-nation council to block resolutions on Syria.

 There were 11 votes in favor of the resolution. Russia and China voted against it, while South Africa and Pakistan abstained from voting.

Addressing the council, Russian Representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin accused the Western members of the UNSC of attempting to "fan the flames of confrontation in the Security Council."

"The draft resolution which was voted on was biased. The threat of sanctions was leveled exclusively at the government of Syria, and does not reflect the realities in the country today. It's especially ambiguous in light of what happened with the grave terrorist attack that took place in Damascus", Churkin added.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague, who drafted the resolution, earlier said the worsening crisis confirmed "the urgent need for a Chapter 7 resolution of the UN Security Council on Syria."

Chapter 7 allows the 15-member council to authorize actions ranging from diplomatic and economic sanctions to military intervention.
US officials have said they are talking about sanctions on Syria, not military intervention, but Russia and China strongly believe allowing such a resolution to pass could create a repeat of the so-called 'Libya scenario.'

Benjamin Netanyahu Argues That a Flood of Refugees from Africa Threatens Israel's National Identity.

Benjamin Netanyahu Argues That a Flood of Refugees from Africa Threatens Israel's National Identity.

"If we don't stop their entry, the problem that currently stands at 60,000 could grow to 600,000, and that threatens our existence as a Jewish and democratic state" he said on Sunday.

Do YOURSELF a favour! … Read this piece AGAIN!