Elin Krantz Got "Spectered"

By Citizenfitz

Some of you may have heard of Elin Krantz, a one-time pretty, young Swedish woman. Krantz was a member of a Facebook page called, "We Like Diversity". She considered herself multi-cultural and was a supporter of third world immigration into Sweden and Europe:

Elin Krantz – before

Miss Krantz was walking home one fall evening in Gothenburg when she encountered this man, an Ethiopian immigrant:

Ephrem Tadele Yohannes

The two shared a brief interaction, then parted ways. Shortly afterwards Miss Krantz turned up unexpectedly:

Elin Krantz – after

Miss Krantz got one hard lesson in multi-culturalism! But we must ask: why is Sweden of all places becoming a haven for third world trash?
Well, here's why:

This nefarious looking ratess spills the beans, bragging: "Jews are going to be at the center of that!" - i.e., wrecking Sweden, Europe and the other White nations.
Still, the coming multi-cultural wonderland arrived too late for Elin Krantz - and all the other White women raped, beaten and murdered by immigrant garbage.

Any questions?