Time For A Joke!

Two zebras pondering

Two zebras are talking and one asks the other, "Am I black with white
stripes or white with black stripes?"

The other replies, "Well I don't know.
You should pray to God about that and ask him."

So that night he did and God replied, "You are what you are."

The next day he said to the other
zebra, "I still don't understand what I am because God just said, You are
what you are."

The second zebra responds, "You must be white with black
stripes or else God would have said, Yo is what yo is."

Israel, The Failing State

Israel was set up by fraud and coercion. It is maintained fraud and terrorism. It is an evil comparable with Nazi Germany but it is far more dangerous. It has nukes in fact it has the full range of NBC [nuclear, biological and chemical] weapons. The thugs that run it will not hesitate to start another world war if they think it will serve their purposes.

They have intelligence but they cannot run a state. Their finances depend utterly on fraud and American subsidies. They get themselves hated by all and sundry. Israel is on its way out.
This does not mean that it is not dangerous.

Here a Jew in Israel explains.

....... Were the Zionists to understand the real meaning of the Holocaust, the contemporary Israelite may be able to prevent the destruction that may be awaiting them in the future......... yet the conditions that led Marx, Weininger and Wagner to say what they had to say remain unchanged. It would seem that more and more people in wider circles are now reacting critically, politically and ideologically to Israel, Zionism, Jewish tribalism and the atrocious inhuman policies that are implied by Jewish nationalism and its political and cultural offshoots......

I want to believe that the emerging defeat of Israel and its supporting lobbies will be appropriately grasped by the Western public. We must say NO to Zionized tactics, we must say NO to Zionist agents, we must say NO to the hunters of Goliath.....

The book is a glimpse into Israeli society in what seems to be its final dysfunctional yet destructive state. Those Americans who have been moronically sponsoring the Israeli death apparatus for almost four decades, those who still believe that Israel is a "regional superpower" had better read this journal of Israeli military cowardice and general political malfunctioning.....

Israel operates as a megalomaniac, violent Jewish ghetto motivated by some bizarre, murderous zeal fuelled by lethal American technology.

Jewish Rule In South Africa

Jews Founded the ANC And Guided It To Power in South Africa.

6848 N. Government Way #114-22, Coeur d'Alene, Republic of Idaho 83815

Stop White Genocide in South Africa: Deirdre Fields and KAS June 12th, 2005. Complete interview.

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Islam is What Muslims Do

By Mumin Salih

" this is not in Islam, no where in the Quran it says that".

The above is the excuse commonly used by muslim apologists to distance Islam from the horrific practices of its followers; such as the practice of honor killing or female circumcision.

It is a trick that often works well because sometimes it appears to have some truth in it. In the example of female circumcision, indeed there is no reference to such practice in the Quran. However, the Quran doesn’t make any reference to the practice of male circumcision either, which is a mandatory ritual in all sects of Islam.

A little known fact about the Quran, which is the backbone of Islam, is that it doesn’t say much about the details of its religion, which forces Muslims to seek information elsewhere.

The Quran doesn’t mention anything about how to perform the five daily prayers or how often to perform them.

It doesn’t say anything about other prayers, like the funeral prayers. Also it doesn’t say anything about azan (the call for prayers).

It doesn’t say how much money should be paid as zakat, where did the figure 2.5% come from?

It doesn’t say anything about the hijab, the head cover used by muslim women which is considered now like an Islamic logo. The Quran did use the word ‘hijab’ to mean total barrier that covers everything, not only the hair.

It doesn’t say how to perform the ritual of hajj or omra. There is no mentioning that Muslims should do tawaf around kaaba seven times or do saay between safa and marwa seven times.

The list can go on and on…

Islam according to the Quran
The Quran book, called mus-haf, is a relatively small book of around six hundred pages. Muslim scholars used every possible way to surround the Quran with a halo of divinity. This includes, besides many others, the way the book is printed and presented. Unlike normal Arabic books, The Quran is usually printed using special calligraphy fonts, called naskh, which helps to more than double its size. The contents of the Quran are mostly about biblical stories, which are repeated again and again and serve as reminders of Allah’s track record of inflicting severe punishments on those who disobeyed Him. Such verses were mostly revealed in Mecca, when Mohammed was still a weak person with only a few dozens of followers. The message behind those verses is clear: if you don’t follow me you also expect to be severely punished. When Mohammed assumed power in Medina, the Quran instantly changed its tune and became a tool in Mohammed’s hands to control his followers and justify his actions and intentions. If we take away the verses about the biblical stories and punishments, the Quran would be reduced to a small book, a fraction of its current size.

While the Quran addresses the biblical stories again and again with various details, it only touches briefly on sharia issues with brief concise verses and minimal details. Emphasis on an issue, by addressing it repeatedly or highlighting it, is an indication of the importance of that issue. On applying this principle to the Quran, it would appear that the entire issue of sharia is less important to Allah than, for example, believing in Moses’ magical tricks.

However, there are a few issues in sharia that qualified for fairly good deliberation. The importance of those issues to Mohammed were unquestionable, although it is difficult to work out their significance to the rest of mankind. After all, the Quran is supposed to be Allah’s final book to mankind.

One time Mohammed became annoyed when some of his guests lingered about after an invitation to dinner. To make sure this never happens again, Mohammed did not hesitate to ‘reveal‘ a complete chapter to tell Muslims about good manners. Sura Al nur (Q,24) discourages people from staying long after dinner, and asks muslims not to enter other people’s houses without permission. The Muslim scholars speak proudly of surat al-nur as evidence of the superiority of Islam and the high manners taught in the Quran. It is amazing how the non muslim nations managed without this sura!

When Mohammed became obsessed with the beauty of Zainab, he revealed the necessary verses to justify his plans to get her divorced from her husband Zaid, who was Mohammed’s adopted son, and then marrying her! The ethical practice of adoption was cancelled and made illegal to justify that marriage. It is difficult to fathom why that issue deserved such attention; it was not enough to explain it in the Quran as Mohammed had to demonstrate its practical application in real life! One just wonders how often men feel the urge to marry the wives of their adopted sons?

Sharia in the Quran
The Quran is the first and most important source for sharia. The second important source is sunna, which includes Mohammed’s sayings and the detailed description of his life, because Muslims are supposed to emulate Mohammed and model themselves on his example.

Obviously, Mohammed did not encounter every conceivable problem in his life. Therefore, Muslim scholars added three other sources for sharia to help Muslims to deal with the changing times and circumstances. Quyas, is where Muslims look at how Mohammed solved a nearly similar problem in his time and take that as a guideline. Ijmaa, is another source of sharia where Muslims follow the general consensus of scholars, if they agree on one. Then comes Ijtihad, in which Muslims use their Islamic background and knowledge to make up their minds on how to deal with a new issue.

With the changing times and the inevitable changes in life style and circumstances, Muslims encounter new problems that never existed in Mohammed’s time. The Internet, mobile phones, theaters, TV and drugs are examples of the problems that Muslims have to deal with but Mohammed never had to. Therefore, Ijtihad is increasingly a more important source for sharia.

For example, Mohammed never had to deal with hijacking planes. Therefore, when Mohammed Atta and his fellows planned to fly those planes and crash them into buildings, they probably used Quyas and Ijtihad to infer that their intended action would please Allah and his prophet. The eventual approval of that action by the Muslims ‘umma‘ added another credit to the terrorist attacks through Ijmaa.

Islam, a misunderstood religion?
"..those muslims misunderstand Islam"

The above is yet another excuse used by Muslim apologists that aims to sanitize Islam from the practices of its followers.

Such claims are usually made against the devout members of Islamic organizations, such as Taliban or Al Qaeda, who spend their entire lives learning about Islam. The irony is that the people who make the claims have very little knowledge, if any, about Islam; the so called moderate Muslims and their allies of non muslim apologists.

Islam has a soft outer layer characterized by observing the five pillars of Islam ( shahada, prayers, fasting, zakat and hajj) and avoiding sins like adultery, alcohol and pork consumption. There are tens of millions of Muslims whose understanding of Islam is limited to that polished image. They are the Muslims who truly misunderstand Islam. It takes more exploration and learning to discover the inside harder core of Islam where the importance of jihad and rejection of the others become more highlighted. Unfortunately, by the time Muslims reach that level of knowledge they have already committed themselves to the service of Allah and their brain damage is complete.

There was never a time when Islam had a one distinct picture that Muslims could see with clarity and agree on. From the beginning, Islam was destined to have multiple interpretations. The Quran addresses issues in a concise style that is too rigid and vague and sets the grounds for multiple interpretations. Muslims are told they can find in the Quran all the information they need, but when they open the book they only find repeated vagueness. Instead of coming to the obvious conclusion that the Quran is nonsense they try to extract any interpretation to support whatever imagination the have in mind. Seeking refuge in hadith does not help because different hadiths give different pictures of Islam depending on which ones you want to believe.

Let us not forget that Islam, from its inception, has been used as a political tool to subjugate the masses. Todays Muslims have the same problem in understanding Islam as their ancestors did over the past fourteen centuries. Muslims, who are biased to their own political views, can usually manage to find some kind of support in the Quran or sunna.

Only 24 years after Mohammed’d death, a group of Muslims broke into Uthman’s house, the third rightly guided Caliph, and murdered him while reading the Quran. Those Muslims did not think for a second they were committing a murder but were utterly convinced they were practicing jihad for the sake of Allah. Their judgement was based on their understanding of the Quran and sunna. On the other hand, Uthman’s supporters, who also based their judgement on the Quran and sunna, believed those men were murderers and deserved to be killed.

Caliph Ali, the fourth rightly rightly guided Caliph, and his supporters of sahaba (Mohammed’s companions) were engaged for five years defending the Islamic state against their adversaries, who were also sahaba. Both sides fought the war while holding the Quran and shouting Allahu Akbar as they slaughter each other for the sake of Allah. More recently, when the Muslim nations were divided over Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait, both sides produced mountains of evidence, all based on sharia sources, to prove they were right and the other side was wrong, or even committed kufr and deserve the death penalty!

A religion that can be so misunderstood for fourteen hundred years is certainly not worth to be followed.


IT Doing ITS Thing

What’s going on in this anti-White White’s mind?
She, or shall I say IT prefers the company of savages.
IT prefers to act out of culture, out of nature … Out of RACE.

She has truly become an IT.

This is but ONE type of enemy we face day to day … IT looks like us yet has no loyalty to us!

There is an upside that acts in our favor against IT … IT is easily recognizable by ITS actions.

Time should NEVER be wasted on trying to save a racially confused IT.

IT has been fouled from the inside out.

IT is lost ... FOREVER!

The Solution To The ‘German Problem’ In Sight?

The data is clear: Frankfurt is Germany's immigration capital.

43 per cent of its inhabitants have a so-called immigration background. That means: they are either immigrants themselves or have parents or grandparents who are not from Germany. By contrast, the proportion of foreigners, that is the share of inhabitants who do not have German citizenship, is only 24 per cent. Among children below six years of age the proportion of those of immigrant origin is as high a 70 per cent.

That is the highest in Germany. In Berlin it is 59 per cent, Hamburg 43 per cent.

...Among Frankfurters with an immigrant background the proportion of employed persons is significantly lower than in the rest of the population. The difference is especially clear among women.

Time For A Joke!

Some problems old folks have to deal with.

Israeli City Refuses To Enroll African Refugee Children In Its Public Schools

Despite a court order, the Eilat is refusing to enroll African refugee children in the city’s public schools.

The Israeli city of Eilat has filed an appeal with the High Court of Justice in an attempt to overturn a recent decision by a lower court ordering the city to enroll children of African asylum-seekers in city public schools.

Eilat has
reportedly refused to enroll the children for the past four years, instead sending them to a remote makeshift school in an abandoned youth village outside town. Israel’s state Education Ministry approved this arrangement.

In their petition to the lower court, advocates for the African refugees claimed the children were not really being educated. They were not being taught the Education Ministry's national curriculum.

"The school building does not meet even elementary standards," the advocates’ petition reportedly noted. "Children study in 'multi-age' classrooms" and "they are not permitted to take [state] bagrut matriculation exams."

Eilat’s appeal to the High Court argues that children who are in Israel illegally "do not have a known and acknowledged right to inclusion in the regular education system and to integration in the schools' regular classrooms."

Eilat’s appeal also claims that the state’s Education Ministry determined that the needs of the migrant children are not met in local public school systems, and therefore forcing the city to enroll the refugee children would hurt the schools which are unprepared to handle them and the refugee children themselves.

The state’s Education Ministry approved the city’s appeal.
It is also reportedly drafting its own.

“I Hate White People! White Cu-ts!” – Negress Has Racist Meltdown on London Bus

‘They all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black’: Police investigate racist rant against white people by passenger on London bus.

 TNB for our pleasure!

My pappy once told me ... Son, you can take a savage out of the bush, but you can never take the bush out of a savage.

Facebook Tracks Your Every Move, Even After Logging Out

The social media empire Facebook has unveiled some new "features" on its platform in recent days that many allege are a total and compete privacy-breaching nightmare.

But one hidden feature, discovered by Nik Cubrilovic, an Australian entrepreneur and writer, that few people are aware of is the fact that Facebook now monitors your online activity, even when you are not logged in to the service.

With each new change Facebook makes, users' privacy becomes a little less ... non-existent, if you will. The most recent "News Feed" modifications, for example, display everything you say and do on the site to all of your "friends," and even to the public. And now, even after logging out of Facebook, permanent "cookies" track all your movements on websites that contain Facebook buttons or widgets.

Australia Warns America: Don’t Let Them Take Your Guns!

By Lorri Anderson

Government officials and citizens in Australia speak out to warn America "Don’t Let Them Take Your Guns!" According to reports when the Gun Ban went into effect in Australia the crime rate spiralled out of control. The police officers are overwhelmed and are unable to protect the citizens due to so much crime.

When the forced gun ban (buy back program) went into effect law abiding citizens had to turn in their semi automatic firearms, pump action rifles, and shotguns or face going to jail. Six hundred forty thousand conventional firearms were taken out of the hands of law abiding citizens, confiscated and destroyed. Law abiding citizens followed the law and turned in their weapons. Citizens were promised safety in return for turning in their guns. Does any of this sound familiar, like UN Gun Treaty perhaps?

Since the gun ban in Australia, armed robberies are up 69%, assaults with guns up 28%, gun murders increased 19%, and home invasions jumped 21%. More proof that not only does gun control not work, it makes it safer for the criminals at large. In their words:

"The cost of lost liberty can be measured in the loss of life"

Andy Dunn from the South Australian Police Association states "The bad guys are happy to break into somebody’s house. They are not frightened to break into somebody’s house while their at home." He also states "It is very bad right now. It has never been worse." The police can’t protect the civilians now, because they are undermanned and their morale has never been lower according to reports.

Wake up America!
To those Anti-gun activists, you need to realize this is going to affect you also. Wake up before it is too late. Will the United States listen to the warning Australia is sending us? Will it make a difference? I truly hope so. I would like to thank the Australians for taking the time to warn us about the effects of gun-control in their country. Although many of us know what affect gun control has on our nation, many do not and have been fooled by the smooth talking politicians. Others seem to be in the mind set that it doesn’t affect them. Without our right to bear arms, our right to protect ourselves, our family, and our home will be gone. Thus allowing the Constitution to be destroyed by politicians for the sake of their agenda.

"Laws that forbid the carrying of arms … disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes … Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man."
- Thomas Jefferson

We’re All NIGGERS To “Them”


I’M NOW GOING to say something that might shock some of the new visitors coming to my site today. So here goes: "We’re all NIGGERS to the real powers that be." OK, some of you are probably saying "OMG, he used the "N-WORD!"

But stop and think about it for a minute. Why is it when a White guy says "NIGGER," that’s like committing murder? Hell, "African Americans" call each other that all the time. It’s "yo nigga, whassup?" Or "nigga, whitchoo yo lookin’ at, Willis?" Or "dis heaya nigga gots to go downtown and gets some trim…"

And the word "NIGGER" used to be seen all the time in America. Casual conversation, political speeches, church sermons, newspaper articles all freely used the term. It was merely a neutral word derived from the Latin word for black.

The real question here is why you as a White person are castigated so much for daring to breathe that word. Hell, if we even let on we think the word, we’re turned into social pariahs. Just me typing out the letters on the screen for the headline above and having the nerve to publish it on the Internet would be plenty enough for some to want to see my pimply White ass thrown in a Gulag.

And if that pimply White ass of mine gets raped by a big, sweaty "NIGGER," so much the better.

Some folks might have read a little past the word "NIGGER" in my first paragraph and realize I’m on to something. This is what the real "powers that be" don’t want you to figure out.

Our Race, the White race, is already in a Race War. Most of you just don’t know it -YET!

Time For A Joke!

A man was sick and tired
of going to work every day
while his wife stayed home.

He wanted her to see
what he went through so he prayed:

'Dear Lord:
I go to work every day and put
in 8 hours while my wife
merely stays at home.
I want her to know what
I go through.
So, please allow her body to
switch with mine for a day.

God, in his infinite wisdom,
granted the man's wish.

The next morning, sure enough,
the man awoke as a woman...

He arose, cooked breakfast
for his mate,
Awakened the kids,
Set out their school clothes,
Fed them breakfast,
Packed their lunches,
Drove them to school,
Came home and picked
up the dry cleaning,
Took it to the cleaners
And stopped at the bank
to make a deposit,

Went grocery shopping,
Then drove home to put
away the groceries,

Paid the bills and balanced
the check book.
He cleaned the cat's litter box
and bathed the dog..

Then, it was already 1 P.M.
And he hurried to make the beds,
Do the laundry, vacuum,
Dust, And sweep and mop
the kitchen floor.
Ran to the school to pick up
the kids and got into an argument
with them on the way home.
Set out milk and cookies and
got the kids organised to do
their homework.
Then, set up the ironing board
and watched TV while he
did the ironing.

At 4:30 he began peeling
potatoes and washing
vegetables for salad,
breaded the pork chops
and snapped
fresh beans for supper.

After supper,
He cleaned the kitchen,
Ran the dishwasher,
Folded laundry,
Bathed the kids, And put
them to bed.

At 9 P.M. He was exhausted
and, though his daily chores
weren't finished, he went to
bed where he was expected to
make love, which he managed
to get through without complaint.

The next morning, he awoke
and immediately knelt by the
bed and said: -

Lord, I don't know what
I was thinking.
I was so wrong to envy my
wife being able to stay
home all day.
Please, Oh! Please,
let us trade back.. Amen!'

The Lord, in his infinite wisdom, replied:

"My son, I feel you have
learned your lesson and
I will be happy to change
things back to the way
they were.

But you'll have to wait
nine months, though.
You got pregnant last night"

Dr. Gregory Stanton, Chairman of Genocide Watch Denies the Fact That Different Races Exist!

Look, all this sweet little talk about what Genocide level the "esteemed" Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch has DECIDED to place South Africa on, is very sweet and heart-warming, especially for White South Africans. But what has ALL his babble done? – Sweet blue NOTHING!

Do blacks STILL continually kill Whites in South Africa – YES!
Do blacks STILL openly brag (on social networks) about killing Whites in South Africa – YES!
Do blacks STILL openly sing "Kill the Boer"? –YES!
Is White Genocide STILL occurring in South Africa – YES!

Here’s what gets me! - Dr Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch actually denies the fact that different races exist!

Did you get that?

Did you get that?

You may want to read the LEGAL DEFINITION OF GENOCIDE, below this blog.

The question STILL begs to be answered by the Boer Nation in South Africa – Are YOU going to MAKE history AGAIN, or are YOU going to BECOME history?

No Escape For Whites From South Africa!

Firearms & Freedom: What's Really Behind The Gun Control Agenda

Friday ought to be "Time for a Joke" day, however, there are SERIOUS MATTERS to take care of FIRST!

The following is a must for each and every freedom loving True Christian!


The suspiciously-timed Colorado theater shooting, the U.N. Small Arms Treaty (not dead, just on hold), and the calls for enhanced gun control in the U.S.

Are these events leading to a gun grab in America?

Just because we have more guns in the U.S. than at any other time in history, is there a collective will to protect our Second Amendment rights?

Tune in to our special extended program as we discuss these issues with our guests Steve Quayle and Greg Evenson.


Don’t worry – It’s free!

What Happens To A Convicted Paedophile In Boston's Orthodox/Haredi Community?

Not much, apparently.

Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt just pleaded guilty Wednesday to sexually abusing three 6th graders while he taught at Maimonides High School in the middle to late 1970s.

Jew perp - Rabbi Stanley Z. Levitt

He was sentenced Thursday to 10 years probation and forbidden to have unsupervised contact with children below the age of 17.

He also has child sexual abuse allegations from after his time at Maimonides, and he pleaded no contest to one of them in Philadelphia in the 1990s.

So? How did Boston shuls deal with Levitt this Shabbos after his very well publicized guilty plea?

Are all Jews paedophile perverts?
Perhaps not.
Some are thieves, murderers, rapists, war mongers, spies, brothel keepers, pornographers, whatever.

Hillary Clinton Gets Freaky Dancing In A Country Whose White Minority Is Listed On Genocide Watch

Here’s Hillary freaking it with the blacks and anti-White Whites on her visit down in South Africa.

She looks rather comfortable, considering she’s in a country where a White minority, the Boers are on Genocide Watch!

Perhaps she’s there to inspect just THAT – The Jewish-led ANC White Genocide progress! … Who knows?

I love her dress-code! - It looks rather Commie, Yes?

I’m sure she’ll enjoy her stay, and feel very comfortable! … After all, she’s used to partying with the likes of blacks and anti-White Whites!

The anti-Whites ALL had a gay old time – All on the White taxpayer’s bill, NATURALLY!

Why am I thinking of the Black Panthers all of a sardine? – Weird!

Let’s just watch, shall we?

Jews Call Them "Useful Idiots" - What They Are Is ... Anti-White Whites

I just can’t help it!

Whenever I think of an anti-White White - The following image springs to mind.

The five pillars of the anti-White White faith.

La Raza's Rise to Power

Is America, America? … Or has she become a mere extension of Mexico?

You! White Americans have/are paying with YOUR tax dollars for the Rise of La Raza!

I’m not going to write at arms-length about this anti-White organization (La Raza) here, you ought to know about them!

No one’s flooding India with non-Indians and forcing the Indians to quote assimilate unquote with thirdworlders.

No one’s flooding Mexico with non-Mexicans and forcing the Mexicans to quote assimilate unquote with thirdworlders.

ONLY White countries are doing it.
ONLY White politicians are supporting it.
ONLY White children are affected by it.
It’s Genocide!

Afrikaners Denied All Survival-Rights

Crosses commemorating murdered Afrikaners and Boers, at the hands of Jewish led black scum

15-million blacks receive survival benefits and food-aid – But Afrikaners are denied those rights.

Daily Mail Marketing Blacks

Easy, innit?

The headline is an excuse to run a non-story.
The agenda is marketing blacks while Queenie's Government imports them wholesale.
Their policy is White Genocide.

Her Allegedly Loyal Opposition is even more keen on destroying England, on Electing A New People who will elect them into power.

Bribing them with dole money costs billions.

Here's the headline:

Two BILLION people watch [allegedly] Usain Bolt's win ... But none of them in America: Sports fans outraged as NBC fails to show 100m final live on TV. 

Fortunately I am not one of the … get this, "2 000 000 000 people" who creames themselves over savages (blacks) – I really couldn’t give a fcuk.

This Multicultural BS is like a piece of gum - Tasty at first, but it soon loses flavour and ends up under someone's heel.

I keep on reminding myself to have PATIENCE! - The day Whites spit out this piece of gum is on the horizon.

Israeli Prime Minister Is A Homicidal Maniac

As Netanyahu pushes Israel closer to war with Iran, Israelis cannot keep silent.

Why aren't ministers and defence officials standing up right now, when it is still possible, and saying: We will not be a party to this megalomaniac vision, to this messianic-catastrophic worldview?

Here's a possible scenario: Israel attacks Iran despite the strenuous opposition of President Barack Obama, who is practically pleading that Israel leave the work to the United States. Why? Because Benjamin Netanyahu has a historical mind-set and a historical outlook under which, basically, Israel is "the eternal nation" and the United States, with all due respect, is just the Assyria or the...

"Bibi" is paranoid and a habitual liar.
He is like the thief that went before him, a war criminal trying to make America attack Iran for him.
American politicians are corrupt, bought and paid for by Jews but they have not been quite stupid enough to fall for this one ... YET!
Given that the head of Mossad has been telling the man not to be a fool, you have to wonder just what is wrong with him.

Facial Expressions … It Speaks Volumes

That sweet loveable face of Queenie was presented to the world during the opening ceremony of the Olympics!

OK! ... She's getting on in years, I'll give her that!
I'll also suggest better spectacles for her - She cannot see what cultural diversity has done to England!

Then again, she might be FULLY aware and FULLY supports White Genocide!
Oh! ... That auntie is anti-White - No doubt!

Putin ... Looking sharp, as always!

Time For A Joke!

The Longest Password – EVER!

During a recent password audit by a company, it was found that an employee used the following password:


When asked why she had such a long password, she rolled her eyes and said: "Hello! It had to be at least 8 characters and include at least one capital."

Can You Say … Anti-White Propaganda?

"The United Colors of Benetton" is one
of the major brands falling under the brand portfolio of the Benetton Group.

A global brand, started in 1965, "United Colors of Benetton" has an International style that combines colour, quality and fashion.


Hmmm! ... Cultural Diversity is soooo trendy!

Nothing wrong here folks! ... We ALL bleed red!

See ... Benetton proves that crime knows no colour!

Yip! ...  One must start early with a steady dose of social engineering to "FIX" this naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews!

Yeah! … Be in Benetton fashion … Besides, fashion is very important in White countries.

I can see the billboards … Flashy colours and what not.

Benetton – The International style that promises colourful quality White Genocide!

Can you see it too? … No?

Well, the billboards are there! – The wording's slightly different, but the underlying message is the same!

The Benetton Group is OBVIOUSLY anti-racist.
Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.
It’s Genocide!

Pakistani Rapist Gets 22 Years For Another 30 Rapes

The jailed leader of a Rochdale sex ring has received a further term of 22 years for 30 child rape charges.

The perpetrator - Shabir Ahmed

Shabir Ahmed, 59, of Oldham, was one of nine men convicted of sex offences against children at Liverpool Crown Court in May. He was not named at the time because he faced further charges, but was jailed for 19 years. Ahmed was convicted at Manchester Crown Court in June of raping and sexually abusing a girl for more than a decade.

Ahmed was one of the nine men from Rochdale and Oldham who were found guilty of exploiting girls as young as 13 at two takeaway restaurants in the Heywood area of Rochdale.

The BBC reported this one even though they are Racists who hate England.

Perhaps they find it expedient to make it look as though they are honest albeit they [BBC] did not mention that the perpetrators were Pakistani. The judge was too but did not go soft on the swine.

Is this something unusual?
Is rape something the lovely rich cultures bestowed upon us wouldn’t dream off?

Evil Anti-Semitic Neo-Nazi Spewing His Hate-Filled Racist Filth

Wake Up White Women!

Wake Up White Men!

Love and respect YOUR heritage!

Obama Admits He Is A Muslim

Now for those who "presume" Islam is a "religion" of PEACE, I'll show you how peaceful Islam is.

Wakey-Wakey! ... That's a Christian being beheaded ... But hay! Islam lives in peace with us Christians, right?

Look at the love expressed to this child! - LOOK!

PM Erdogan of Turkey once said - "There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

I reckon America KNOWS NOT her president!
I reckon Whites have no CLUE as to how evil and insane this IDEOLOGY, called Islam is!

That's enough! ...

UK TV ”Programming”: An Interesting Look At What Jew-Vision Cooked Up In One Night

All this "entertainment" was on one Sunday night in a "Christian" country – The Jews sure had a ball!

Let’s channel hop, shall we.

News: Syria and Iran must be obliterated. Followed by that sports thing in London.

Moto GP: Some cars going round and round.

Frost: Death drama for the elderly.

Chan 4:
"Documentary" about porn book "50 shades of grey".
Followed by movie "Indecent Proposal", let me make you a pimp and your wife a whore.

Chan 5:
Movie: "Bulletproof", a Jew (Adam Sandler) and a black are your heroes.

Followed by movie "Undisputed", your heroes are the blacks Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes. A violent black is sent to prison for rape (which of course he didn't commit) and beats people up.

More Olympics, then "Family Jew" (twice).

Two documentaries about the homosexual Kenneth Williams.

Movie "The Jacket" - Uberjew Adrien Brody is put through Mengele-style torture but gets the girl …

ITV 4:
Movie "The Jerk", Steve Martin is a thick white from a black family.
A pun about a "Blow-job" and that’s about it ... Funny if you are 13 or Jewish.

More 4:
"Extreme Makeovers / Plastic surgery shockers / Embarrassing bodies", etc , drumming up self-hatred , identification with the physical body , and more trade for Jewish "surgeons".

Film 4:
Movie "Taken", Sell out Liam Neeson in Talmudic revenge / slaughter porn, with a plot that a termite may find too simplistic.
Followed by movie "Law Abiding Citizen", Worthy of an essay, the BEST example of Jewlywood inversion: White rapists and psychopaths, sadistic Talmudic revenge, moral inversion, blacks are all hot-shot lawyers, DA’s, Judges …

"Cheaters", A creepy-crawly reptilian called Joey Greco that wiki calls "Italian", presents a FOUL programme produced by Bobby Goldstein. Half of it's fake anyway ... I reckon.

"Treck Nation", Gene Rodenberry presents a Jewy celebration of a Jewy show that I never liked, chock full of Jews like Shatner, Nimoy etc.

"Virgin School", another sex doc about men going to see whores.

"Geordie Shore", UK spinoff, mocking the goyim.

"Kardashians", nothing to see here, folks.

National Geographic:
"Sex for Sale: American Escort", Sex doc about women going to see men-whores.

The Hitler Channel (History):
"911-state of emergency", Bullshit doc about those "Arabs" that did that thing that day.

Movie "Miss Congeniality 2" , so good they made it twice?, with chubby kike Shatner.