Racism: A Politically Correct Definition

  • Any attempt by members of the White race to stop an immigrant invasion and takeover of their nations, whether by word or deed.

  • Ideology in which Whites object to being made third class slaves in the countries their own ancestors founded.

  • Any words spoken by a White person that fail to venerate and praise non-white persons as culturally superior and ethnically unique.

  • A belief system in which Whites fail to hate their own race, usually accompanied by failure of Whites to worship non-whites and failure to provide free money, medical care, and pretty young White breeding partners for non-whites.

  • A sick and twisted belief system in which evil Whites believe that they have just as much right to preserve their race and culture as the other races.

  • Failure of the White race to submit to their own extermination and displacement from their own nations.

  • Any attempt by members of the White race to stop negroes from gang-raping or otherwise despoiling and assaulting young White women.

  • Racism can only be committed by Whites.

  • When negroes or other darkies murder White men and women, this can never be racist.

  • What is truly racist is for Whites to dare to oppose the murder and enslavement of their own race.

 This definition is in line with the propaganda of the Ministry of Truth, The ADL, The SPLC, and other anti-White organizations, INCLUDING OUR GOVERNMENTS .