Time For A Joke!

A Day at the welfare office.

A black man walks into the welfare office for his gibs muh dat.

He announces loudly to the White man behind the counter, "Iz reelly likes tuh beez workin’ so’s ah don’ts haz tuh gits dat welfare gnomesayin’?"

The White man behind the counter says to the black man, "Well my good man, you’re in luck.

A wealthy White man was just here looking to hire an African American gentleman such as yourself.

The job is to be his chauffeur and personal assistant.

He wishes to be driven around in his new S-class Mercedes.

The duties also include accompanying his lovely 26 year old daughter on her trips abroad."

The job also comes with a 2000 square foot apartment over the garage, completely equipped with a 60 inch HDTV with satellite reception, video game console, pool table, fully stocked kitchen and a bar.

Meals will be provided in the main house cooked by a French chef.

The starting salary is $200,000 per year with full medical and dental benefits, plus four paid weeks of vacation per year, with travel and lodging anywhere you want at the employer’s expense.

Are you interested?"

The black man looks wide-eyed at the White man and says, "Yoo gots tuh beez booshittin’ me, gnomesayin’?!!"

The White man simply replies, "Well, you started it."