David Duke in 1992: “I don’t admire anything about Hitler, I think he was a disaster for Jewish people and all of European Civilization”

Start the video at about 1 min 35 sec in. There is absolutely no excuse for the way Duke viciously smears and attacks Hitler in this clip. His hateful statements against Hitler, a true German patriot and liberator of European mankind from the shackles of Zion, are revolting, abhorrent and nefarious slander! Sure he was running for political office at this time. But does that mean he had to get on his knees and sing the vile tune of Jewry on Adolf Hitler for the sake of a vote?

This, in conjunction with his consistent pussy-footing around the Israeli orchestration of 9/11 and the HolyHoax© in recent years, makes me think twice about the man. He has done good work over the years, and I respect him for those efforts, but this goes to show that he was willing to sacrifice truth to advance his political career, making him no different than every other crook and shyster in American politics.

– Zander C. Fuerza