This Is Not Taught In History Class

This you won’t find in mainstream history books!

If you’re Polish, you will find this interesting - After all, it was Poland who started WW II. And it was you America AND England who instigated WW II at the behest of the Chosenites.

WE sided with the Marxist Commie "Uncle Joe", and decided to KILL OUR OWN BRETHREN!

How the Kikes (Jews) laughed themselves in half as Adamite was slaughtering Adamite – Why do we do this? Why do we aid in our own demise? When are we going to STOP being the Kike’s whore?

The following are in mp3 format.

A facsimile of the original 1933 British newspaper making the
announcement - 6 years before Germany entered Poland.
The blood of the war is on the hands of the jews.