15 Year Old Protects 12 Year Old Sister By Shooting Home Invaders (Blacks)

The teenage son of a Harris County Precinct 1 deputy shot a home intruder Tuesday afternoon in the 2600 block of Royal Place in northwest Harris County, deputies said. The 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old sister had been home alone in the Mount Royal Village subdivision when around 2:30 p.m. a pair of burglars tried the front and back doors, then broke a back window. The teenager grabbed his father's assault rifle and knew what to do with it.


It seems that the lad did not manage to get a kill but he did get rid of them. The reporter is tactful, not telling us the colour of the perpetrators. [ Hint: Black ]. The Main Steam Media mention this one just barely. The media are corrupt. The media are Propaganda machines. Lying by omission is one of their major techniques.

The Armed Citizen pays off again.