The Jews Behind Obama Are Coming For Our Guns!

Here’s a quick rundown of how it’ll go down, you know … Anti-White gun control laws:
They’ll introduce much stricter laws to obtain a permit, so in a sense you can still own a gun, but whether you’ll obtain a permit is another matter.

Whatever alphabet agency will take the lead in all these anti-White laws will definitely drag their feet when it comes to permit renewals … Applications will begin to pile up.

You need a permit and your old one has by now expired (even though you applied in advance to renew) – That now makes YOU the owner of an unlicensed firearm … Ooops!

Hand in your gun or go to jail! … Very simple, isn’t it?

But the weirdest part of all this is – An Adamite always ends up with a gun stuck in his face, EVEN UNDER THE MOST SEVERE GUN CONTROL LAWS!

Gun control laws are a mere means to WHITE GENOCIDE!