White Supremacy!

There is NO other race on this planet that can defeat us face to face, that is why our enemies are systematically out-breeding us into a minority – In our own countries.
That is why those that look like us but have no loyalty to us try to suppress our inevitable Awakening with their anti-White laws.
That is why feminism tries its best to feminize our males.
That is why the MSM promotes miscegenation in order to weaken our people.

All the anti-White BS we experience in our lives are a mere means to White Genocide – Take a look around you!
They have declared racial war against us!

We must take back the power of COMMUNICATION.
Never before have we had THIS power at our fingertips, like we have NOW, yet we don’t really think of the Internet or Cell communications as power - We think of it as trendy. It is POWER – USE IT!

War is in our blood, it’s what we do best – Why do you think the Jew use us and not squatmonsters to wage Israel’s wars?
But, we will lose this racial war if it’s fought one-sided. Whites MUST KNOW that raping and murdering is how the squatmonsters wage war! Our brethren in South Africa are in a racial war – Look how the squatmonsters rape and murder the Whites down there. Systematic rape and murder of a specific race IS RACE WAR!

Our enemies know they have a tiger by the tail, and while it’s going good for them NOW, they should know that a wild animal has the tendency to lash out any second. But it will only lash out IF it knows it’s being held by the tail.

Squatmonsters don’t really know just how WILD and BRUTAL we can be in war!
70 years ago we had NO PROBLEM killing our own blood in Germany – In fact our history consists of us slaughtering our own kind.
What do they think we’ll do to them that are not our blood?

Arabs love to threaten us with the sword on their "peace marches" IN OUR COUNTRIES … Listen up Arabs! We love a well-balanced piece of steel made with love! – Crusades anyone?

Put down that McDonalds burger and get your Adamic body in shape!
Get your Adamic mind in shape too!
Be prepared for the inevitable racial war that awaits us.

Take a look at the SPARTANS of yesterday – That fire is within us, albeit a bit dim … It is STILL there!

"Those that want to live, let them fight, and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live."