The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries
by Andrew Macdonald

Chapter XIX

June 27, 1993. So, I finally have my orders! It's to be California for me during our big summer offensive. At first I was very disappointed that I won't be able to go back to Washington, but the more I consider the implications of some of the things I was told this afternoon, the more I'm convinced that the real focus of our activity in the next few weeks will be on the West Coast. It looks like I'll be in the thick of things there, and that will be a welcome change from all this classroom work, at least.

Denver Field Command summoned me and six of my pupils to a meeting today on two hours' notice. We were told almost nothing, except that I and four of the others are to be in Los Angeles by Wednesday night at the latest. The last two were given a destination in San Mateo, just outside San Francisco.

I protested immediately and vehemently: "All these people have been trained especially to attack specific targets in this area. And they've been trained as teams. It doesn't make sense to break them up now and send some of them to California, when they can be so much more effective here. If they are sent away, our whole program for the Rocky Mountain area will be jeopardized."

The two DFC officers at the meeting assured me that their decision had not been made capriciously and that they are fully cognizant of the validity of my objections, but that more pressing considerations must prevail. I finally forced them to reveal that they had received an urgent order from Revolutionary Command to transfer every activist they could spare to the West Coast immediately. Apparently other field commands all over the country have received similar orders.

They were reluctant to say more, but from the emphasis they put on our deadline for reporting to our California destinations, I strongly suspect that things are set to blow sometime next week.

I did accomplish one thing this afternoon: I arranged to have Albert Mason, who was to go to San Mateo but whose presence here is really essential to the success of the operations planned for this area, swapped for another man. But I had trouble gaining even that concession. I insisted on knowing exactly what criteria had been used in selecting the men to be transferred. It turned out that, except in my case, there were two: infantry combat experience and rifle marksmanship-which makes it look like they want snipers and barricade fighters out on the Coast, rather than saboteurs and demolition experts.

Al, it is true, qualified as an "expert" with the rifle when he was in the service, and he spent three years as a squad leader in Southeast Asia. (Note to the reader: Turner is referring to the so-called "Vietnam War," which had been over for two decades at the time but which played an enormously important role in laying the groundwork for the Organization's later success in dealing with the System's armed forces.) But he has also been my best pupil here. He is the one man I spent time with explaining some of the newer military gadgets we expect to acquire in our raids on the arsenals around here. He is the only one I am sure will be able to use the new M-58 laser range finders, for example, and teach our mortar teams how to use them too. And he is also the only one here to whom I taught enough basic electronics so that he can rig up the radio controlled detonators which are an essential part of our plan for knocking out the highway network in this area and keeping it knocked out.

Only when I pointed out these things to DFC did they agree to let Al stay here. We then spent half an hour going over a list of all the other activists here before we found one I thought could go to California in Al's place without jeopardizing things here and who also satisfied their criteria.

My impression is that everything we planned for this area is still "go," and it is still considered important for us to achieve our objectives here, but the really critical theater of operations will be the West Coast. We are approximately doubling our manpower there with these last-minute transfers, but we are doing it in such a way that at least most of the operations planned for other areas can go ahead, though with fewer personnel.

Well, we only have 48 hours to drive more than 1,000 miles, and there's no telling how many checkpoints we'll be stopped at. The others will be by to pick me up in about two hours, and then it'll take me at least four hours to pack my gadgets in the car so they won't be found if we're searched. I think I'll take a quick nap now.

July 1. Wow! Are things tense here! We arrived yesterday, around one in the morning, after a trip I'd just as soon forget. The others are dispersed to their assigned units, but I'm staying with Los Angeles Northwest Field Command temporarily, in a place called Canoga Park, about 20 miles northwest of Los Angeles proper.

It is apparent that the Organization is much more solidly entrenched here than elsewhere, simply from the fact that there are eight different field commands in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, whereas one suffices for most other major cities in the country. That would indicate an underground membership here in the 500-700 range.

Mostly, I've been catching up on my sleep since I arrived, but the other people here don't seem to be doing any sleeping at all. Couriers are constantly coming and going, and conferences are being held at all hours. This evening I finally buttonholed someone and got at least a partial briefing on the situation.

A simultaneous assault on more than 600 military and civilian targets all over the country has been scheduled for next Monday morning, July 4. Unfortunately, however, one of our members here was picked up by the police on Wednesday, just a few hours before our arrival. It seems to have been just a fluke. He was stopped on the street for a routine identification check, and the cops became suspicious about something.

Since the man is not in the Order, he was neither prepared nor under an absolute obligation to kill himself if captured. The great worry for the last two days has been that, under torture, he will reveal enough of what he knows to tip off the System to the fact that a major assault is scheduled for Monday. Then, even though the authorities won't know just which targets we plan to hit, they'll tighten up security everywhere to the point that our casualties will be unbearably high.

Revolutionary Command has two choices: silence our man before he can be interrogated, or reschedule our entire offensive. The latter choice is almost unthinkable: too many things have been carefully arranged and synchronized in detail for next Monday to allow the date to be advanced, and a postponement might run into months-with enormous risks attendant on having so many people, already primed for Monday, knowing so much for so long.

So it was decided yesterday to act on the first choice. But even that presents a major problem: we can't hit our man here in Los Angeles without risking blowing the cover of one of our most valuable legals, a special agent in the FBI's Los Angeles office. That's because the prisoner is being held in a location which is supposed to be a big secret. If we raid the place, they'll only have; half-a-dozen people to suspect as the one who leaked the information to us.

The System's customary procedure when they pick up one of our people is to perform only a very cursory interrogation in the fieldjust enough to determine whether there is any indication that the prisoner is connected in any way with the Organization. If there is, then he is flown back to Washington for a thorough working over by their Israeli torture specialists. And the latter is what we can't afford to let happen.

The interesting thing in this particular case-and the thing which has kept Revolutionary Command in a state of agonized indecision for two days now-is that the FBI has been holding the prisoner here, instead of flying him back to the Washington headquarters Thursday morning, as soon as they suspected they had an Organization member. No one seems to know exactly why, not even our FBI legal. It may just be an instance of organizational inefficiency on their part. Or perhaps they're bringing an interrogation team out here from Washington this time, contrary to their previous routine.

Anyway, RC has decided to hold off on the hit and see what happens. If no move is made to put the prisoner on a plane for Washington or to interrogate him further here within the next 36 hours, the problem will be solved; any information the System extracts from him will come too late to interfere with our Monday schedule. But if a transfer or an interrogation seems imminent before Sunday afternoon, we're prepared to launch a lightning raid on the FBI's secret prison here, even at the risk of losing our inside man in the local FBI office, whose information in coming months can be invaluable to us.

As for me, I still don't know why I'm here or what I'm supposed to do, and I'm not sure anyone else does either. I was just told to wait.

Well, I guess we're really facing a major test again, like we did in September 1991. It just seems incredible to me that the Organization is actually launching an all-out assault on the System in two days. The total number of men we can put on the firing line, for the whole country, can't be more than 1,500, despite the very rapid gains in recruiting we've made in the last few months. Altogether-including our support personnel, our female members, and our legals-our strength can't possibly exceed 5,000 people, and I'd estimate that nearly a third of them are concentrated here in California now. It just seems unreal- like a gnat planning to assassinate an elephant.

Of course, we're not expecting the System to collapse Monday. If it did we wouldn't know how to cope with the situation, because the Organization is still far too small to take over the running of the country and the rebuilding of American society. We'll need an infrastructure 100 times as large as we have now to even begin tackling that job.

What we will do Monday is escalate the conflict to a new level and forestall the System's latest strategy for dealing with us. We really have no choice in the matter; if the Organization is to survive and continue growing under the very difficult circumstances which have been imposed on us, we must maintain our momentum-especially our psychological momentum.

The danger in not constantly escalating the war is that the System will find a new equilibrium, and the public will become accustomed to it. The only way to maintain the present influx of recruits is to keep a substantial portion of the public psychologically off balance keep them at least half convinced that the System isn't strong enough and efficient enough to wipe us out, that we are an irresistible force, that sooner or later the war will sweep them, too, up in it.

Otherwise, the worthless bastards will take the easy way out by just sitting back to see what happens. The American people have already proved that they can shamelessly continue their crass pursuit of pleasure under the most provocative conditions imaginable - so long as new provocations are introduced gradually enough for them to become accustomed to them. That's our greatest danger in not acting.

Besides that, however, the political police are continually tightening the screws. Despite our extraordinary security procedures, they will eventually succeed in penetrating the Organization and wrecking us-if we give them time. And it's becoming harder all the time for us to move around without being picked up. Very soon now, the new internal passport system which we wrecked more than a year ago will be back on the tracks, twice as mean as before. I don't know how we'll survive when that becomes operational.

Thinking back over the last two years, though, it's amazing that we've survived even until now. There have been a hundred times when I didn't know how we'd be able to last another month.

Part of the reason we've been able to make it this far is something for which we really can't take credit-and that's the inefficiency of the System. They've made some bad mistakes and failed to follow up on a lot of things which could have hurt us badly.

One gets the impression that except for the Jews, who are really burning the midnight oil in their efforts against us, the rest of the System is a bunch of clock-watchers. Thank "equal opportunity"-and all those niggers in the FBI and in the Army-for that! The System has become so corrupt and so mongrelized that only the Jews feel at home in it, and no one feels any loyalty toward it.

But a bigger part of the reason is the way we've adapted to our peculiar circumstances. In just two years the Organization has learned a whole new way of existence. We're doing a number of things now which are absolutely vital to our survival but to which we had given almost no thought two years ago.

Our interrogation technique for checking out new recruits, for example; there's no way we could have lasted this long without that, and we didn't develop it until we absolutely had to have it. What we would have done without Dr. Clark to work out the technique, I don't know.

And then there's the matter of false identities. We had only the vaguest ideas about coping with this problem when we first went underground. Now we have a number of specialized units who do nothing but provide nearly foolproof false identities for our activists. They are real professionals, but they've had to learn their rather gruesome trade in a hurry.

And money-what a problem that was in the beginning! Having to count our pennies affected our whole psychology; it made us think small. So far as I know, no one in the Organization had ever given any serious thought to the problem of financing an underground movement before the problem became crucial. Then we learned the counterfeiting trade.

It was providential that we had someone in the Organization with the requisite technical knowledge, of course, but we still had to set up our distribution network for getting the counterfeit bills into circulation after we'd printed them.

In just the last few months this accomplishment has made an enormous difference for all of us. Having a ready supply of cash – being able to buy whatever we need instead of hijacking it, as in the old days-has made things much easier. It has given us greater mobility and greater safety.

There's been a certain element of luck in our success so far, and there's no doubt that Revolutionary Command has been doing a pretty good job of generalship. We've had good planning, a good strategy-but, more than that, we've shown the ability to meet new challenges and solve new problems. We've remained flexible.

I think the history of the Organization proves that no one can make a fixed plan for a revolution and then stick to it. The future is always too uncertain. One can never be sure how a given situation will develop. And totally unexpected things are always happening things that no planner, however thorough, could have foreseen. So, in order to be successful, a revolutionary must always be ready to adapt to new circumstances and take advantage of new opportunities.

Our record in that regard is reassuring, but I cannot help being apprehensive about next week. I am sure we will knock hell out of the bastards Monday. We will throw a good-sized monkey wrench into the country's economic machinery if only half the things we have planned come off successfully. And we will force the System into a state of total mobilization, with the resulting psychological shock to the general public.

But what then? What about next month and the month after that? We're throwing everything we've got into next week's offensive, and there is just no way we can keep up such a level of activity for more than a few days. We are stretched too thin everywhere.

And yet my instinct tells me that the Organization is not acting purely from desperation now. We are not making one, last, desperate effort to wreck the System Monday. At least, I hope not. If we make an all-out effort, then have to retrench when it fails-as it surely will the psychological effect will be as lethal for us as it will be helpful for the System.

So Revolutionary Command must have something up its sleeve I don't know about. I am sure the heavy concentration of our people in California is a clue, but I can't figure it out.

The Turner Diaries
by Andrew Macdonald

The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem

By Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the editors of THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT.

Volume One: The International Jew

"In a world of completely organized territorial sovereignties he (the Jew) has only two possible cities of refuge; he must either pull down the pillars of the whole national state system, or he must create a territorial sovereignty of his own . . . . In Eastern Europe, Bolshevism and Zionism seem to grow side by side . . . . not because the Jew cares for the positive side of radical philosophy, not because he desires to be a partaker in Gentile nationalism or Gentile democracy, but because no existing Gentile system is ever anything but distasteful to him."

19. The All-Jewish Mark on "Red Russia"

We shall now briefly interrupt the commentary which we have been making on the Protocols to set at rest once and for all certain misstatements which are made for Gentile consumption. 

To learn what the Jewish leaders of the United States or any other country think, do not read their addresses to the Gentiles; read their addresses to their own people. On such matters as these - Whether the Jew regards himself as destined to rule the world; whether he regards himself as belonging to a nation and race distinct from every other nation and race; whether he regards the Gentile world as the legitimate field of his exploitation by a lower moral method than is permissible among his own people; whether he knows and shares the principles of the Protocols - on such matters as these, the only safe guide is to be found in the words which Jewish leaders speak to Jews, not in the words they speak to Gentiles. 

The notable Jewish names which appear oftenest in the Press do not represent the spokesmen of Judaism at all, but only a selected few who represent the Department of Propaganda Among the Gentiles. Sometimes that propaganda is in the form of donations for Christian charitable organizations; sometimes it is in the form of "liberal" opinion on religious, social and political questions. In whatever form it comes, you may depend upon it that the real activities of the Jewish hierarchy proceed under cover of that which the Gentile is invited to observe and approve. 

The statements offered in this series are never made without the strictest and fullest proof, confirmation and corroboration in the utterances of Jewish leaders. This is one of the strange features of the multitude of Jewish attacks on this series: they are attacking what they themselves stand for, and their only reason for the attack must be their belief that this investigation has not been able to penetrate through to that which has been kept hidden from the world.

The most persistent denials have been offered to the statement that Bolshevism everywhere, in Russia or the United States, is Jewish. In these denials we have perhaps one of the most brazen examples of the double intent referred to above. The denial of the Jewish character of Bolshevism is made to the Gentile; but in the confidence and secrecy of Jewish communication, or buried in the Yiddish dialect, or obscurely hidden in the Jewish national press, we find the proud assertion made - to their own people! - that Bolshevism is Jewish. 

Jewish propaganda has only two straws to grasp in the terrible tale of murder, immorality, robbery, enforced starvation and hideous humanism which make the present Russian situation impossible to describe and all but impossible to comprehend. 

One of these straws is that Kerensky, the man who eased in the opening wedge of Bolshevism, is not a Jew. Indeed, one of the strongest indications that Bolshevism is Jewish is that the Jewish press emphasizes so fiercely the alleged Gentilism of a least two of the revolutionary notables. It may be cruel to deny them two among hundreds, but merely saying so cannot change Kerensky's nationality. His name is Adler. His father was a Jew and his mother a Jewess. Adler, the father, died, and the mother married a Russian named Kerensky, whose name the young child took. Among the radicals who employed him as a lawyer, among the forces that put him forward to drive the first nail into Russia's cross, among the soldiers who fought with him, his Jewish descent and character have never been doubted. 

"Well, but there is Lenin," our Jewish publicists say - "Lenin the head of it all, the brains of it all, and Lenin is a Gentile! We've got you there - Lenin is a Gentile!"

Perhaps he is, but why do his children speak Yiddish? Why are his proclamations put forth in Yiddish? Why did he abolish the Christian Sunday and establish by law the Jewish Saturday Sabbath? 

The explanation of all this may be that he married a Jewess. The fact is that he did. But another explanation may be that he himself is a Jew. Certainly he is not the Russian nobleman he has always claimed to be. The statements he has made about his identity thus far have been lies. The claim that he is a Gentile may be unfounded too. 

No one has ever doubted Trotsky's nationality - he is a Jew. His name is Braunstein. Recently the Gentiles were told that Trotsky had said he wasn't much of anything - in religion. That may be. But still he must be something - else why are the Russian Christian churches turned into stables, slaughter houses and dancing halls, while the Jewish synagogues remain untouched? And why are Christian priests and ministers made to work on roads, while Jewish rabbis are left their clerical privileges? Trotsky may not be much of anything in religion, but he is a Jew nevertheless. This is not mere Gentile insistence that he shall be considered a Jew whether or no; it is straight Jewish teaching that he is. In a future discussion on "religion or race?" we shall show that even without religion, Trotsky is, and is considered by all Jewish authorities to be, a Jew. 

An apology must be made here for repeating well-known facts. Yet, so many people are not even now aware of the true meaning of Bolshevism, that at the risk of monotony, we shall cite a warning light on conditions in the United States. 

The Bolshevik Government, as it stood late this summer when the latest report was smuggled through to certain authorities, shows up the Jewish domination of the whole affair. It has changed very slightly since the beginning. We give only a few items to indicate the proportion. It must not be supposed that the non-Jewish members of the government are Russian. 

Very few Russians have anything to say about their own country these days. The so-called "Dictatorship of the Proletariat," in which the proletariat has nothing whatever to say, is Russian only in the sense that it is set up in Russia; it is not Russian in that it springs from or includes the Russian people. It is the international program of the Protocols, which might be "put over" by a minority in any country, and which is being given a dress-rehearsal in Russia.

These are enlightening figures. The reader will note that the Jewish percentage is high at all times, never lower than 76 per cent in any case. (Curiously enough, the lowest percentage of Jews is found in the Commissariat of War.) But in those committees which deal most closely with the mass of the people, as well as in the committees of defense and propaganda, Jews fill literally all the places. 

Remember what the Protocols say about Press control: remember what Baron Montefiore said about it, and then look at the Government Journalists. That committee comprises 41 men, and the 41 are Jews. Only Jewish pens are trusted with Bolshevist propaganda. 

And then the so-called "Red Cross delegates," which are merely Red Revolutionary delegates to the cities named - of the 8, there are 8 Jews.

The Commissariat of Social Assistance, upon whose word the life and privilege of tens of thousands hang - there are 6 members, and the 6 are Jews. And so on through the list. 

Out of the 53 members of the Commissariat of Public Instruction, 11 are noted as non-Jews. But what kind of non-Jews is not stated. They may be "non-Jews like Lenin" whose children speak the Yiddish as their native tongue. Whatever they are, there is a sidelight upon their attitude in the fact that the Bolsheviki immediately took over all the Hebrew schools and continued them as they were and laid down a rule that the ancient Hebrew language should be taught in them. The ancient Hebrew language is the vehicle of the deeper secrets of the World Program. 

And for the Gentile Russian children - ? "Why," said these gentle Jewish educators, "we will teach them sex knowledge. We will brush out of their minds the cobwebs. They must learn the truth about things!" - with consequences that are too pitiable to narrate. But this can be said: unquestionably there were deaths among innocent Jews when Hungary wrested itself free from the Red Bolshevism of Bela Kun (or Cohen). The Jews may well call it the "White Terror" that followed their failure to re-enact the tragedy of Russia in Hungary. But there are mountains of evidence to show that nothing had so potent an effect in producing the bloodshed of the "White Terror" as the outraged minds of parents whose children had been compulsorily drawn through sloughs of filth during the short time the Jewish Bolsheviki had charge of the schools. 

American Jews do not like to hear this. Their shrinking from it would be greatly to their honor did they not immediately return to the defense of the people who do these things. It is well enough known that the chastity of Christians is not so highly regarded by the orthodox male Jew as is the chastity of his own people, but it would be pleasant to be certain that all of them condemn what went on in Russia and Hungary in the matter of education. However, as most of the influences which destroy Gentile youth today - in America - are in the hands of the Jews, and as it is plainly stated in the Protocols that one of the lines of campaign is "to corrupt the youth of the Gentiles," the situation is one that calls for something more than mere hard feelings and angry denials whenever these facts are referred to. 

It is not the economic experiment, so-called, that one objects to in Russia; it is not the fallacies, the sad delusion of the people. No. It is the downright dirty immorality, the brutish nastiness of it all; and the line which the immorality and nastiness draws between Jew and Gentile. The horrible cruelty involved we will not deal with, leaving it merely with the explanation which has found utterance in the Jewish press that "it may be that the Jew in Russia is taking an unconscious revenge for his centuries of suffering." 

"But," asks some reader, "how may we know that all this is true?"

Bearing in mind that we are speaking of Russia, not for the interest of the Russian situation at all, but to indicate the international character of those who are responsible for conditions there, and to identify them for the protection of the United States, we shall look at the evidence. 

There is, of course, the evidence brought to light by our own United States Senate and printed in a Report of the Committee on the Judiciary. We do not wish to spend much time on this, because we prefer in these articles to use Jewish testimony instead of Gentile. But we shall pause long enough to show the nature of the testimony brought out by our own government.

Dr. George A. Simons, a clergyman in charge of an American congregation in Petrograd at the time the Bolshevik terror broke out, was a witness. Parts of his testimony are given here: 

"'There were hundreds of agitators who followed in the trail of Trotsky-Bronstein, these men having come over from the lower East Side of New York * * * A number of us were impressed by the strange Yiddish element in this thing right from the start, and it soon became evident that more than half the agitators in the so-called Bolshevik movement were Yiddish.' 

"Senator Nelson - 'Hebrews?' 

"Dr. Simons - 'They were Hebrews, apostate Jews. I do not want to say anything against the Jews, as such. I am not in sympathy with the anti-Semitic movement, never have been, and do not ever expect to be * * * But I have a firm conviction that this thing is Yiddish, and that one of its bases is found in the East Side of New York.' 

"Senator Nelson - 'Trotsky came over from New York during that summer, did he not?' 

"Dr. Simons - 'He did.' 

"Later Dr. Simons said: 'In December, 1918 * * * under the presidency of a man known as Apfelbaum * * * out of 388 members, only 16 happened to be real Russians, and all the rest Jews, with the exception possibly of one man, who is a Negro from America, who calls himself Professor Gordon * * * and 265 of this northern commune government that is sitting in the Old Smolny Institute came from the lower East Side of New York - 265 of them. * * * 

"'I might mention this, that when the Bolsheviki came into power, all over
Petrograd we at once had a predominance of Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and everything in Yiddish. It became very evident that now that was to be one of the great languages of Russia; and the real Russians, of course, did not take very kindly to it.'" 

William Chapin Huntington, who was commercial attache of the United States Embassy at Petrograd, testified: 

"The leaders of the movement, I should say, are about two-thirds Russian Jews * * * The Bolsheviks are internationalists, and they were not interested in the particular national ideals of Russia." 

William W. Welch, an employee of the National City Bank, New York, testified: 

"In Russia it is well known that three-fourths of the Bolshevik leaders are Jewish * * * There were some - not many, but there were some - real Russians; and what I mean by real Russians is Russian-born, and not Russian Jews."

Roger E. Simmons, Trade Commissioner connected with the United States Department of Commerce, also testified. An important anonymous witness, whom the committee permitted to withhold his name, told the same things. 

The British White Book, Russia, No. 1 - "A Collection of Reports on Bolshevism in Russia, presented to Parliament by Command of His Majesty, April, 1919," contains masses of the same testimony from many sources, all of them eyewitnesses. 

In that very highly respected magazine Asia for February-March, 1920, is an article which contains, among other important ones, these statements: (the italics are ours)

"In all the Bolshevist institutions the heads are Jews. The Assistant Commissar for Elementary Education, Grunberg, can hardly speak Russian. The Jews are successful in everything and obtain their ends. They know how to command and get complete submission. But they are proud and contemptuous toward everyone, which strongly excites the people against them * * * At the present time there is a great national religious fervor among the Jews. They believe that the promised time of the rule of God's elect on earth is coming. They have connected Judaism with a universal revolution. They see in the spread of revolution the fulfilling of the Scriptures: 'Though I make an end of all the nations whither I have scattered thee, yet will I not make an end of thee.'" 

Now if Gentile proof were wanted, the files of the THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT for a whole year would not begin to contain it. But Jewish proof is better.

There has been a strange vacillation in Jewish opinion concerning Bolshevism. At first it was hailed with delight. There was no concealment whatever in the early days of the new regime as to the part Jewry had in it. Public meetings, interviews, special articles poured forth in which very valuable elements of truth were mingled. There was no attempt at concealment of names. 

The horror of the thing began to take hold upon the world, and for just a breathing space, Jewish opinion fell silent. There was a spasmodic denial or two. Then a new burst of glorification. The glorification continues within Judaism itself, but it now carries on the Gentile side of its face a very sad expression labeled "persecution."

We have lived to see the day when to denounce Bolshevism is to "persecute the Jews." 

In the American Hebrew, for September 10, 1920, an article appears which not only acknowledges and explains the part which the Jew plays in the present unrest and upheaval, but justifies it - and justifies it, curiously enough, by The Sermon on the Mount.

The writer says that "the Jew evolved organized capitalism with its working instrumentality, the banking system." 

This is very refreshing, in view of the numerous Jewish denials of this economic fact. 

"One of the impressive phenomena of the impressive time is the revolt of the Jew against the Frankenstein that his own mind conceived and his own hand fashioned * * *" If this is true, why is Jewish "organized capital with its working instrumentality, the banking system" supporting the revolt? 

"That achievement (referring to the Russian overthrow), destined to figure in history as the overshadowing result of the World War, was largely the outcome of Jewish thinking, of Jewish discontent, of Jewish effort to reconstruct." 

This rapid emergence of the Russian revolution from the destructive phase and its entrance into the constructive phase is a conspicuous expression of the constructive genius of Jewish discontent."

(This, of course, requires proof that the constructive phase has appeared. The implication here is sheer propaganda. The Protocols, however, have a reconstructive program. We have not reached it as yet in this series of articles, but it is clearly outlined in the Protocols - destroy the Gentile society, and then reconstruct it according to "our" plans.)

Now read carefully: 

"What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia, the same historic qualities of the Jewish mind and heart ARE TENDING TO PROMOTE IN OTHER COUNTRIES." 

Read that again. "What Jewish idealism and Jewish discontent have so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia!" Just what was that? And just how did it "powerfully contribute?" and why are "Jewish idealism" and "Jewish discontent" always linked together? If you read the Protocols it is all very clear. Jewish idealism is the destruction of Gentile society and the erection of Jewish society. Was it not so in Russia? - Yiddish proclamations on the walls, the ancient Hebrew in the schools, Saturday substituted for Sunday, and the rabbis respected while the priests were put to work on the roads! All "powerfully contributed" to by murder, rapine, theft and starvation. 

Our author is more candid than he realizes. He calls this linked idealism and discontent "the historic qualities of the Jewish mind." THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT is indebted to him for this clear confirmation of what it has been saying for some time. 

But even that is not all. "These same historic qualities of the Jewish mind" which "contributed so powerfully to accomplish in Russia" the Red Terror still existing there, are declared by this author to be tending to promote the same sort of thing in other countries. He says so in so many words - "tending to promote in other countries." 

But we knew that. The only difference is that when Gentiles said it, they were overwhelmed with the wildest abuse; but now a pro-Jewish writer says it in a leading Jewish publication. And he says it apologetically - listen to him: 

"It was natural that * * * discontent in other parts of the world should find expression in overemphasis of issues and overstatement of aims." 

What discontent? Jewish discontent, of course. Discontent with what? With any form of Gentile rule. And how did it find expression? "In overemphasis of issues and overstatement of aims." What were these issues and aims? To bring the Bolshevik revolution to the United States.

No, they did not overstate their aims; they exactly stated them - they simply selected the wrong country, that's all. 

There are Russian Bolshevists in this country now, hawking about the streets of New York the gold cigaret cases which they stole from Russian families, and the family jewels, the wedding and birthday rings, which they filched from Russian women. Bolshevism never got further than the pawnshop and burglar's "fence" idea. The proof of this traffic in stolen property is going to drive some people into hiding before long. It will be a long, long time before America will be taking orders in Yiddish, or American women will be giving up their jewels to "the chosen race." 

However, that happens to be only the most recent acknowledgement that has come to hand. It is significant for its confession that "Jewish discontent" was "tending to promote" in "other countries" what it has "so powerfully contributed to accomplish in Russia." 

And with such a link between the American Hebrew, Russian Bolshevism and the Protocols, there are still Jewish publicists with the crust to say that only crazy people could see the connection. Only blind people will not see it. But that is only a minor connection. This series of articles does not rest on anything so accidental as the Jewish New Year's apology for Bolshevism in the great Hebrew weekly of the United States.

[THE DEARBORN INDEPENDENT, issue of 25 September 1920]

Brainwashing Our Children

by Dr. William Pierce 1998

Last week a member of the organization I head, the National Alliance, sent me something his nine-year-old daughter had brought home from school. He lives in Macon, Georgia, and his daughter is a fourth grader at a private school there. Last week her class went on a field trip to visit a Black museum in Macon and learn a bit about Black history. The museum is the federally funded Tubman African American Museum. It's supported by our tax dollars. 

It is named after Harriet Tubman, a Black slave who was employed by Abolitionist organizations in the North during the period just before the Civil War to induce other slaves in the South to leave their plantations and head north along the so-called "Underground Railroad." Sometimes she used a revolver to coax those who weren't sure they wanted to go. The White fourth graders visiting the museum got a little sermon about the wickedness of slavery and of White people for having imposed it on Blacks. They also had a lecture on the history and accomplishments of Negroes, and each was handed a sheet headed "African American Inventor's" (sic) listing 120 or so things supposedly invented by Blacks. 

Here are the first six items on the list of Black inventions: 
The pyramids, paper, chess, the alphabet, medicine, and civilization. 

After this start the rest of the list is a bit anticlimactic, with such items as the doorknob, the mop, the curtain rod, peanut butter, and the helicopter. 

With the exception of peanut butter, which is generally credited to Black agricultural technician George Washington Carver, this list is so fantastic that most of us get a good chuckle when we read it. 

But the really tragic part of this story is that, although these wild pipedreams about Blacks designing and architecting the pyramids, inventing the alphabet and the helicopter, and so on may be funny to us, they're not funny to White fourth graders. When a museum guide, even a Black guide, or their teacher tells them that Blacks invented paper, the alphabet, and civilization, they take it all very seriously. They believe it. My member's nine-year-old daughter believed it. She came home from school after the field trip and told her parents quite seriously that she had learned that Blacks had done just about everything worth doing in the development of our civilization, and she wondered why Whites hadn't done anything. 

Now, that was not why my member was paying to send his daughter to a private school, and he was pretty steamed about this effort to brainwash her against her own race. And I'm steamed too. We all ought to be mad as hell. We all ought to be in the mood for getting out our rifles and beginning a general cleanup in America. Which, of course, is why the Jews, feminists, and liberals promoting this sort of brainwashing are so hot to get our guns away from us. 

Before I talk further about the brainwashing campaign directed at our children, I want to make a few distinctions among the people involved in the campaign. 

First, it should be noted that the Blacks are as much victims of this campaign as Whites are - even though many Blacks are involved in it. The childishly naive list of supposed Black inventions distributed by the Tubman African American Museum in Macon, Georgia, for example, is obviously a Black creation. One can understand the fascination this sort of thing has for most Blacks. Since they never developed an alphabet or writing when they were in Africa (contrary to the claims of the Tubman Museum), they had no written history at all before being brought to the White world as slaves. And the history they have acquired since then is a rather inglorious one. Many Blacks feel this shortcoming. Despite all of the assurances of White liberals that they are "equal," they don't really believe it. Deep inside them there is a nagging certainty of their inferiority, and they have clutched at straws in an effort to quell that nagging. Their fictitious Black history, with all its imagined great Black intellectual accomplishments, is one of those straws. Such straws would not be necessary if they were living in a society of their own. It is only when they try to become the "equals" of Whites in a White society that they feel inferior. 

Anyone who encourages them to clutch such straws only postpones their coming to grips with the fact that they need their own society as much as we need ours. Thus, these people do them a disservice. And of course, the White schoolteacher of my member's nine-year-old daughter who did nothing to refute the Tubman Museum's claims also is one who does such a disservice. I do not know this schoolteacher myself, but it's a pretty good bet that, like most of her colleagues, she is simply going with the flow of Political Correctness. She understands that Blacks didn't invent writing or the helicopter or even the doorknob, but she feels that it would not be polite to say so. It might even be considered - heaven forbid - racist, so she keeps her mouth shut and lets her students be brainwashed. 

She is not consciously malevolent. She doesn't really want to misinform her students or rob them of their culture and racial pride. But she is so deficient in her understanding of her responsibility as a teacher that she would be better fitted to cleaning latrines for a living than teaching our children. And unfortunately that is true of most White teachers today. They go with the flow rather than teaching the truth. They fail to speak out against lies whenever the Politically Correct thing to do is keep their mouths shut instead. They are no worse than the average White American - but also no better. 

The people that we really ought to be looking for when we get our guns out are the people who consciously and deliberately promote the brainwashing, the people who want to make White schoolchildren feel guilty because their White ancestors enslaved the wonderfully inventive and creative Black race. These are people who consciously and deliberately aim at making Whites feel that they owe something to Blacks, people who aim at making Whites feel that they are bad if they identify with other Whites and don't want to associate with Blacks, intermarry with Blacks, or have their children go to school with Blacks. 

One of the people with such aims is the current President of the United States, who is running around the country holding meetings and telling White people that they must overcome their natural racial instincts and mix more with Blacks and not object to the government giving special advantages to Blacks. I saw this piece of filth at a carefully staged "town meeting" in Akron, Ohio. White members of the audience were being encouraged to confess their racial sins in public. One young White man arose and confessed that he felt uneasy when he encountered a Black on the street who was "poorly dressed." Mr. Clinton congratulated the young White man for having the courage to make this confession and implied that all Whites needed to suppress their feelings of uneasiness around Blacks, that it is sinful of us to have such feelings, and that we ought to regard Blacks just the way we do our fellow Whites. 

Another of these people who consciously wish to harm Whites is one of the richest Jews in Hollywood, Steven Spielberg. 

Spielberg has just produced a new film, Amistad, which purports to tell the historical story of a group of Black slaves who managed to get the drop on the White crew of a ship which was transporting them from Havana, Cuba, in 1839. After the Blacks had taken over the ship they cut the throats of all but two of their White prisoners. Then they were captured by the U.S. Coast Guard and put on trial. Abolitionist groups hired some high-powered lawyers to defend the Blacks, and eventually they were freed after a New York trial in which North-South politics played a much larger role than law and justice. 

Any historical incident, of course, may be a suitable subject for a movie. History, however, is not Mr. Spielberg's interest. His interest is in portraying Blacks as noble and heroic and unjustly treated by Whites. His aim is the same as that of the other media bosses in Hollywood and New York. It is to brainwash White people and undermine their resistance to racial mixing in America. It is to instill a subconscious feeling of guilt in White people who see his film, a feeling that they are evil if they resist giving Blacks whatever they want. Spielberg's Amistad is trying to do, in its glitzy, Jewish, Hollywood way what Mr. Clinton is doing in his phony-folksy way with his interracial town meetings and public confessions. 

And while Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Clinton carry on their brainwashing campaign, many of Mr. Spielberg's kinsmen in the media are subtly pushing the idea that White America should issue a collective apology to Blacks and offer them monetary compensation because their ancestors were slaves. Mr. Clinton has said that he hasn't yet made up his mind about an apology. He may want to give the Jewish media bosses a little more time to brainwash his White constituents into going along with the idea. 

If any apology is owed, it is an apology to White Americans today from the very small percentage of our ancestors who were in the business of running plantations in the pre-Civil War South and whose desire for slave labor inflicted the Black presence on us. It really is a shame that all of the original North American colonies didn't have the sort of geography and climate which existed in New England, where giant cotton, sugar cane, and tobacco plantations just weren't feasible, and the farms were worked by the families which owned them instead of by Black slaves. 

Most of the Southern plantation owners were decent people; they just weren't foresighted enough. They let immediate economic necessities dictate their behavior rather than long-range considerations of what was good for their people and for America. For their plantations to be prosperous, they needed slave labor. But if they could have looked two or three centuries into the future and seen the havoc wreaked on our cities and on American society by the descendants of their slaves, I think many of them would have sent their slaves back to Africa, given up the plantation business, and gone into another line of work. 

I've said this before, but I'll say it again now: Whites didn't enslave Blacks -- ever. What Whites did was make the mistake buying Black slaves from other Blacks who had enslaved them and then bringing their merchandise to this country. That was a terrible mistake, and we should rectify it at once by sending back to Africa all of the descendants of those slaves we bought. We shouldn't even charge them for the time they spent here, which was a much more pleasant time than they would have spent in Africa, and which has been a very expensive time indeed for us. 

And I think we should send Mr. Clinton and Mr. Spielberg with them. The Blacks voted for Mr. Clinton here; maybe they'd like to vote for him in Africa. He can run around making campaign speeches at the dedication of all sorts of new Harriet Tubman Museums, which will be able to do a lot less damage with their imaginative lists of Black inventions over there than over here.

And maybe they will appreciate Mr. Spielberg making propaganda films in Africa. He can make a film about the African invention of the doorknob, for example. He can depict brilliant Black scientists laboring in their laboratories to develop the doorknob while vicious, scheming Whites plot to steal this invention from them. That film ought to be a big hit in Senegal, Guinea, and the Ivory Coast. 

Really, this is no joking matter. The brainwashing of our children is a fighting matter. White children in public and private schools all over America are being indoctrinated and lied to about racial matters. Most of the lies are not as naively concocted as those distributed by the Tubman African American Museum, but they are all the more dangerous for being more sophisticated. The lies come in many forms. Some of them are in the form of Politically Correct textbooks and Politically Correct history lessons. Others are in the form of popular entertainment, such as Steven Spielberg's Amistad, and just about any TV show you can name. Some are in the form of folksy posturing and pretended concern and compassion of the sort the whole country is being subjected to in Mr. Clinton's racial-togetherness program. 

This is a fighting matter, because the aim of this brainwashing is nothing less than our physical destruction as a people, nothing less than our annihilation as a race. It is designed to sap our will to resist the racially destructive programs which have been imposed on us during the past 50 years. It is designed to make us feel guilty if we hesitate to go along with our own destruction. It is designed to rob us of our racial consciousness, our culture, our racial roots. It is designed to make racial suicide and racial treason trendy and fashionable. 

And it is working. It is having the intended effect. Being anti-White is the Politically Correct attitude in most of our universities today. Welcoming the impending demise of Whites everywhere and the inheritance of the earth by the colored hordes of the Third World is fashionable among White students. Supporting this fashion are the sort of erroneous ideas being promoted in Black history courses and mass entertainment a la Spielberg: ideas that all races are essentially equal intellectually and morally, that they all have equal civilization building potential. 

The fact that the Blacks have never built a civilization is only proof that they have been held down by White racism. The fact that the Black crime rate is about ten times the White rate and the fact that Blacks do so poorly on IQ tests are also due to White racism. When the Whites are gone - or at least so outnumbered that they can't run the show - all the races will get along fine, they all will be able to show their full potential, and everyone will live happily ever after. 

This is the kind of muddled thinking that Mr. Clinton is encouraging with his current campaign for racial togetherness. And anyone who raises his voice against this brainwashing campaign or the lethally fashionable attitudes on race it has fostered is routinely denounced by Mr. Spielberg's Jewish media colleagues as a "hater." That's the way they talk about me. Mr. Clinton then calls for new legislation to outlaw hate. And the trendy airheads at our universities applaud. 

"Yes, yes, let's outlaw the hate. Let's have love and brotherhood and peace. Peace between the races," they cry. But there is no peace. Look at our cities and our schools today. There is no peace. If there were peace Mr. Clinton would not have an excuse for his present campaign of chicanery and fraud about racial togetherness. 

And is it my fault that there is no peace? I did not make the policies which have brought about the present situation. I have not sponsored the policies which have brought us the crime, disorder, fear, and hatred which characterize racial relations in the United States today. Those policies are the work of Mr. Spielberg's kinsmen and of the corrupt politicians like Mr. Clinton who have adopted those policies in return for media support. They are the ones who have brought so much hatred and unhappiness to our society. 

The one thing that will quell that hatred and disorder and give people hope again is racial separation. And racial separation is what we will have. We will put an end to the brainwashing and the lies. We will have an America in which no little White girl is ever again taught the destructive lies my member's nine-year-old daughter was taught in Macon, Georgia. And Mr. Clinton and Mr. Spielberg be damned. 

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International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day

January 27 is the International “Holocaust” Remembrance Day (or Holocaust Memorial Day). This is a time for us Goyim to reflect on our eternal and endless historical guilt, and beg forgivess to "the chosen" people for existing. We will watch Schindler’s List and light a candle in remembrance of the billions of Jews who were murdered by evil Germans.

This day, we will remember how the Germans steamed people to death like lobsters in steam chambers, zapped them to death with electrical shocks, blasted them with atomic bombs, bashed their brains in with a pedal-driven brain-bashing machine while listening to the radio, killed them with poisoned soft drinks and gassed them in technically ridiculous gas chambers.

We will remember how they electrocuted hundreds of thousands of Jews at Belzec with wet electric floors, then automatically cremated them.

We will remember how SS men tore Jewish babies apart with their bare hands, and smashed their heads against boxcars.

We will remember how the blood of hundreds of thousands of Jews one night ignited and burned like fuel, while SS men stood in awe.

We will remember the burning pits at Auschwitz, where truckloads of babies were dumped.

We will remember how the Nazis made bacon, books bound in human skin, bookends from tattooed human skin, briefcases, chair coverings, chandeliers, coat-hangers, fertilizer, flags, framed tattooed flesh (hung on a wall as a picture), gloves, glue, grease, hand-bags, knife sheaths, lamps, lampshades, light switches, mantelpiece ornaments, mats, mattresses, manicure cases, paperweights, photo album coverings, riding britches and trousers, riding crops and whips, riding crop handles, roads, road gritter, ropes, saddles, sausages, slippers, soap (perfumed and non-perfumed), socks, string, submarine equipment, tables, cloths from human skin, tables and chairs made from parts of human bodies, table decorations, tobacco pouches, train oil, walls, wall insulation and soup from innocent Jews.

Never forget.

See also:

The Turner Diaries

The Turner Diaries
by Andrew Macdonald

Chapter XVIII

May 23, 1993. This is my last night in Dallas. I've been here two weeks now, and I'd hoped to be heading back to Washington tomorrow, but orders came in this afternoon to go to Denver instead. It looks like I'll be doing approximately the same thing there I've been doing here, which is teaching.

I have just finished conducting a crash course in the technology of sabotage for eight selected activists here, and I do mean "crash"; this is the first free hour I've had since I arrived here when I wasn't too tired to think. We've been at it from eight in the morning until eight at night every day, with only a few minutes off for meals.

I have taught the people here virtually everything I know. We started by learning how to build improvised detonators, timers, igniters, and other gadgets from scratch. Then we studied the structure, properties, and performance characteristics of currently available military devices which can be adapted for various purposes. All my students can now disassemble and reassemble every type of fuse and delay device we studied, blindfolded.

After that we examined a large number of hypothetical targets and worked out detailed plans for attacking them. We considered reservoirs, pipelines, fuel depots, rail lines, air terminals and aircraft, telephone exchanges, oil refineries, power transmission lines, generating stations, highway interchanges, grain elevators, warehouses, and various types of machinery and other manufacturing equipment.

Finally, we picked a real target and destroyed it: Dallas's central telephone exchange. That was yesterday. Today we held a postmortem and criticized the operation in detail.

Actually, everything went extraordinarily well; my students all passed their final examination with flying colors. But I did everything possible to guarantee there would be no slipups. We spent three full days preparing specifically for the telephone exchange.

First we thoroughly pumped one of our local members who had formerly worked in the building as an operator. She described the layout for us, giving us the approximate location of the rooms on each floor which held the automatic switching equipment. With her help we made a rough map, showing the stairwells, the employees' entrances, the guard room, and other pertinent details.

Then we prepared our equipment. I decided we would use surgical precision on this job rather than brute force; besides, we didn't have a sufficiently large quantity of explosives for a brute-force demolition job. What we did have were three 500-foot spools of PETN-filled detonating cord and a little over 20 pounds of dynamite.

I broke our eight activists up into four two-man teams. One man in each team carried a sawed-off, auto loading shotgun, and the other carried demolition equipment. Three of the teams were assigned to the three floors of switching equipment, one to a floor. Each of these teams was given one of the spools of detonating cord; a five-gallon can of a homemade, napalm-like mixture of gasoline and liquid soap; and a delayed-action detonator. The fourth team was given a 20-pound satchel charge and a homemade thermite grenade and assigned to the transformer vault in the basement. The dynamite would wreck the transformers, and the thermite would set the transformer oil afire.

About ten o'clock last night we were parked in two automobiles on a dark side street two blocks from the telephone exchange. Every few minutes a telephone company service truck went through the intersection directly in front of us.

Finally the situation for which we had been waiting occurred: a service truck came to a stop for the red light at the intersection, and there were no other vehicles or pedestrians in sight. We sped out of the side street, blocking the truck fore and aft while two of our men jerked open the truck doors and ordered the driver into the back at gunpoint. Then we drove all three vehicles back onto the side street and transferred everyone and all our gear into the service truck.

That only took a few seconds, but we spent another half hour talking to the telephone serviceman we had kidnapped. With a minimum of prodding he answered a number of questions we still had about the location and layout of the switching equipment in the telephone building and about the security staff and procedures.

We were pleasantly surprised to learn that there was only one armed guard in the building at night and that he depended upon a direct line to the police substation five blocks away for backup in case of emergency. We relieved the serviceman of his uniform and his magnetically coded company security badge, which was needed to unlock the rear employees' entrance at night. Then we tied him securely with wire, gagged him, and drove the truck back to the rear entrance of the telephone building.

I was wearing the uniform. Following the serviceman's instructions, I gained entrance to the building while the others remained hidden in the truck. It was then only a matter of a moment to relieve the surprised guard of his gun and beckon to the others to enter. While our four teams fanned out through the building I found a convenient janitor's closet and used the guard's own master key to lock him in it.

From that point the whole operation took less than five minutes. The three teams assigned to the switching equipment worked quickly and efficiently. While the man with the shotgun on each team herded any employees that were encountered into an office and kept an eye on them, the other man went to work on the equipment.

The detonating cord was unreeled and laced through two or three long banks of electronic panels on each floor. Then the demolition man took the five-gallon can of napalm and sloshed its contents over large sections of the equipment, both those which had been laced with the detonating cord and those which had not. Finally, a time-delay detonator was taped to one end of the detonating cord.

As our men came racing down the stairs to join me on the ground floor, three deafening explosions rocked the windowless building. A moment later our fourth team came running up the stairs from the basement.

We wasted no time in piling back into the truck. Just as we drove out of the parking lot, the satchel charge went off in the basement transformer vault with a roar which caused a huge section of the brick facade on one side of the building to split off and topple into the street, exposing the interior, which by now was filled with flames and smoke from the blazing napalm and burning switching gear.

The accounts of the operation in this afternoon's local newspaper indicated that the two dozen or so employees who were in the building managed to get out safely-all except the guard I locked in the closet, who died of smoke inhalation. I feel guilty about that, but it couldn't be helped; we were in a hurry.

Although our destruction of the equipment in the telephone building was pretty thorough, the telephone company has announced that it expects to have most essential telephone lines back in service within 48 hours and complete restoration of telephone service for the city within two weeks.

That announcement did not surprise us. We knew that the telephone company can fly in new equipment and teams of repair specialists to quickly undo the damage we did. Our attack on the telephone exchange would only make real sense as a blow against the System if it had been coordinated with an all-out assault on a number of other fronts.

The System has figured that out for itself, of course, and, not having any way of knowing that yesterday's operation was only a training exercise, it is bracing itself for the worst. There are tanks at nearly every downtown intersection, and troops and police have set up so many vehicle checkpoints on all the main roads and freeways that automobile traffic is at a virtual standstill throughout the city. If it weren't for that, I'd be leaving for Denver tonight instead of tomorrow.

June 8. Received a note from Katherine today! It came enclosed in a box of equipment I had asked the Organization to have sent to me from the shop back home. I didn't discover the note until I unpacked the box, and so there was no chance to send a reply with the courier who made the delivery.

She and the others have all been working 70 to 80 hours a week in the shop, she reports, printing money mostly but also large quantities of propaganda leaflets. She suspects from the urgency with which the leaflets have been requested that a major new campaign is afoot in the Washington area. (She'll find out what's afoot soon enough!)

She thinks I am still in Dallas, and she says she is hoping she will be ordered to make another cash delivery to Dallas soon so she can see me. How my heart aches to be with her again, even if only for a few hours!

There's not much chance of my getting back to Washington again for at least another three weeks, though. Things have really mushroomed out here in the Rocky Mountain area. The Organization is not particularly strong here, and yet Revolutionary Command has designated 43 high-priority targets in the area- more than half of them military installations- which we must prepare ourselves to hit simultaneously when the order is given, probably early in July.

On top of that, there is practically no one out here with any experience in specialized ordnance, and so I am having to train everyone from scratch-26 students altogether. They will have the responsibility for preparing and using all the incendiary and explosive devices required for the assigned targets in the area. Fortunately, we do have several military people here with an excellent grasp of guerrilla tactics, and so I am restricting my training to the technical end only and leaving the tactics to the military people.

Despite the narrower scope of my work here, it's still going more slowly than in Dallas, because things are so spread out. It was deemed inadvisable to try to hold classes for 26 people at a time, so I meet with six here m Denver; 11 in Boulder, a college town about 20 miles north of here; and nine in a farmhouse just south of here. I see each group every third day, but I give them plenty of homework to do between meetings.

We've initiated virtually no violent actions against the System in the Rocky Mountain area so far, and the general atmosphere here is quite a bit more relaxed than along the East Coast. Something very unpleasant happened last week, though, which serves as a grim reminder that the struggle here will be just as brutal and vicious as anywhere else.

One of our members, a construction worker, was caught trying to sneak a few sticks of dynamite off the construction site where he was employed. Apparently he had been smuggling a dozen or so out in his lunch box every day for quite a while.

The site guard turned him over to the local sheriff, who immediately searched the man's house and found not only a big cache of dynamite but also several guns - and some Organization literature. The sheriff figured he had stumbled onto something which could really give a boost to his career. If he could crack the Organization in the Rocky Mountain area, the System would be very grateful to him. He would have a good chance of winning a seat in the state legislature, perhaps even becoming lieutenant governor or being appointed to some other high post in the state government.

So the sheriff and his deputies began beating our man, trying to make him name other Organization members. They gave him a vicious working over, but he wouldn't talk. Then they brought in the man's wife and began slapping and kicking her around in his presence.

The outcome was that our man, in desperation, snatched a revolver from the holster of one of the deputies. He was shot dead by another deputy before he could pull the trigger. The wife was handed over to the FBI and flown back to Washington for interrogation. She should not be able to give them any significant information, but I shudder to think of the ordeal to which she is being submitted.

The sheriff's glory was short-lived, however. The evening of the day our member was killed, the sheriff appeared in a televised news interview, boasting of the blow he had struck in the name of law, order, and equality and pompously warning that he would treat with equal ruthlessness any other "racists" who fell into his hands.

When he arrived home that night after his TV interview, he found his wife on his living-room floor, with her throat cut. Two days later his patrol car was ambushed. His bullet-riddled body was found in its burned-out wreckage.

It is a terrible thing to kill women of our own race, but we are engaged in a war in which all the old rules have been scrapped. We are in a war to the death with the Jew, who now feels himself so close to his final victory that he can safely drop his mask and treat his enemies as the "cattle" his religion tells him they are. Our retribution against the sheriff here should serve as a warning to the Jew's Gentile henchmen, at least, that if they adopt the Jew's attitude toward our women and children, then they cannot  expect their own families to be safe. (Note to the reader: Several sets of books containing the Jewish religious doctrine, which was called "Judaism," are still extant today. These books, the Talmud and the Torah, do, indeed, refer to non-Jews as, "cattle." Especially horrifying to us is the attitude the Jews had toward non-Jewish women. The word they used to designate a girl of our race was "shiksa," which was derived from the Hebrew word meaning both "abomination" and "non-kosher meat" or "unclean meat.")

June 21. I was stopped at a police roadblock driving back from Boulder tonight. No problem getting through it; they just checked my driver's license (i.e., the late and unlamented David S. Bloom's license), asked me where I was going, and took a quick look in the car. But the roadblock had traffic backed up for miles, and other motorists were really fuming. One of them told me this is the first time they've used roadblocks in this area.

The roadblock and a couple of hints I've caught on news broadcasts in the last few days lead me to believe that the System knows something big is cooking. I hope they don't tighten up security out here the way they have back on the East Coast, it'll mess up our plans if they do.

On the other hand, it'll do these bumpkins around here a lot of good to get a full dose of Big Brother's loving care. Most of them hardly ever see a Black or a Jew, and they act as if there's not a war going on. They seem to think that they're far enough away from the things that are plaguing other parts of the country that they can keep on with their same old routine. They resent any hint that they may have to halt their pursuit of pleasure and affluence long enough to cut a cancer out of America that will surely destroy us all if it's not eliminated soon. But it's always been that way with Boobus Americanus.

I'm quite concerned that I've heard no news of Evanston. I've been expecting the raid there every day since the last week of last month. Has there been more trouble with Harrison? Or has Revolutionary Command decided to postpone the Evanston raid, perhaps until our big offensive next month?

There was no indication of such a postponement at my last briefing. More than likely the trouble is Harrison, damn him! When I recalculated the hit probability on the target at the range given me by our Chicago mortar team just before I left Washington for Dallas, I decided we should distribute our radioactive contaminant among five rounds instead of only three. That gives us a probability of nearly 90 per cent that we'll get one or more rounds into the generator building. But Harrison may have balked at having to handle that much ordnance. If that's the case, why hasn't someone told me?

I'm also becoming concerned that I've received no orders as to what I'm to do when I finish my work here next week. If I don't get back to Washington then, I'm afraid I may not make it before the big push starts. I want to be back there with Katherine and the others when everything hits the fan next month. And I can't see any reason why I shouldn't, because there will hardly be time to send me anywhere else to set up another training course in special ordnance.

The Turner Diaries
by Andrew Macdonald