Black Man Repeatedly Punches Blind White Woman on Bus in Seattle

Another dramatic story the national media didn't cover very much. News articles were not shy about reporting the victim's disability with blindness but censored any references to race.

In Seattle, a Black Man, Nguy Lamont Hughs, board a city bus and punched an elderly BLIND white woman repeatedly. Seattle Police say she was punched multiple times in the face and head. The female passenger next to the woman came to aid her and blocked the suspect. The female passenger was hit four times while blocking the victim. Fortunately a few male passengers got up to stop the man from beating her to death.

The victim sustained swelling and a cut beneath her left eye. The passenger sitting next to her sustained a cut on the left cheek.

According to court records, Nguy Lamont Hughs, 34, got on the bus, turned to the blind woman and said "the sick must die." Records say Hughs "savagely beat" the woman, punching her 6-8 times.

A man sitting next to the woman stood up and said, "You don't hit a blind woman," to which Hughs responded, "God told me to kill her, don't get in my way or I'll have to punish you."

Court records indicate Hughs has been arrested FOUR times since July 2007 -for theft, criminal trespass, property destruction and ASSAULT - but has not been charged. 

Instead of serving time in prison, Hughs' public defender convinced the court to send him to the State Hospital for rehabilitation. So he will probably get released again and assault someone else [another White woman] in the near future.