Black On White Suckerpunch And Footstomp - No Hate Crime?

Not only does Yancy Gates suckerpunch the only white player on the basketball court, Xavier's Kenny Frease, but his teammate Cheikh Moodj STOMPS on him (at :26, player number 13 in the upper right of the frame) after he already fell to the floor.

This angle isn't too revealing, unfortunately. Other clips show that Moodj explicitly targeted and attacked Frease with a flying foot stomp after he was down.

It was obvious from the clip that Frease wasn't throwing punches at the time, and even looked like he was trying to calm the situation, with his arms out, unmoving.

The attack itself, though seemingly Anti-White in that it coincidentally targeted the only white guy, wouldn't normally get featured here on We expect such behavior, really, from these "athlete" thugs who have a woefully inflated sense of themselves. If you want an archive of black-on-white crime, go to or one of the many other sites that report on such things.

We feature this story here because the media smokescreen on this incident has totally obscured the racial angle. 

If this had been a hockey game, and the lone black player had been specifically targeted for a brutal attack by the crowd of white guys, it would have made the national news. The players would have been hit with a hate crime. They would have gone to jail.

But not once on ANY news outlet reporting on this fight did any "journalist" have the courage to investigate what most people already know, that Frease was dropped to da flo because he was a honky and shiiit.

As with the media's failure to report the black-on-white criminality of "flash mobs," its refusal to report the "hate crimes" of blacks in this brawl shows a sickening Anti-White bias which is particularly dangerous because it only encourages the perps.

UPDATE: Speaking of encouraging the perps: instead of getting tossed out of school and going to jail, Yates has received a paltry 6-game suspension from his team. Yawn.

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