Deranged Jew Film Students Fantasize About “Nazi Robots” Invading Jew York

It seems that 70 years after World War II, the Jew is still having nightmares about the National Socialist Germans and their valiant efforts to free their country from the shackles of Zion. The Yid propagandists are constantly upping the ante in their cartoonish campaign to vilify the National Socialist freedom fighters.

This is apparently a student film produced by some nerdy Yid computer animators. They still wet the bed dreaming about the fierce warrior Germans who nearly tore down the Jew World Order in Europe, until the Jewmericans came in to save the day for Zion. The enemy is running out of ideas with which to demonize the National Socialist freedom fighters, depicting them as evil robots out to terrorize Jew Yorkers in this video. I think most intelligent people who watch this will instinctively be rooting for the ‘Nazi robots’ to crush the Yid child, who is portrayed as the savior of Jew York by throwing a trash can lid at the head of the chief Nazi robot. Just another childish and amateur Jewish-Marxist production: