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Nigerian Army Colonel Charged With Raping 16 Year Old

Black 17 Year Old Raped 7 Year Old Girl

Black Pastor George Akinyele, Paraded Naked For Raping 8 Year Old Girl In Lagos

Black Pastor Arrested For Molesting Eight Year Old, Claims He Was Strengthening Her Spiritually

Black 27 Year Old Trader Not Lynched For Molesting 11 Year Old Girl In His Shop In Lagos

Black HIV Positive Nigerian Gets 20 Years For Raping Young Orphans He Smuggled Into Britain

Black Kidnap, Rape And Murder 21 Year Old Colleague

Black 20 Year Old Woman Raped, Her Lip Was Slashed Off By Blacks

Black 20 Year Old Arrested For Raping Two Teenage Sisters

Black Rapes Girl In Lagos Church

Black Serial Rapist Captured After Molesting 8 Children

Black Homosexual Arrested For Raping 21 Year Old Man

Black Truck Driver Rapes 5 Year Old Girl In Lagos

Black Rapes Three Year Old Girl In Lagos

Black Pastor Charged With Raping 10 Year Old Orphan

Black 20 Year Old Caught Trying To Rape 61 Year Old Grandmother

Black Musicians Arraigned For Raping Teenager

Black Motorcyclist & Polygamist Gets Five Years For Raping Three Girls

Black Rapes And Impregnates Teenage Daughter On Instructions From His ‘Ancestral Spirits’

Black Policemen Arrested For Raping A Teenager

Black Raped To Death By His Six Wives

Black Pastor Molests 11 Year Old Girl Accused Of Witchcraft During Deliverance

Black Raped Five Year Old Girl

Black 19 Year Old Raped His 8 Year Old Sister After Promising To Buy Her Books