No Substitute for Violence

[An Article published on Atrocities perpetrated against the Human Race who posted it from the original blog of JB Cambell – and is a must read.]

Many of us might wish there were.
But there’s not.

What ails America, all in a row

This is America, the birthplace of violent revolution against tyranny, now the headquarters of violent worldwide tyranny.

American tyranny is run by cowardly twerps who all wear the same Stepford uniform – expensive suit and club necktie. 

They are indoor people. 
They run the police and military, who of course are pretty much outdoor people.

Cheney's genius

Unnecessary and dangerous, but certainly outdoor people. 
The Gentile example of this twerp is Dick Cheney. 

Nowadays it’s a closet queen named Obama and his assassination Czars, John Brennan. 
Imagine! A US president having his own assassination Czars. 
That right there is a reason for revolution – the violent overthrow of the American Establishment.

These twerps don’t themselves deal in violence.
They give the police and military their violent orders to slaughter people.
They authorise them to commit violence, which is the same thing in my book.

America hanged a bunch of guys in Nuremberg and Baghdad for this very thing, for both giving and following orders to commit violence.
So we can see how seriously America views this offence by other people. It’s a hanging offence.

I see it the same way. Not the Germans, of course.
They were only defending themselves against us and Jews in general.

In self-defence, anything goes.
Same with the Iraqis – they were only defending themselves from us and Jews in general.

But in the American case, the twerps who give and the perps who follow violent orders must be killed.
The American government is always wrong because it is always the aggressor.

Attack on the U.S. naval base in Pearl Harbor

Don’t bring up Ft. Sumter or Pearl Harbor.
Both of these attacks were in response to calculated provocation’s by the US government.
Besides, no one was killed at Ft. Sumter other than two Yankees who accidentally blew themselves up with their own cannon after they surrendered.

Dewy has desisted from using this information

Pearl Harbor was planned for months by Roosevelt to drag a reluctant American people into his war against Germany on behalf of Judaism’s need to save and spread Communism.

He goaded and insulted the Japanese military until they couldn’t take any more.

He also waged war against them with the Flying Tigers and numerous naval attacks on Japanese ships before Pearl Harbor.

The level of violence by the US government from 1942 to 1945 is beyond our comprehension. 

American violence destroyed the white race in Europe and rescued Soviet Communism from destruction.
The US government firebombed the cities of Germany and Japan and dropped two nuclear bombs on the latter.

Then the US government arranged for Communism to take over Eastern Europe and for Communism to take over China, North Korea, northern Indochina, Laos and Cambodia.
Then we went to war against those new enemy countries and slaughtered millions of those people.

For the past twenty-two years America has been invading, attacking and occupying about seven Muslem countries, mass-murdering millions since 1991. 

Not a single one of these countries had threatened or attacked America in any way. 

The US government is on the verge of a nuclear attack on the peaceful people of Iran and has surrounded that country with offensive military bases which might be obliterated by Iranian missiles. 

The three aircraft carrier groups in the Persian Gulf will be destroyed in a few minutes by unstoppable Sunburn and Yakhout anti-ship missiles. 

The Jews who run the US government are okay with that and are counting on it. 
That would really stampede the American cattle into the final war to kill Islam.

America is another word for violence. 
It always was and always will be. 
Violence is the American way so we must accept this fact and work with it. 

The Jews who run America understand this and have managed to guide this murderous tendency for Jewish purposes while carefully trying not to overdo it and get the military pissed off at them. Trouble is, Jews always overdo it.

But the Jews actually know us better than we know ourselves.

The Jews know what a violent and merciless mob Americans can be, while we ourselves are in a constant state of denial. 

Most Americans have a goody-two-shoes opinion of ourselves, like we’re something special and deserving of stealing anything we want, because after all – we’re so generous and we do such good everywhere we go.

They see pictures of American killers urinating on their dead victims and say, “What esprit – what camaraderie!”
One demented news-whore said she’d like to drop through and join them.
She knew that would please her Jewish bosses and protect her job.

Americans are a jaded bunch of hard-cases despite our benevolent self-image. We’re just not bothered too much by our killers mass-murdering foreigners.

If we were, the mass-murder would stop and the CIA and military torture prisons would be shut down and the torture-killers tried and hanged for war crimes. 
There’s only one way to stop the violence and that’s with violence against the violent ones. 

It is reported as this is being written that the leaders of America’s little Jewish client, Israel, have been meeting with the leaders of Qatar regarding the Jews’ proposed assassination of the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad.

It was also reported during the last administration that Ariel Sharon told Bush that he was going to assassinate Yassir Arafat and the moron said, “Fine.”
So, believe me, the US government is okay with violence. It really doesn’t recognize anything less. 

The non-violent reader is not convinced.
But what is on the American political landscape that might indicate a peaceful, non-violent course that could bring an end to American official violence?

How about our election process?  [Jew run]
Our educational system?  [Jew run]
Our general political awareness?  [Jew run]
Our Christian religion?  [Jew run]
Wall Street?  [Jew run]
Those freedom-loving crusaders in the news business?  [Jew run]
The Federal Reserve? [Jew run]
What about our system of entertainment in Hollywood? [Jew run]

In other words, what is there in our American culture that could possibly be used to stop the merciless American dictatorship?
All of the things listed are supporting the dictatorship.

Whistleblowers are ruthlessly hunted down by Democrat and Republican departments of “justice” and the military and given the same treatment as Moslem freedom fighters in Guantanamo prison.
Look at Susan Lindauer and Bradley Manning, for example.
The chickenhawks in the Congress have threatened to execute Julian Assange if they ever get their hooks into him.

There is only one thing: our guns. 

The Internet is a great tool and should be exploited more in the Anonymous manner.
It was designed by the military and the universities to provide unstoppable communications and information-sharing after a nuclear attack.
It can be used against us and no doubt is. 

There are rumors flying that elements of the US military are planning to overthrow Obama in a military coup, explaining the mysterious recent arrests of senior commanders and the resignation of General Petraeus from the CIA.

If these plotters are not in league with Jews and Israel – great.
I even proposed such a thing, which remains the lead essay on this website.

But the most virulent opposition to Obama is by Jews, some of whom openly call for his assassination.
If the Israelis are planning to assassinate Assad they are quite likely considering the same thing for Obama.
The military coup must be against the Jews who control the US government and all who serve those Jews.

We cannot ignore the 1994 military questionnaire that asked military personnel if they would shoot Americans who refused to turn in their guns if such a law were passed?

Forty-three percent of those questioned said they would kill American gun owners.

It is reported by veterans that this hostile attitude has been cultivated and encouraged in the military since then.
If anything, the brutal invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq have further encouraged this anti-civilian, kill-anyone-who-looks-mad attitude in soldiers and marines.

Let’s consider the numbers.
I’ve pointed this out before but it bears repeating: How many army, marine, SEAL, etc, killers can the government send against us?

The military has a total of about 1,400,000 active duty soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines and an additional 850,000 in reserve, National Guard, etc. This is everyone including cooks and clerks and the heavy rear echelon component. 

The army alone has about 562,000 men and about 76,000 females.
That might be optimistic considering the report by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs a few years ago that stated more than 75,000 military men and women had died of wounds just from the Iraq war as of 2005, with about 250,000 with severe, debilitating wounds, mainly from IEDs.

This was a little higher than the “Defence Department’s” figures of about 4,500 and 31,000 respectively.

No word of how many died since then or anything about Afghanistan casualties.
We do know that soldiers and marines were sent back to combat duty in Iraq four or more times, many with severe head wounds and psychological problems.
It was a dirty little thing they called “stop-loss.” Yeah, you did your duty but now you’re going to do it again until we say you can stop – or you’re hurt too bad to go back.

Okay, so the army claims a half-million on active duty.
Let’s say that 20% (100,000) are combat ready, able and willing to man roadblocks and shoot American gun owners in home invasions looking for guns.

Hell, let’s say 200,000.
Are you aware that Pennsylvania last year had over 1,400,000 licensed deer hunters?
That Michigan had over 1,000,000, Wisconsin 900,000 and New York more than 800,000?

Now, deer hunters are a different breed of cat.
These guys and gals know how to stalk, get close and kill one of the most nervous, wary and wild creatures on earth.

deer hunters - Day-Glo orange camo dress

If these people decide not to wear that Day-Glo orange, you’ll never see ‘em. They are very motivated people.
They know how to hunt and they know how to ambush and shoot to kill because that’s meat on the table. 

Pennsylvania alone has the world’s biggest army.
And that doesn’t even touch the grand total of deer hunters in all the states, such as Texas and Montana and Illinois and Minnesota – you name it.

And that doesn’t even touch all the other licensed hunters of elk, bear, antelope, ducks, geese, dove, quail, etc, etc, etc.

These people also really know how to shoot.
And that doesn’t even touch the grand number of gun owners such as myself who don’t hunt.

We just like guns. A whole bunch of us also like to fight.
The facts of life are that there just aren’t enough cops and military to control us.
Hell, there’s not enough even to scare us.

Now we can understand why that Japanese general said, “We can never invade America – there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.”

There’s a whole bunch of us right now who would like nothing better than to wait for a convoy to head out of Ft. Dix or Ft. Lewis or Ft.
Whatever and knock the crap out of it and everyone in it.
And that’s just right now.

Can you imagine the hatred and rage of people who are going to suffer at the slimy hands of FEMA, TSA, DHS, FBI, ATF, etc, etc, etc in the near future?

Not to mention the military under martial law.
How about those folks in New York and New Jersey who have been put in freezing tent cities and abandoned prisons by FEMA?

You think some of them are about ready to kill?
Especially after FEMA shut its emergency doors “on account of the weather” and demanded three-star accommodations at a minimum, so they could have meetings with each other.

The government’s getting ready for some big-time violence against us, proved by its orders for billions of rounds of hollow-point handgun ammunition. Everybody knows what hollow-points are for.
They’re for doing maximum violence against your body.

The resistance is going to have to begin operations against the ones who are killing us right now. 

I’m referring to the Monsanto syndicate that includes Dow Chemical and DuPont Chemical and many other less famous corporations that are deliberately poisoning us with genetically modified organisms in our food. 

Evergreen Air and the other CIA proprietaries that are poisoning us with Chemtrails spraying must be attacked and destroyed.

Any pilot who is part of “geo-engineering” is an enemy who must be shot, either on the ground or in the air.
The Monsanto syndicate, largely controlled by Bill and Melinda Gates, also owns the Blackwater hired killer company, which must change its name constantly to conceal its bloody past, current and planned operations.

This comes naturally to a company with the Jewish name, Monsanto.
The old Monsantos were Jewish slave-traders from New Orleans.

What choice do we have as responsible adults? 
They are working day and night, like cancer, to kill us.
So we really have no choice but to act in self-defence and kill them without mercy.

We, if we can open our eyes and ears, know what our government has done to others since the 1830s, the 1860s, throughout the 20th Century and now into the 21st Century.

Our government must kill to live.
The US government cannot exist without killing millions of people from time to time. 

Madeleine Albright - a walking  Jewish crime she-devil

Our government is an insatiable serial killer, officially admitted by Madeleine Albright who, when asked in ‘96 if the deaths of a half-million Iraqi children from US sanctions were worth it, said, “The price – yes – we think the price was worth it.”

A half-million dead kids in just four years of sanctions – the inevitable result of Jewish Rule.

When Jews are in charge, millions die horrible deaths.
Madame Secretary was shocked to learn during her vetting process that she was Jewish.
Every single cabinet member under Clinton was at some point a Jew, which is not bad for 2%.

Don't just kick - kick the Kike out of the country

Ridding this country of the Jewish component will also be worth it.
No matter what the cost, it is the responsibility of the resistance to eradicate all Jewish influence and decision-making from our lives, for once and for all.

There is no reason to soft-pedal this idea.
There is no reason to hide this policy.
Jews are at war with us but try to hide it in every possible way.
Our anti-Jewish policy must be publicised.
Watch what happens when this call starts to spread around the country. Thanks to the Internet, it will spread.

There is no substitute for violence.
The combination of the mighty United States government and Jewish control of our currency and credit has created the most violent machine in history.

Anyone who tries to resist it lawfully is crushed to death literally.
It cannot be resisted lawfully or legally because the Jews own the law and legal system.

The original revolutionaries tried for decades to become independent of the Rothschild-owned Bank of England.
It could not be done legally or lawfully and anyone who tried was considered a terrorist and a traitor, just as it is today with the PATRIOT Act.

PATRIOT” stands for, “Provide Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism.”
How do you fight this sort of tyranny legally? 

Our “Justice Department” deliberately provided guns (not sold – paid for with TARP money) to the most sadistic murderers in Mexico with orders to use those guns and kill people with them so that the Mexican government would demand the end of gun ownership in America through the UN, which Obama and the Clinton broad would naturally agree to do.

That’s the kind of Communist mentality we’re up against, the kind that can only be dealt with with extreme violence.
The House of Representatives ordered the criminal attorney general to hand over all documents regarding this vicious plot and he refused and is now the first AG to be issued a citation of contempt of Congress, which he ignores.
Of course, he will resign and be unavailable for questioning, just like the recently-departed CIA director

Do you honestly believe there is a lawful, legal way to deal with these people?
These people who provide military-type civilian guns to insane narco-assassins with orders to use them in horrible ways that can be exploited to nullify the 2nd Amendment?
Because that’s exactly the idea behind “Fast and Furious.” 

And it’s exactly what our “ambassador” in Libya was also doing: providing the military weapons to our terrorists to overthrow the very popular leader of that country. 

Final moments of Chris Stevens, Us ambassador to Libya

Chris Stevens was an enabler and armorer of terrorists and murderers.
It is very ironic that he should be murdered by his own murderers, and it is also very fitting.

He got exactly what he had coming to him.
This is what all of his subversive colleagues in the State Department, the CIA and in all the federal dens of iniquity have coming to them.

When representatives of the most powerful government on earth betray people to death, there is no legal, lawful way to deal with them.
They can only be killed.

There is no substitute for violence.