Pakistani Thief Robs Blind [White] Woman

A blind [White] woman thought her taxi driver was being a kindly soul when he offered to help her withdraw the fare from a cash machine.

But, far from being a Good Samaritan, he plundered her bank account and pocketed almost 20 times the cost of the fare.

Yesterday, a smirking Shafak Hussain escaped a jail sentence after being convicted of theft
PERP:  Shafak Hussain, who cheated Gill Holland out of £300 when she asked for help at a cash machine, even thanked his victim for a £4 tip at the end of the journey.

But magistrates were told he has been shunned by his community, friends and former colleagues, and sacked from his job. [Sigh - they're so cruel!]

The incident happened last August when Gill Holland, who was returning from a hospital appointment, realised she was short of money so asked Hussain to stop at a machine so she could withdraw the fare.

VICTIM: Gill Holland, who was duped by taxi driver Shafak Hussain, said she did not expect his punishment to be 'so lenient' and talked of her 'upset' at the incident.

The court was told she was able to type in her PIN without assistance but asked Hussain to help her, by typing in £30. With Miss Holland standing next to him, Hussain withdrew £300, pocketing £270 whilst handing over the rest – so she could pay the fare. Miss Holland, who was with her guide dog Glen, handed over £14 and gave him a £4 tip, to which he said ‘Are you sure?’

Miss Holland’s bank later contacted her about her balance and she was shocked to learn that £300 had been withdrawn.

The 52-year-old contacted the manager of Motown taxis to tell him about the incident and he confronted Hussain, who was later arrested. 

The court heard Hussain, of Oldham, had previous convictions for theft, fraud and forgery. 

He was given a suspended jail sentence, ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work and pay back his victim.

It's easier when they are blind. He walked out free. That is Racism, real Racism, anti-English racism. It is Britain’s Government policy.