South Africa Leads World With 175 Rapes Every Day

South Africa is often called the “rape capital of the world,” and it is estimated that more than 70 percent of women have experienced sexual abuse. On Tuesday, five men attacked and gang-raped a young woman in the capital, Pretoria. In the shadow of a similar attack in India that mobilized millions to protest, activists in Johannesburg say they do not understand why more South Africans are not outraged. [ Because blacks are the perpetrators - Editor ]............ 

South African police documented more than 64,000 rapes last year. And, that figure includes only reported rapes. Sexual assault is one of the most underreported crimes worldwide. A widely cited 2010 study by the Medical Research Council found that more than a quarter of South African [ black ] men have admitted to raping a girl or woman. One in seven men admitted to gang rape.

Rape is fun. It is that simple in South Africa, isn't it? Perhaps not. When Zulus lived in tribes they knew each other, there were laws, customs, obligations, women were bought, not stolen. Then Zuma, a Zulu politician showed them the way. He was charged with rape. He walked. He beat 783 fraud raps too. 

The tribeless blacks in towns live without much law as a result of the Marxist take over. Jews like Joe Slovo who ran the South African Communist Party used Nelson Mandela as their front man. The BBC was their lead advertising outfit, when it was not marketing Homosexuality or covering up Paedophile crime. They told the Brits to boycott South African fruit and wine. They did not say anything about gold or diamonds because the mines were controlled by Jews like Harry Oppenheimer, the boss of De Beers. 

Now that South Africa is a corrupt Kleptocracy. The Puppet Masters stay in the background, using the same synagogues. That is how they like it.