Multiculturalism 101

“All cultures ARE equal.”

Could they be on to something here? ... Read on.

Pictured above is typical Nubian (black) culture.

However, the Nubians aren't the only ones practicing this sick and savage culture.

Denmark and Norway practice the same sick and savage culture as the Nubian - CHECK IT OUT - Animal Brothels legal in Denmark.

So the moral of this story is very simple - The next time a White tells you that the Nubian has a savage culture, you aught to rightfully correct said White to the fact that certain elements in our race share that same savage culture. 

Am I all of a sardine anti-White? No! I happen to call a spade a spade, and what the Nubians and Denmark and Norway have, are spades!

Thanks Denmark and Norway! - What a moral example YOU are to our race, the White Race!