Geert Wilders Is A "Jew"

 Geert Wilders

It's a sad day for Judeofascists and their neo-Nazi followers as yet another charlatan stands exposed. You can practically hear the tears dripping at Stormfront and the local Synagogue. Apparently the self styled savior of western civilization (whatever that is) isn't so western after all. Looks like I'll have to "upgrade" Wilders status from shabbos goy to full blown Judeofascist. Pretending to be atheists and/or members of other faiths is a very old tactic employed by Sabbatean Jewry so this is hardly surprising. 

As if visiting "israel" 40 times, living on a kibbutz (illegal "israeli" settlement) for years, wearing a kippa and banging his head on the wailing wall, and reporting to the local "israeli" embassy once a month while claiming to be a Mossad agent wasn't enough gefilte fishy enough.

I've long suspected that Wilders was a member of the vile Judeofascist cult of death but now it's confirmed.


I'm not surprised!
We live in the world of the "Jew" (satan), and only 2 kinds of people succeed politically - "Jews" and Goyim who are willing to be satan's whores!