By Andrew Macdonald


“I think I’ll let you take out Kaplan first,” Ryan resumed reflectively, almost as if he were thinking aloud. “That’s David Kaplan, the little Hebe who’s the number-three man in my own section. The other kikes in the Bureau are priming him to be jumped over my head to become chief of the Anti- Terrorism Section when the present chief gets canned for not being able to catch you.”

“Is that why you want to get rid of him?” Oscar asked, allowing himself a slight smile. “You want the job for yourself?”

“You misjudge me, Yeager. I don’t want you to bump him off just because he’s a career threat. What kind of a jerk do you think I am?” There was exasperation in the other man’s voice. “He’s a Jew, dammit! He’s one of the Yids who’re taking over the Bureau.”

Oscar hesitated, his puzzlement showing in his face. “You’ve mentioned Jews two or three times. Just what is it you have against them?”

It was Ryan’s turn to look puzzled. “What do you mean, what do I have against them? I hate them for the same reasons you do. Now let’s cut the crap and get down to business. Pick up that pad from the desk - slowly and carefully. I’m going to give you a complete personal rundown on Kaplan - physical description, work schedule, daily itinerary, personal habits - and I want you to take notes.”

Oscar held up his hand. “Now wait just a minute, Ryan. If I’m going to be killing people for you, first I’d like to have at least a general idea of your rationale. I’m one of those troublesome types who needs to know why before he carries out an assignment. In this case I really haven’t the foggiest. I think you’ve assumed that I know some things I don’t. For one thing, I’ve never been fond of Jews as a group, but I don’t really hate them, and I don’t understand your references to their taking over the FBI. Why would they want to do that?”

The puzzled expression on Ryan’s face had changed to a look of utter amazement as Oscar spoke. He stared wide-eyed at Oscar. “Jesus Christ! I can’t believe it! I do not believe what I’m hearing! You sound like some ignorant goy who learned everything he knows from watching TV. You sound like the typical American voter. But you can’t be that stupid. You didn’t knock off Congressman Horowitz just because he was such an ugly bastard. You didn’t blow up that B’nai B’rith honcho, Shapiro,just because he had bad breath. You didn’t waste that kike columnist at the Washington Post, Jacobs, just because his opinions were too liberal for you. You’re not going to try to tell me that it’s just a coincidence they all happened to be Jews. Come off it, Yeager!”

Forgetting for a moment his resolution to watch for the first possible opportunity to jump Ryan and letting his irritation show, Oscar leaned forward in his seat and stabbed a finger at Ryan. “As a matter of fact, it is just a coincidence. I didn’t even know Jacobs was Jewish. I shot him simply because he was the most obnoxious writer on the race question at the Post. I wasn’t really aiming at Shapiro when I bombed the People’s Committee; he just happened to be one of the people on the platform when I blew the place up. And I didn’t kill Horowitz because he was Jewish; I killed him because he was the leader of the race-mixing faction in the House.”

“Right! Just like Senator Mandelbaum is the head of the race-mixing faction in the Senate. Perhaps you hadn’t noticed that he just happens to be a Hebe too,” Ryan snorted in derision.

“Well, what if he is? What does that prove? There are plenty of race-mixers who aren’t Jewish,” Oscar replied somewhat defensively.

“Omigod, I believe the man is serious,” Ryan moaned, clapping his free hand to his head and rolling his eyes up. “I suppose you also didn’t realize that Shapiro was pulling all of the strings in the People’s Committee Against Hate from the beginning, that all of those preachers and actors and faggots on the Committee were just window dressing?”

Oscar didn’t answer, but he tensed, ready to hurl himself at the other man. Before he could move, however, Ryan was staring straight at him again. And although Ryan’s right hand was still resting casually on his leg, the muzzle of his pistol remained pointed steadily at Oscar’s chest.

“Maybe I overestimated you, Yeager. Maybe you’re not smart enough for what I have in mind: a good tactician, perhaps, but certainly no strategist,” Ryan mused. “But then, a good tactician is all I really need. I’ll be the strategist. You don’t have to understand the reasons for what you do.”

“Try me,” Oscar shot back. “You tell me the significance of the fact that Jewish people are somewhat more heavily involved than members of other religious groups in the effort to ram miscegenation down America’s throat. You explain to me what that has to do with Kaplan and a Jewish plot to take over the FBI. I’ll listen. Maybe I’ll even understand.”

Ryan glanced at his watch and sighed. “Yeager, if you’ve managed to live 40 years and still believe that the Jews are only a religious group, there’s no way I can make you see the light tonight. It would take a week just to get you started toward an understanding of the Jews. I assumed you already had figured them out, but I guess I was wrong.” Ryan shook his head sadly.

For a moment the older man remained undecided, then he sighed again, leaned back in his chair, and began: “All right, Yeager, you’ve noticed that Jews are more heavily involved in efforts to encourage race-mixing than others are. Have you also noticed their involvement in the news and entertainment media?”

Oscar blushed, feeling a bit like a retarded pupil. “Well, of course. Everyone knows that there are a lot of Jewish people in the media. It’s their forte.”

“Yeah, it’s their fort, all right. Fort with no ‘e.’ It’s their fortress, their citadel, their strategic headquarters for their campaign of annihilation against our kind,” Ryan replied bitingly. “I suppose you believe that the reason the Jews own everything in Hollywood and the other strongholds of the entertainment industry is that they just have a knack for show business. Is that it? And I suppose you believe that, as a religious group, they acquired that knack from attending synagogue services. Or maybe it comes from their kosher diet. Right?”

Oscar’s blush became more intense. “Well, they’ve always been good businessmen too. Some families get a good start in certain businesses, and then their descendants become more entrenched with each generation, like the Krupps in armaments and the Vanderbilts in railroads,” Oscar answered lamely.

“You’re reaching, boy, you’re reaching. It’s natural enough for a son to step into his father’s shoes in the family business. Nothing sinister in that. But when all the sons in a family head for other businesses - other businesses in the same industry, that is - owned by families quite different from their own, and start buying them out and taking them over, and helping their cousins do the same, then one should at least suspect that this particular family wants to control the industry in question. And when one sees other families which are related in some distinctive way to this one - all the same ethnic minority, say - doing the same thing in the same industry, one should be even more suspicious.

“The Jews aren’t the only minority in this country which behaves more or less like that, of course. There are the Hindus and the motel business, for example - or Gypsies and the used-car business. But then, owning a motel, or even a chain of motels, doesn’t give a person quite the same clout as owning a big Hollywood production company or the New York Times, does it?

“In fact, Yeager, just think about it: I know that you aren’t active in any church, but I also know that your family was Lutheran. Now let’s just imagine. Let’s just forget about the real world for a minute and suppose that all of the Lutherans in Europe - your own ancestors - were a really tightly knit, well organized minority, and that the non-Lutheran majority despised them, hated their guts, based on centuries of bad experiences with them. And suppose that until about a hundred years ago there were only a handful of Lutherans in this country - a few scouts or advance men, one might say - and that these advance men then sent word back to the rest of the Lutheran tribe in Europe that the pickings were good in the United States, that the really rough work of fighting the Indians and taming the wilderness was done, and that the time was ripe to move in and take over.

“And suppose three or four million of your relatives then came pouring into the country over the course of 30 years or so, remaining just as tightly knit as they had been in Europe, bearing the same burning hatred for the rest of the human race, and utterly determined to get the upper hand. The first thing they’d have to do, of course, would be to get a toehold. So they’d take over whatever industries were available - the pushcart trade, the rag business, pawn shops - and move up from there into more lucrative endeavors, like the garment industry, the fur business, chain stores, and wholesale trade.

“So eventually they’ve established themselves in this country, salted away plenty of loot, learned the local folkways, blended into the local scenery as well as they can, and are ready to go for the jugular. How would they do it? How would you do it? By getting a corner on the button-hook market? By aiming at a stranglehold on the proctology profession?”

Oscar remained silent, and Ryan continued his monologue: “No, you know the answer as well as I, Yeager. They’d start grabbing the mass media. In Europe they exercised their control through money, through banking. They worked from the top down, by making themselves invaluable to the rulers as moneylenders. Here things are different, more democratic. Here the person who controls public opinion wields more real power than the banker. Of course, the Lutherans wouldn’t be shy about grabbing control of the moneylending business here, either. But if their aim was not just to gain wealth for themselves, but to dominate and then destroy the nonLutheran majority among whom they lived, more than anything else they’d go for every medium of entertainment and information they could get their acquisitive hands on. They’d go for Hollywood. They’d go for Broadway. They’d go for radio. They’d go for the newspapers and magazines and comic books and book publishers. And, of course, when TV came along later they’d control that too.”

“Well, I admit that Jewish people are as thick as fleas on a dog in Hollywood, but....”

Ryan cut him off explosively, “Kee-rist, Yeager! Cut out that ‘Jewish people’ crap before I gag.”

“All right. So the Jews control Hollywood. And it’s true that the sort of entertainment Hollywood produces these days seems almost calculated to promote racial mixing and other forms of degeneracy. But....”

“There’s no ‘almost’ about it, Yeager,” Ryan interrupted him again.

“I don’t see how you can be so sure about that. The Mafia distributes drugs, which certainly are destructive to our society. But I believe it’s pretty clear that the Mafia’s aim is simply to make money, not to destroy society. They’re simply taking advantage of a vice which already existed. How do you know the Jews don’t have the same sort of motivation?”

Before Ryan could respond Oscar continued, “Actually, I shouldn’t let you bully me into saying the Jews. Some Jews take advantage of our society’s vices in order to make money. Most Jews don’t. My dentist, Dr. Steinberg, is a Jew, I believe. The newsstand where I buy magazines is operated by a Jew. One of the contract people I deal with in the Pentagon is Jewish— excuse me, a Jew— and so was one of my best professors at Colorado. I simply can’t buy the theory that they’re all part of some gigantic conspiracy to destroy our race. I think that you’re making a lot of unjustified assumptions.

“Our race certainly is being destroyed. But it’s we ourselves who are the destroyers. We’ve let ourselves become decadent. We’ve lost our sense of identity and purpose. We’re wallowing in our own vices. We’ve left ourselves open to exploitation by everyone else on the planet.

“If you want to pin the blame on a more specific group, you can blame your own employers, the greedy, gutless, lying politicians and bureaucrats who run the rotten and irresponsible government for which you’re working.”

Ryan shrugged. “Yeager, I have to agree with a large part of what you’ve said. The American people are decadent. The politicians are crooked - and believe me, I’ve seen a lot more solid evidence of that than you can even imagine in your wildest fantasies. The government is rotten. We have brought a lot of our present grief down on ourselves.

“But I’m not one to make unjustified or unnecessary assumptions. In that regard I’m a true disciple of Occam. Nor did I get where I am in the Bureau by being a crackpot theorist. There is solid, irrefutable, unambiguous evidence for everything I’ve said about the Jews— and plenty of it, although one may have to dig a bit to find all of it.

“I see from the books in your bookcase that you’ve done a little reading in history. Perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised that you failed to learn much about the Jews, though. You have to be able to read between the lines of most history books written in the last 50 years in order to follow the Jews’ trail. It’s a taboo subject. There are lots of older books with explicit information in them, but you’ll only find most of those in the larger university libraries, certainly not in bookstores. If you’re interested I’ll give you a list of titles sometime. By the way, you didn’t know that I have a master’s degree in history from Georgetown University, did you? Really, I’m not just a dumb cop, Yeager.”

Ryan paused for a second and then continued: “Of course, you’re right when you say that your dentist and the Jew who runs your neighborhood newsstand aren’t participants in a conspiracy to destroy us. I’m sure that most Jews in this country have their hands full just making the payments on their condos and putting their kids through dental school. They don’t have time for much conspiring.

“But you’re also wrong. It depends upon how you look at it. I’ll give you an example. The United States fought a war against Germany a few years back. It was a bloody, hard-fought war. It was a deadly serious war. Americans were told that Germany was our enemy. Germans were told that America was their enemy. We killed millions of them, and they killed hundreds of thousands of us.

“Now you can easily convince me that there were lots of German dentists and newsstand operators and university professors who didn’t hate Americans and who weren’t conspiring against us. They were just ordinary Germans, whose hands were full earning a living and raising their families. Some of them may not even have agreed with the policies of their government. Is it fair to say that all these Germans were our enemies?”

Ryan paused for effect and then answered his own question: “Of course, it is. They were our enemies because they paid with their taxes for the bullets their soldiers used against us. Even if they weren’t in the trenches and the tanks, they were keeping the home front going, in one way or another. They thought of themselves as members of the German nation, and we were at war with the German nation.

“Do you get the idea, Yeager? Your Jewish dentist pays his taxes too, with his contributions to the United Jewish Appeal. He may not be in the front lines with the fellows from B’nai B’rith, but you can bet that he does his part on the home front in lots of little ways. He votes for the politicians who vote for your taxes to be sent to Israel. He writes letters with the right slant to the editor of the Washington Post. He’s probably very civic minded, working with the PTA, where he can keep an eye on the teachers hired by the school board; serving on the county library board, where he can have some input into the types of books the library stocks; and acting as a patron of the local art museum or theater group, where he can ensure that we get a few carved African masks and tom-toms in the museum or some really freaky stage performances, with an affirmative action cast.

“Or maybe your dentist is one of those really rare Jews who doesn’t pay a bit of attention to what the B’nai B’rith tells him and doesn’t even buy Israel Bonds. He still thinks of himself as a member of the Jewish people, and the Jewish people - the Jewish nation, the Jewish race, whatever you want to call the damned thing - is at war with our people, make no mistake about it.

“I’ve been in the front lines of one little part of that war long enough to have a pretty good understanding of it. Actually, my understanding began even before I joined the Bureau. My dad used to tell us at the dinner table about his work during and right after the Second World War. He had been working mostly on internal subversion until the war began, then they put him in the counterespionage section. That’s when he learned about the Jews.

“These days whenever people hear about espionage during the war they think of German agents landed by submarine with maps of defense installations, or Japs with secret radio transmitters, that sort of thing. Actually the counterespionage people in the Bureau spent only about ten per cent of their time during the war catching Nazi and Jap spies, because they had to spend 90 per cent of their time trying to keep the Jews from stealing every secret we had and passing it along to the Soviet Union. My dad could never get over the fact that we were fighting the war for the Jews in the first place, and they showed their gratitude by selling us out to the Reds.

“If you learned anything at all from those history books,” Ryan waved toward the bookcase, “you know that Roosevelt had been doing everything he could in 1940 and 1941 to provoke the Germans into declaring war. He had the Bureau fingering German agents in this country to the British, who had been at war with the Germans since September 1939, of course, and then playing dumb when those agents were murdered. He had our Navy tracking German ships and reporting their positions to the British, so they could be sunk. He let his Jewish Treasury secretary, Morgenthau, seize German assets in this country. Finally he ordered our Navy to shoot at German ships on sight. Hitler, however, refused to be provoked. Roosevelt eventually had to get us into the war by the back door, by setting us up for the Japanese ‘surprise’ attack on Pearl Harbor.

“And all the time a cabal of Jewish ‘advisors’ - Morgenthau, Baruch, Frankfurter, Rosenman, Cohen - was telling him exactly what to do and when to do it. And in turn they were on the phone every day with the head Jews in New York, London, and Moscow. Hoover had taps on half the telephones in Washington, and he knew everything that was going on.

“After the Germans attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941 , Jews in every one of our defense establishments began swiping secret documents and giving them to the Soviets. Hoover complained to Roosevelt about it, but FDR wouldn’t let him arrest them. About all Hoover could do was quietly warn some of the top military people and the big industrialists doing defense work, so that they could move Jewish subordinates to less sensitive positions and tighten up security. After Pearl Harbor, of course, the Soviet Union was officially our ‘ally.’ But even though Roosevelt continued to protect the Jews, Hoover kept the Bureau on top of everything that was going on, collecting evidence and biding his time.

“Then when FDR died early in 1945, Hoover lowered the boom on the kikes. The Bureau rounded up hundreds of them who were involved in espionage work for the Soviets. That’s when my dad saw how the Jews are organized, how they work together and back each other up. Terrific pressure was brought on Hoover to stop arresting Jews for espionage. He would have caved in if he hadn’t spent years gathering the means to protect himself. He had confidential dossiers on most of the top politicians. One of them would get an angry call from Morgenthau or one of the other Jewish leaders, demanding that something be done to curb the FBI. The politician would in turn call Hoover, and Hoover would invite him to drop by the Bureau for a friendly chat. Then Hoover would show him a few choice items from his personal dossier. The politician would immediately forget all about trying to pressure Hoover into halting the investigation of Jewish spies.

“Eventually, though, Hoover was forced to compromise with the Jews. A few dozen of them who had been caught red-handed - most notably the Rosenbergs and their accomplices - were put on trial and convicted. The investigative files on hundreds of others were quietly closed. And from that time on the Jews were determined to capture the Bureau for themselves. As long as Hoover was alive, however, they couldn’t do much. And he built a lot of internal roadblocks into the FBI bureaucracy to slow them down even after he died in 1972.

“But they are persistent bastards, and they are well on the way to completing their takeover of the Bureau. It won’t make much difference who’s appointed Director after that; they’ll control the internal workings of the Bureau - what’s left of it - and do whatever they please. I’ve fought them to the extent I’ve been able. But I have a family, and I’m not the martyr type. Everything I’ve done has been in the way of bureaucratic infighting. I’ve gone by the book.

“Fortunately, however, there is a provident God in heaven, and he has delivered you into my hands. You’re going to do some of the things I’ve wanted to do but couldn’t.” Ryan glanced at his watch again. “Now start taking notes, Yeager. I haven’t got all night.”