The Wretched Of The Earth

By the black Marxist intellectual, Frantz Fanon.
This book is the Bible of Anti-colonialism in Africa. 

My kinsmen in South Africa listen up!

It is only when you read The Wretched Of The Earth that you get a glimpse into the mind of the psychopathic Marxist Black terrorists. 

When you see how it drips with hatred for Whites, how they look at us, what they think of us, then you will understand the futility of trying to appease them by building schools, hospitals or houses for them like White South Africans did during Apartheid. 

Then you understand the futility of trying to be a liberal idiot that Fanon called “whites with dual citizenship”... they want to support blacks, but at the same time remain White and living in White areas, driving White cars and dressing in White clothes.

In the mind of these blacks all Whites have benefited from Colonialism / Apartheid and all are therefore guilty of oppressing blacks. 

When the slaughter comes there will be no discrimination between liberal or conservative Whites. Your skin will be your uniform and to them having a white skin is wearing the uniform of the enemy.

The blacks, they are cowards who will knife you in the back when you are looking the other way.

It is simply not their style to advertise their genocide campaign a month in advance. When it comes they won’t give the South African Whites the chance to organise and be ready for the onslaught. No, they will come like a thief in the night when the Whites least expect it. Their plan can only work as long as they can keep it a secret and surprise the Whites.

Personally my belief about “Uhuru, night of the long knives” have changed over time. At first I thought that blacks won’t attack Whites en masse in South Africa as they have done in Kenya or Angola. 

I thought that it would remain a myth in SA and that the ANC would rather stretch the “Long night out” over years.

In South Africa, every night is Kristalnacht for the Whites. To Fanon the only solution was gruesome violence, for blacks with machetes hacking the Whites  to death.

Just the mere presence of Whites makes blacks feel inferior and dehumanized. That feeling of inferiority and lack of humanity can only be eliminated through killing a White person, for by killing a White person two birds are killed with one stone; In one blow both the oppressor and the oppressed is eliminated; Leaving one man dead and the other man free.

The Black regains his humanity through the killing of the Whites…or as Fanon puts it… “Decolonization is truly the creation of new men. 
But such a creation cannot be attributed to a supernatural power: The “thing” colonized becomes a man through the very process of liberation.”

“ Looking at the immediacies of the colonial context, it is clear that what divides this world is first and foremost what species, what race one belongs to. The cause is effect: You are rich, because you are white, you are white because you are rich.”

Liberal Whites will do good to read The Wretched Of The Earth.
Black violence will be vindicated and appropriated when, taking history into their own hands, the colonized swarm into the forbidden cities. To blow the colonial world to smithereens is henceforth a clear image within the grasp and imagination of every colonized subject. To dislocate the colonial world.

“To destroy the colonial world means nothing less than demolishing the colonist’s sector, burying it deep within the earth or banishing it from the territory.“

Since 1994, Blacks have had more rights than Whites in South Africa. They are totally free. Whites have given them the entire country, but they still feel “colonized” and “oppressed”.

“For the wretched of the earth, the 90 percent of humanity living in capitalist society, socialism is the only answer, history has not ended . . . we will mould a new, just society.” 
- Chris Hani, leader of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, April 16, 1992 

Steve Biko was a disciple of Fanon. So was Nelson Mandela, Mugabe, and just about every black consciousness leader or Marxist terrorist in Africa. 

Every ANC leader, from Oliver Tambo to Thabo Mbeki and every Black Panther leader have read The Wretched of the Earth and live / lived by its ideals. No amount of reason, talk, appeasement, bribing, jobs, cake or anything will ever be good enough for these psycho Marxist Blacks. 

In their minds there can be no Freedom of any kind as long as a single White person still exists in South Africa.

The irony of it all is that these extreme racist blacks who are all disciples of Fanon and never have a shortage of thousands of followers have the audacity to accuse Whites of racism.

This Fanonistic uprising and mass murder or genocide of White South Africans is all these blacks think and dream about. 

It is constantly in the back of their minds when they hold these mass rallies and marches. Therefore we can never relax. We cannot let our guard slip, not even for one second.

Uhuru is not a fantasy of White South Africans . . . it is the fantasy of blacks. It is their psycho perverse dream that, that day they will be killing the White man, take his possessions and sleep in his bed with his wife.

I think Uhuru or the so called “Night of the long knives” will come to South Africa during the day. At least it will start during the day. 

The popular belief amongst Whites is that it will come during the night as Nicholaas “Siener”van Rensburg apparently predicted. 

In the past South Africa has seen mass demonstrations ten times worse than during the Apartheid era. These demos were organised by Cosatu, the storm troopers of the ANC. They blocked off National and main roads in and around major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria. These were all training exercises in my eyes. All of it was carried out during the day.

During the day, White men and women are at work at different places. Children are at school. Families are completely split up during the day.

Imagine all roads blocked, no cell-phones or all networks overloaded, total chaos as people are trying to find their loved ones before they flee the hordes of machete wielding blacks... That will be their Fanonistic uprising . . . they have been planning it since 1960 at least.

I urge all White South Africans to have contingency plans in place for whenever something like this happens. To have communication backup. To have meeting points and rally points in order to find each other. To study the road maps and city plans and plan routes of escape. 

Don’t be caught unawares. The first hours will be critical. Speed of reaction is of utmost importance.

And prepare yourself mentally to leave some loved ones behind if you have to, to save the rest of your family, and don’t worry about the cats and the dogs, they will be fine. The blacks are not after them. They are after YOU.

The biggest mistake you can make is to believe Uhuru will never happen. Whites should at all times be prepared for the worst in South Africa, because you can never trust these bastards and you can never, ever let your guard down as long as they are in your midst.

Download The Wretched Of The Earth in pdf and READ IT!