Wikileaks Cables List

Note: Effective 8-30-2011, there won't be new diplomatic cables posted by Wikileaks since they have all been posted online - all 251,287 of them! The story goes that someone discovered the password to all those diplomatic cables that were stored on a server and was able to access all the cables and then posted them online on another server. Assange then had no choice but to follow suit. I never liked Assange's habits of posting one or two cables a day at times and at other times a few hundred and still at other times no cables at all were posted. We were at his mercy! It had gotten tiresome waiting for Assange to decide when and how many cables to post each day.

All 251,287 diplomatic cables can now be searched at this link:

All 251,287 diplomatic cables can now be found at this link:

Download the entire diplomatic wikileaks cables: