Mandela ... Dead?

The "whitey" in this picture is an Edomite (Jew) by the name of Joe Slovo.

Here’s an interesting report on Commie Mandela’s health. Many may say it’s all BS, but then on the other hand it just might not be BS.

Just because a rapist and a Commie by the name of Zuma says all’s well, does not make it so.

Here’s a fitting Mandela sing-along together with what looks like a White man, but that’s NO White man, that’s an Edomite (Jew) called Ronald (Ronnie) Kasrils.

“Whatever the drawbacks and failures I am convinced that in years to come humanity will look back to Soviet achievements as a source of 
profound inspiration." 
- R. Kasrils.

Mandela … He’s a Commie and the Adamic world adores him! We’ve gone insane! 

We applaud the destruction and death of our own kinsmen … We’ve gone insane!