Migration Chronicles: PowerPoint Presentations

Migrations of the 12 Tribes of Israel 
PowerPoint Series.
by Pastor Eli James

Few Christians understand that the word 'lost,' as in the "Lost Ten Tribes," has a very specific meaning in both Hebrew and Greek that is not conveyed in English. The Greek appollumi means "put away in punishment." In modern parlance, the best translational word is EXILED. The Exiled Ten Tribes of Israel have a secular history beyond the deportations of 745-712 BC from Samaria. From Samaria, these Exiles became known by many different names, names derived from the languages of their captors, such as the Assyrians and Medes, names that reflect non-Hebrew versions of Ephraim, Mannasseh, Asher, Zebulon, etc.

For an overview of this time period, please CLICK HERE and read Chapter 8 of my book, The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-Christ Has Deceived the Whole World, for an introduction to this subject. You will be amazed at how much secular evidence there is for the Exiled House of Israel being known by New Names, especially the name, Caucasian.

This Page is dedicated to presenting the evidence, from all sources, for the Migrations of the Exiled House of Israel, who first became known as Saka, Scythians, Cimmerians (Khumru), Parthians, Goths, Angles, Saxons, Gauls, Germans, Danes, British, etc., ie, the Caucasian People. In order to combat the ignorance and deliberate obfuscation of our history by modern academia and Jewry, this Page stands as historical evidence against their cover-up of this most important fact: The Caucasian People are the True Israelites of the Bible. The fact that secular historians have failed to trace the origin of the Caucasian People from their appearance in the Caucasus Mountain Range back to their Exile in Media, located just south of the Caucasus Mountains, is a historical scandal, par excellence. It is time that this travesty of scholarship is corrected.

Pastor Eli James
Church of the Restoration of True Israel
Ecclesiastical Council for the Restoration of Covenant Israel