Fall of Germany: Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood Supporters Held Islamic Prayer On Streets Of Stuttgart

This is footage from a Muslim Brotherhood rally in Stuttgart, Germany.

The rally took place on August 31st in support of the "return of democracy" in Egypt. That of course means they want to see the radical Islamist government led by Mohammed Morsi back in power.

Why are these people in Germany in the first place? And why are there so many of them? 

Either way the fact that this video looked like it could of been filmed in somewhere like Algeria or Saudi Arabia for example or any Islamic country is quite disturbing.

I wonder if immigration, especially from Muslim countries is a hot topic in the up -coming German federal election on September 22nd? Of course it isn't. Let's be honest here, Germans are a completely neutered people, I rank them along with the Swedes as some of the most politically correct people in modern day Europe.

R.I.P Germany.