Jews Put Blacks In Prison Without Trial

In the High Court ruling striking down the law that lets asylum-seekers be jailed for three years without trial, Justice Edna Arbel notes that the right to liberty is fundamental to a democratic regime, and that any denial of this right must be done under clear and strict rules. 

We should remember this statement in light of the Israel Police’s many arrests. According to prison service data and a report by the Public Defender’s Office, the arrest rate has risen 21 percent since 2005; last year, 62,000 people were arrested.....

In addition, the attorney general, and particularly the police commissioner, must stress to all levels of the police the importance of the right to liberty. They must be made to know that an arrest should be a last resort. It must be done with great caution.

Asylum seekers is code for blacks who don't like living in the Hellholes they created. That is what Jews have their Concentration Camps such as Saharonim & Ketziot for. 

This article from Haaretz makes it sound as though Jews have a conscience.