ANC Regime Wages War Against Afrikaans Children In South Africa

ANC regime wages warfare against Afrikaans children. Are these kids really a 'threat to race relations in South Africa?" 

 On October 7 2013, a local ANC councillor in Heidelberg, Gauteng is allegedly organizing his supporters to lay siege to the Volksskool Heidelberg's children, the parents are being warned. And this violence against Afrikaans children is nothing new. It's been part of the ANC's political campaign against Afrikaners and their language.

Above are some of the pupils at the Afrikaans-language Volksskool Heidelberg in Gauteng. Ever since June 2006,  all Afrikaans schools are being put under siege, with Afrikaans parents and teachers often having to wage physical warfare inside the classrooms to keep aggressive black-racists from terrorising their children inside their own schools. This grew into all-out warfare in the classrooms and the lawcourts by 2010 - the ANC often also lodged false criminal complaints against Afrikaans teachers. Now this campaign has been stepped up with open warfare against the presence of all Afrikaners and their language in South Africa with the slogan "Feel it, it's war'. And they chose as their battle-ground: the schools and universities, where small groups of Afrikaners have to fight lonely battles to retain their children's rights to an education in their mother tongue...

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