Jews Big In Cocaine Smuggling Industry

Israel becomes major hub in the international cocaine trade, abuse rising 
Number of cocaine users in Israel has doubled in recent years and the Israel Police reports that Israeli criminals have joined hands with the cartels....... 

It should be noted that Israel has a “star role” in the World Drug Report for 2013 issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and released last June. In the report, which discusses trends in the world, Israel is not infrequently listed in connection with cocaine.............

Over the years, cocaine continues to be the most lucrative of all illicit drugs. A kilogram of cocaine costs between $3,000 and $5,000 in South America. 

Jews are big in smuggling, and being illegal makes it far more profitable.
The tax position has important advantages.
Jews are not usually stupid enough to use the stuff but they do like prostitution, pornography & thieving especially fraud. 
Jews go in for murder, torture, extortion, and blackmail et cetera. 
They are at their most dangerous with political manipulation, as the Puppet Masters currently setting up wars against Syria & Iran, and using Adamites as canon fodder.