The Talmud In Action

Jew Is A Shameless Thief Who Stole Millions

Haredi Swindler Eliyahu Weinstein Tells Court He Should Not Be Prosecuted For Stealing Millions. Why does Weinstein say he shouldn't be prosecuted? The Lakewood-based thief claims the US Attorney knew he was stealing and accepted his guilty plea in another fraud case. Since this second fraud took place during the end of the time the first fraud was ongoing, he argues that his second fraud – which wiped out generations of wealth from one non-Jewish family – should have been included in his original guilty plea. Indeed, the consummate liar and thief says, he thought it was – even though no mention of the second fraud is made in his guilty plea. 

Jews Want Money To Protect Rabbi Accused Of Kidnapping, Torture & Extortion

We are writing to you on behalf of a Crown Heights resident, a young, Torah scholar who has devoted himself to matters of Halacha and especially Gittin [ divorces ] during the last few years. Because of his well intentioned activities he is now facing a very serious legal challenge and must put together a capable and respected Defense Team to help clear his name and exonerate him............

At the request of his family and community leaders a Committee has been formed to work together with the family and the Legal Team to be of assistance in the fundraising, distribution of payments [ To whom? Fixer, bullies, bent witnesses? - Editor ] and other proceedings that will evolve in this ongoing case.........

This Yungerman has been an experienced witness for several years in Gittin. He has worked with Crown Heights Rabbonim on Gittin and has also worked with several Batei Dinim outside of Crown Heights. Because of his experience and knowledge, he has not shied away from difficult cases. In the current case, he was not knowledgeable of all of the details involved at the time that he joined together with the other members of the Bais Din to effectuate the Get.

An appeal for funds or an admission of guilt? See more at Four More Haredi Kidnap-Torture-Extortion Granted Bail

Rapist Rabbi Arrested For Alleged 1st Degree Child Sex Abuse

A 56-year-old Orthodox rabbi from Far Rockaway, New York has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a young boy between November 2009 and May 2010 at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County in West Hempstead.

Jew Arrested For Stealing Millions From The Government

The fraud was allegedly carried out by creating fictitious profiles for nonexistent students and submitting those names to the ministry in order to receive government subsidies for them and is related to similar arrests made last year. 

The filthy, evil children of Cain (Jews) are doing what their Talmud demands them to do!