Harvard Law Review Proves [Communist] Barack Obama Born In Kenya

December 16, 2013 -- (TRN http://www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com ) - For the first time, an unimpeachable source with a long and trusted history of enormous credibility has produced irrefutable evidence that Barack Obama is not a "natural born citizen" of the United States. The 30 second video below shows a 1991 "Harvard Law Review" Bio of Barack Obama. It reveals Barack Obama "was born in Kenya . . ."

This provides the first conclusive proof that Barack Obama is Constitutionally ineligible to be President of the United States. Legally, Obama's Presidency is invalid and the Office of President is vacant.

All Bills which Obama signed into law are null and void. His appointments to Cabinet positions and nominations of individuals to be federal judges were not lawful. Those appointees and nominees are therefore illegitimate. This being the case, all Cabinet posts are vacant and cases in federal court which were presided-over by Obama-nominated judges will have to be re-tried.

Further, Barack Obama is not, and cannot be, the lawful Commander-in-Chief of the United States Military; making the "National Command Authority" vacant.

The Constitutional issues are massive, but there are legal issues of another sort to inquire about: Criminal Conspiracy. Questions about Barack Obama's eligibility for the Presidency arose long prior to his first election. Countless courts and state election officials chose not to allow such challenges or failed to investigate them. Were all of those Judges and election officials conspirators?

If so, it would boggle the mind of any rational American that such a conspiracy could be so vast and succeed. After all, if election officials, party leaders, judges and the like are capable of such a willful fraud upon the entire country, what ELSE are they capable of doing?