It Is Time To Throw Santa/Satan Into The Garbage Can And Return Back To 'The Christ' 100%

It is time to return the masses back to 'The Christ' ONLY. The only people who gain anything from this pagan Winter festival are the Christ killing Jewish 'Merchants of Venice' that Shakespeare wrote about, who sell you their plastic toys made in Communist China, the same Communist China who killed our soldiers on the rocky slopes of Korea and in the jungles of Vietnam, and who have His blood on their Jewish hands who said; "Let His Blood be upon us and our children forever." It should be a gathering of Christian families and individuals celebrating the birth of The Godhead Christ onto this earth. No where in the ancient texts can you find where the three White wise men from the East gave presents to one another. Another item I want to impress upon everyone for this time of the year is this; we were commanded by The Almighty Father that we are not to lie. And that includes about Santa/Satan, the flying reindeer, and all the rest of the garbage lies that come with this Xmas pagan holiday. It has gotten so bad, that the children now want Santa/Satan more than Christ Himself. STOP lying to your children!!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom