It Isn't Any Fun When The Rabbit Has The Gun

The whole world is waking up to the murdering Jews as a mongrel species unto themselves, especially Hungary, Greece, Germany, Russia, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Romania, Estonia, South Africa, Norway, England, and France. I remind you, not to sell the United States short either of waking up to the evil Jew. The "holocaust" was and is, nothing but A MASSIVE JEW LIE that the Jews have used for sympathy and MONEY!! The JEWS were the butchers in the Soviet Union in the early 1900's of hundred's of thousands of White Christian Russian men, women, and children, and were in fact also responsible for 100's of millions of deaths throughout all Eastern Europe before and after WW - II, including Germany. Tens of thousands Christian Romanians were slaughtered and killed at the hands of the Communist Jews, but no one wants to hear this truth. There was no Jew holocaust in Romania, other than the real holocaust against the innocent Christian Romanian's at the hands of the slaughtering Communist Jews! 
Dr. James P. Wickstrom

Outrage in Romania over 'Jew-burning' Christmas carol.

A picture taken with a zoom effect shows Christmas light decorations at a Park in Bucharest on December 17, 2010 (AFP Photo/Daniel Mihailescu).

Bucharest (AFP) - Romania faced mounting outrage on Friday after a traditional choir performed a Christmas carol on public television that indirectly glorified the Holocaust and said Jews should be burned in a chimney

The song, shown on the country's new TVR3 channel on December 6, drew strong condemnation from religious groups and the US embassy in Bucharest. The government has also distanced itself from the controversial broadcast. 

The century-old carol, performed by a folk group in the northwestern Cluj region, features lyrics that use the pejorative term "jidovi" for Jews and includes a line that says Jews are good "only in the chimney, only in smoke".