The ChiCom (Chinese Communist) Are Coming Whether You Like It Or Not

Do you have a few minutes to read some very interesting information and facts relating to Communist China and their planned attack against the U.S.? I hope you do. You see, if just 50% of what you are about to read below is true, the U.S. is in deep doodoo!! While you have spent trillions of your dollars on cheap plastic Communist junk toys and other items, Communist China has taken your money and has created a massive OFFENSIVE FIGHTING AND INVADING MILITARY FORCE RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES. Again, if just 50% of what you read below is correct ... Marxist Communist Obama has done his job in disjointing the U.S. military greatly from within by getting rid of over 197 senior ranking military officers from their trained duty posts in the past couple of years. His doing this was no accident. Now.... time for you to read and then share the info below with others. Good luck!! 

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