The Jew Controlled Marxist BBC Screened Over 100 hours Of Programming Praising the Terrorist Mandela In One Week

The BBC [British Broadcasting Communism] has been accused of ‘losing all proportion’ in its coverage of Nelson Mandela’s death after it emerged more than 100 programmes have been broadcast about him in the past week.

A total of 1,834 viewers and listeners have complained as the airwaves continue to be flooded with tributes disrupting radio and TV schedules. MPs castigated the corporation for wasting money as it was revealed bosses spent thousands of pounds sending eight staff to Johannesburg for a special edition of Question Time.

BBC bosses spent thousands of pounds sending eight staff 
to Johannesburg for a special edition of Question Time.

They even admitted splashing out on business class flights for one panellist, Labour MP [Marxist] Peter Hain. 

Last night, Tory MP Conor Burns, who sits on the Commons culture, media and sport committee, said the programme added ‘precisely nothing’ to viewers’ knowledge of South African affairs, adding: 

‘There is no doubt that Mandela’s death was an international event.

‘This was a man who was one of the great leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries. He taught us all about peace and recognition. 

'But the BBC could have told us about these things without going to the huge expense they have.

‘They have simply got carried away with the emotional importance of the event. Question Time might have been fascinating for a South African audience.

We knew everything they told us without having to pay for Peter Hain to fly business class.’ 

Earlier this week, it was revealed the BBC has flown a total of 140 journalists and production staff to South Africa since Mr Mandela died aged 95 last Thursday, nearly three times as many as all its rival British broadcasters put together

Sky News sent 15 staff, ITV and Channel 4 each sent nine, and Channel 5 sent four. 

Complaints: A total of 1,834 viewers and listeners complained about the BBC's extensive coverage of Nelson Mandela's death.

AND we’re wondering WHAT went wrong with our countries – Folks! … Our leaders are COMMIES!

Communist Winnie, Communist Mandela, 
and the Communist Jew Slovo.

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