Blacks Celebrate New Year By Burning A Thousand Cars In France

This happens among 'disadvantaged youth'. It is a result of the Ethnic Fouling In France. Of course there is Ethnic Fouling in America, Canada, England, Holland, Ireland & the rest of Western Civilization. They do the same in Detroit on Devil's Night.

Why do we put up with this Jewish Communist BS (Democracy) we suffer today. Think about it ... It is ONLY THE WHITE RACE WHO SUFFERS UNDER A DEMOCRACY! - Do the other races suffer in OUR Countries? Should they even be IN our countries?

In the not too distant future we'll be the MINORITY in our OWN Countries - Do you think when that happens we'll be treated fairly, you know, like we treat minorities today? Will WE qualify for all kinds of benefits, like the minorities in OUR Countries do today?

You don't have to be a space cadet to figure out the global agenda - The global agenda is WHITE GENOCIDE!