Don't Choose Sides In The False Rivalry Of Judaism And Islam - Reject BOTH.

In Europe today we are faced with a pincer-style assault on all that we hold dear. From the top we have the fully Judaised Establishment's legal obliteration of our culture, traditions, freedom to speak the truth and - which is the worst of all - freedom to have pride in ourselves and our kin. From the bottom we have the Islamic colonisation of our towns and cities, with its destructive use of rape, heroin and all manner of barbarity to destroy our people; especially our children. This dual attack has had the effect of polarising those who are prepared to defy the legal silencing of dissent, into two rival camps. The first camp is the anti-Moslem/pro-Zionist; the second is the anti-Zionist and pro-Palestinian (which may not intentionally be pro-Moslem, but tends to stray in that direction). Both these false choices are dangerous and must be opposed. 

There is a tendency amongst those who resist, to feel a need to prove that they are 'respectable' and, in effect, to embrace facets of the very 'political correctness' which is a key factor in our demise. The anti-Zionists undergo the most horrendous political contortions to prove that they are not 'anti-Semites', but in fact friends of the Jewish people. 

The notorious David Icke has coined (or more likely purloined) the term 'Rothschild Zionist' to narrow the focus upon the heads of the Banking cartels; this idea that all Jews are sweet and innocent, other than a few bad apples who sit atop the usurious international financial system, fails to take into account factors such as the Jewish nature of finance, and the fact that far from standing as renegades from the Jewish family, the likes of the Rothschilds typify Jewry as a culture, faith and way of life. David Icke would have us believe that Zionists - and especially his fabled 'Rothschild Zionists' - are an aberration amongst Jews, whereas in reality, they are a fulfillment of Jewry; examples of Applied Jewry, if one prefers that term. 

In parallel with the nonsense that there is a tiny minority within Organised Jewry which tarnishes the otherwise spotless character of the Jewish nation, there is the equally ludicrous propaganda that it is a tiny minority of Moslems who are dangerous to the people of Europe, and that they aren't really Moslems, but 'Islamists', and thus should not be considered as a part of the 'religion of peace', puppy dogs, and love and happy dreams. 

Readers who speak English (as opposed to American English) will probably have noticed my use of the word Moslem, in preference to the more normally used Muslim. This is quite deliberate. The word 'Muslim' is an internal religious word for those who follow the Islamic ideology. The word 'Moslem' is the correct word for those who do reject the ways and thoughts of the Islamists. Moslem means vile, superstitious and manipulative. The fact that the Islamic word of devotion has become the norm in the UK, is indicative of how far we have been poisoned by multiracialism and the diabolical cult of multi-culti 'political correctness'. Interestingly, in the USA, the correct word, Moslem, is also giving way to the religious word, Muslim. The Orwellian control of language is clearly at work across the globe. 

The willingness to see the Jews and Moslems as opposites is tied to the yearning for those who apologise for the crimes committed by their preferred faction to see such people as wholesome and honourable, aside from a tiny minority who do not really represent them. In every case, and at every level, the desire to see the best of all people, and the abject refusal to accept that there really can be peoples, faiths and ways of living which are simply abhorrent, stand as a testament to a weakness in the European psyche; a weakness which is the very foundation of our present misfortune. 

The false dichotomy of Jews and Moslems can be seen for the illusion it is on more than one level. At a religious level, the Islamic faith is simply a continuation of Judaism. Whereas Christianity in its un-Judaised form is a return to the pre-Jewish religions of the ancient Israelites - and through Catholicism, to the noble indigenous 'pagan' faiths of Europe - Islam is an extension of Judaism as a religion for the Goyim. Indeed, Islam is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith, supply as it does, a subservient people who will unquestioningly submit to the will of a dæmonic entity; Allah, Jehovah, Satan, Jahbulon - the names change, the monster remains the same. 

The links between the Jews and Moslems are not limited to their obsession with a spiritual force which all sane and rational people would reject. At a racial level, the Elders of Jewry and the Elders of Islam are the same people. The apologists for Islam like to claim that the Saudi royal family and their Salafi/Wahhabi variant of Islam is not real Islam, but a Jewish corruption of it due to the Jewish racial nature of the House of Saud. This argument appears to be a credible one, until one takes the time to consider that the jihadists are not an aberration, but a purist form of Islam; they are strict adherents of the Quran who differ only from other Moslems in their devotion to an ideology of murder, theft, rape and despotism. 

The point that the Saudis are racially Jewish does not in any way make them less Moslem than others who follow Islam. There is a danger of getting embroiled in the controversy of the rival sects. Ultimately, they all follow the same texts, all worship the same entity, and differ only in specific details. The Wahhabis may seem fouler than the other sects - and their biological heritage may be a reason why this is so - but they are simply a variant of Islam and no better or worse than any other.

For too long, we have been drawn into taking sides in a battle which is really one of smoke and mirrors. Anti-Zionists take up the case for a free Palestine out of a genuine desire to see an end to the injustice of an entire country being stolen from its indigenous population. It is only natural to have empathy with other people who have - like us - had their country invaded and their way of life smashed. When it is the same Judaic forces which have overseen the destruction of Palestine and of the nations of Europe, a sense of solidarity is laudable. However, this identity with an oppressed an besieged people must not be allowed to divert our attention from the fact that Islam is a religion for global domination, and that those who view themselves as the spiritual brothers and sisters of the Palestinians, are busy colonising Europe in order to slot it into the dreamed of single global Islamic state - the Shariah World Order. 

Empathy is a European trait which can quickly become a self-defeating feature when it fails to understand that those who we consider to be suffering an identical injustice, are a part of a movement which would happily see every last one of us forced to submit to their superstitious drivel, or die by the sword. The victory of Palestine over Israel would be of no benefit to the people of Europe; it would simply complete the Islamic control of the southern and eastern Mediterranean. For anti-Zionists, this victory would indeed be pyrrhic, as it would legitimise the diaspora of Jews in Europe, as they would no longer have a country to which they could be repatriated. Liberating Palestine at the cost of entrenching Judaic control of Europe, is too high a price to pay; especially as it would simultaneously strengthen the Islamic Colonisers who infest our towns and cities, and sign the death warrant of our people.

The anti-Moslems who utter the slogan 'Stand By Israel' make the mistake that because the Israelis are in conflict with the Palestinians and are thus fighting against Islam within the land they possess, they logically are in the same struggle against Islamification as we are, so they must be our friends. The obliteration of Palestine would in no way mean the end of Islam in Europe; the Jew World Order requires a strong base for the Jewish overlords, and a mongrelised outer world in which all peoples, cultures, faiths etc are forced to exist in the same territories in order to prevent any unification against the new global rulers. It is Organised Jewry which created the mass immigration problem and the multi-racialism which is leading to our genocide. The Jewish State may firmly stand for the rights of Jews in Israel - commendably fighting against all cultural, religious and ethnic pollution of the Jewish people - but outside Israel, the most ardent advocates of racial genocide through enforced migration, are the Elders of Jewry in the diaspora. The demise of Europe may be most visible on our streets as the result of the non-European invasion, but the power behind that invasion is the Jewish Establishment, spreading like a cancer via the diaspora, with its headquarters in Israel.

If we take the side of Palestine and Islam, we can at best see the end of Israel and the continuation of multiculturalism until ended by total Islamic victory over Europe. If we take the side of Israel and Jewry, we can expect no let-up in the genocide of our people at their direction; resulting in the same annihilation of Europe. 

The only hope we have with regards to the Jewish-Moslem question is to refuse to join in on either side, and to take the only viable option, which is the absolute rejection of Judaism and of Islam. In happier times, the Jewish question could have been solved by accepting the Madagascar Plan and building a Jewish homeland in far-off Africa. That time is gone. 

We need to stop allowing ourselves to be distracted by the woes of peoples with whom the only thing we have in common is a shared enemy. Our enemy's enemy is NOT our friend; we need to accept this reality. Our only hope is to evict all non-Europeans, and to never allow a single outsider to come to our shores for anything more than a brief holiday, if even that. If the Jews and Moslems wish to destroy one another, who are we to stop them? If at a deeper level they are in reality two sides of the same diabolical coin, it is not impossible that once expelled from our shores and returned to their own lands, they could live separately in relative peace. In the end, it simply isn't our problem. Our problem is our own survival, and should we choose to take sides in other people's battles, we can only accelerate our own demise.