Jews 'Correcting' German Schoolbooks

The American Jewish Committee in Germany is increasingly concerned about the way in which Israel is portrayed in schoolbooks. They say German textbooks paint a negative picture of Israel by associating the country too often with regional aggression.

The American Jewish Committee points to a preliminary study of textbooks by the German-Israeli Schoolbook Commission, which is a bilateral panel of academics and state educators. In Germany, the Commission reviewed over 400 history, geography and liberal arts books. And according to AJC officials, the preliminary findings highlighted an alarming trend in German textbooks.

Deidre Berger, Director, American Jewish Committee:
“The report shows that Israel only appears in textbooks only in terms of a conflict with its neighbors. And it’s always described in portions of history or political science textbooks as part of problems, conflicts, challenges.”

We’re all back in the Weimarer Republik, today it’s called “democracy” … Same filth and degradation, proudly presented by the Jews.