Sweden Splattered in a Multicult CRAP STORM

September 4, 2012 

“…you could fill a book with the horrors being bestowed upon Swedish people and how the JEW RAG MEDIA denies the bad things happen at all, but takes all the time in the world to CONSTANTLY print NATIONAL ARTICLES on some lying black shitbag who claims excessive racism, while looking sad for the camera…”

PLEASE READ THIS disturbing comment left on my article on Rachel Corrie, the American activist run over by a bulldozer and killed in Israel. It’s from a Swedish woman living “in the real world” and not the fairy tale BS the multicult nuts so expect us to believe. The woman who wrote it obviously has had enough of the PC brainwashing and seeing her beautiful land despoiled with filthy, out of place and often criminal, sub-Saharan Africans (turned militant by the multicults and tons of government freebies, while her family gets nothing). If you’re new to all this supposed “conspiracy, racist talk,” you simply must read and think about what is being done to our countries and race. Also, I’ve embedded a new video at the end, showing how they did it to White people’s brains.

By R. O.

Wow, she really fucked up thinking the jews actually wouldn’t run over her. LMAO I’m sorry I gotta laugh, I hate the jews and I hate the muslims even more. I wish Iran and Israel would simultaneously destroy each other, then maybe they would stop importing a billion fucking Somalians, Afghani’s and Iraqi rape machines into Sweden where I live.

ALL i fucking read about is how racist swedes are towards the poor, poor innocent somalians who never did ‘nothing to nobody’ and after they ESCAPED from their terrible warn torn country. One reader’s comment on a filthy jew owned Swedish news in English website said “what did they ever do to you, evil Swedes? All they did was escape their war torn country, blah blah” If by ESCAPED, you mean brought here at full cost to the Swedish taxpayers, then YES they escaped.

If he meant, what did they ever do to you besides rape 10 year old white girls, set 18 year old Swedish boys on fire, kick 42 year old Swedish fathers of 2 to DEATH in celebration of a somalian shitbags 18th birthday, perpetrate violent beating assault gang rapes on 18 year old Swedish girls, refuse to learn Swedish or get a job, create close knit and closed somalian societies within swedish society, LIE about racist attacks so they can get a ‘new apartment or house’ hopefully in a big city with lots of other Somalians because it’s SUCH TORTURE forcing them to live in small towns in the BEAUTIFUL swedish countryside in large apartments with free spending money, food allowance, medical and dental care, and outstanding educational opportunities.

I mean HOW fucked up are we, demanding some poor innocent IQ 63 Somalian white hating, christian hating, terrorist leaning, islamic baby raper live through the horrors of a Swedish countryside and ‘getting a mean look’ from some EVIL Swede.

They chronically and CONSTANTLY complain, demand bigger housing and better housing, HOUSES with yards and a separate room for each of their 1,000 strong ‘litters’ stating ‘we want a big house with a yard ‘like what Swedish people GET’ you know, cause it’s all FREE right? (Strangely my Swedish husband and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment with his 3 grown sons (grown, but, still very young-one has severe autism). They get the 2 bedrooms, we sleep in the living room with a bookcase partition. He works 10pm to 7 am to earn a higher salary, AND Swedes pay like 50% income tax, so that 65 year old foreigners who just moved here can be paid HIGHER retirement pensions than a retiring librarian who worked for 45 years and does not qualify for ANY dental help, even though her pension is only about the equivalent of $1,500 a MONTH american, which is NOTHING considering a McDonald’s ‘meal deal’ costs $15 american dollars here, and there is a 25% TAX on EVERY PURCHASE item. Plus the fucking niggers and mudslimes all get free dental care.

OH what, what did they ever do to us? And the Swedish population does NOTHING for them, NOTHING at all, except allow them to live in basic paradise that was once clean and safe, and is now filthy because they and their children will eat or drink something and fling their garbage to the ground the second it leaves their mouths, even though there are permanent and unfull garbage containers implanted EVERY 20 feet, piles of garbage next to the automobiles they were hanging out in ALL night making racket, then sweeping their fast food wrappers, coke cans, etc., onto the sidewalk; and my filthy freeloading Somalian neighbors stay up ALL night long screaming and playing board games YEAH they’re trying REALLY hard to find a fucking job.


And people wonder why the SUICIDE rate in Sweden is so high?? Well depression for lost of self, country, and being told there is no such thing as ‘a swede’ and that we have no culture or heritage; and the teenage girls who kill themselves after being gang raped by blackheads, who are NEVER fucking caught because THEY ALL LOOK ALIKE.

Mr., you could fill a book with the horrors being bestowed upon Swedish people and how the JEW RAG MEDIA denies the bad things happen at all, but takes all the time in the world to CONSTANTLY print NATIONAL ARTICLES on some lying black shitbag who claims excessive racism, while looking sad for the camera, with his lying lazy ass. When it turns out they were proven to be lying NO ARTICLE comes forth stating such.

The 18 year old Swedish boy SET ON FIRE after being beaten almost to death, after being dragged from a bus stop – NOTHING – not a fucking PEEP from the media here, you have to read about it and see his picture on BLOGS, and the blogs are threatened with LEGAL ACTION and the police CONSTANTLY and called neo nazi racists. FOR TELLING THE TRUTH.

These poor rape victims AND MURDER victims are constantly told by the media that they are racist, and they are to blame for ‘retaliatory actions’ perpetrated by scum, even though any retaliatory actions SWEDES might wish they could take against rapists and KILLERS is derided as wrong and cruel, it becomes ‘understandable’ when some niggers being given a free ticket to paradise kill or rape a swede after ‘some people were mean to them’.

Do I live in BIZARRO WORLD?? Why are people so stupid to believe all the SHIT they read, or to believe that because they haven’t read it, it does not exist.

If I wanted to talk about this on my own blog, I could be ARRESTED. But blacks and arabs are free to call me WHORE as I walk by, amongst other things, without consequence.

I see the end is near.


When are we Adamites going to come to the realization that “multiculturalism & Diversity” is actually the INVASION of Adamic Countries!

This is the first time in history that we sit with our thumbs up our butts whilst we’re being INVADED!