WTF Is Wrong With Our Race?

Have we gone completely bonkers?
We absolutely love and worship the jews (see John 8:44), and then there are some of us who absolutely love and adore the arabs (so-called muslims) because they despise the Jews, or so they’d want us to believe.

Has anybody compared these two ideologies side by side lately? If they have, they’d soon realise there’s not much difference between judaism and islam - Both ideologies uphold the practice of paedophilia, for example.

And we idiotic Whites worship and love these bastards! Well, in private we don’t, but out in public we do because we don’t want to be singled out and given a verbal label like bigot etc. 

Here’s my point – We are led to believe “islam is peace”, right?

Just how peaceful is islam? – Well take a look at the video below (don’t worry there’s no blood and gore … we Whites just can’t stand stuff like that, we’re way too civilised, eh? If you agree, you’ve forgotten the history of our Race, a very violent one indeed!).

islam wants to bring us peace! - Look!

The non-Whites, including Jews, yes, Jews are NOT White, have forgotten just how brutal our Race can be. Would they've pulled the shit they do today, say a hundred years ago? 

Would you see this, say a hundred years ago?

For some further study into all this strange demonic crap we face on a daily basis, see: