And This Has Been Going On Since Christmas Night Of 1913, When The Jews Took Over Control Of America's Money Supply, Just As They Have Over Other Nations Of The Earth

Just imagine a Jew representing all four people looting and destroying 'Uncle Sam' who represents our once great Republic and the citizens of this nation with the Jew private 'FED'. And the Jews are still doing it! 
Dr. James P. Wickstrom.

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American Government Is Seriously In Debt At $17.2 TRILLION.

America is grossly spendthrift, with no intention of stopping.

PS The American Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew is a Jew. Stanley Fischer, the Vice-Chairman of the US Federal Reserve System is a Jew. Janet Yellen, the Chair humanoid is a Jew. Ben Bernanke, her predecessor is a Jew

There is a pattern here. Using enemy aliens to run America's financial system is silly/corruption/madness/alarming/dangerous/suicidal - delete to taste.