Islamic Female Drivers ... Think About It

Introducing the all new Halallah GT 1.2i.

1200cc fuel injection.
Various colors.
New to the automotive industry - No need to wash the vehicle, simply remove burka and wash.
Sat Nav - Always parks facing Mecca.
Immobilised for Fridays at noon.
Exempt from paying any taxes, Whitey will pay all the taxes required.
Two choices of horn – 1 “Allah Akbar”  2 “Shariah the only solution for Europe”.
Desert climate control.
Power steering.
Loads of space for the "little ones".

The Halallah GT 1.2i is 100% subsidised by traitorous Whitey Governments.  You as an Islamic Female don’t have to pay anything! 
All you need to do is enjoy your new Halallah GT 1.2i, and remember, you must keep on breeding as much as possible!

The Halallah GT 1.2i is only available in Western Countries. To avoid disappointment, don't delay, collect yours today!

No need for you as an Islamic woman to travel in the back of the trunk anymore!

These Brits are happy because they have the new Halallah GT 1.2i, and you too could be this happy.