WHY WHITES MUST HACK!: Hail the Syrian Electronic Army!

endzog media correspondent


The Jews have now closed down all the major White nationalist Jewtube channels in what has amounted over the last few years to a mass ritual slaughter. These channels were opened and re-opened under different names for several years and under a number of accounts.

In the last twelve months Jewish Hasbarah workers acting either from within Jewtube or direct from Israel or both have been flagging videos as a paid desk job. Eventually channel owners realized that once two videos were flagged the channel was closed down. Inside knowledge seems to have been a factor, because as once one channel went down all channels under other accounts owned by that user quickly followed. The content of the videos was not an issue. Jewtube simply accepted that if anyone claimed to be offended by anything a White person posted, even if the video was an accredited academic document of fact, then that video would go.

Then the new Google control system was introduced in 2013 which changed the whole way comments could be made or channels opened. It became impossible to escape from having all your accounts linked to one Google sign-in. This was accompanied by an entirely new means of closing down channels. Jewtubes guidelines were simply overruled and Google itself began to close accounts without any explanation.

You would simply receive a message when you tried to open your Jewtube channel that “Suspicious activity has been detected on your channel, please provide your telephone number to access your account.” Thinking this a mere security measure people reluctantly gave their number, pressed ok and the account was immediately closed leaving Google with more of your private information.

At the same time in the Jewknighted Kingdom White nationalists are being jailed for postings on facebook deemed ‘offensive’ to Jews and other non-whites. The list of white nationalist political prisoners across Europe is unknown as all the so-called ‘human rights’ organizations are owned and run by the enemy who refuse to acknowledge the existance of the Prisoners Of ZOG or document them. The most famous is the leader of the Golden Dawn. An elderley man who has never committed a crime in his life but has been held for months without trial by the Jewish bankster-controlled Greek Zionist media-dictatorship. His arrest was directly ordered by the World Jewish Congress in the United States.

The secret European Jewish Parliament (covered only in specifically Jewish media) has furthered the clamp-down on freedom of speech by White people by funelling it’s activity through the main EU parliament and bringing in ‘hate-laws’ in various European states such as Ireland, Italy and Occupied Germany. Hate-laws simply refer to anyone who reports on the Jewish agenda and Jewish financial, political and social crimes or who reports the massive number of crimes committed by non-White immigrants against the host populations. Immigrants being deliberately imported on the orders of Jewish banksters and Zioncorporation for the sole purpose of genociding the White race across Europe, America and the Australias.

White nationalist websites and internet activity has practically ceased in such states and the Jews are threatening countries like the UK who have not yet introduced the laws with legal action to ‘punish’ them with fines if they do not do so. America will probably be the last hold-out as the battle to overwrite our constitution with statutes as the Jews have done with European law, is not yet complete.

endzog is now banned on all school, college, university, library and government computers all across the European Union. It is only a matter of time until all White nationalist websites from Europe and abroad will be closed or blocked across Europe. The result for endzog of this ban is a dramatic decline in Alexa rankings and hits on the channel and therefore less people being informed.

The increasing clampdown on White resistance to the genocide of their people and nations has initially led to the creation by Irish White nationalists of the Outranet which means creating webpages in the external world in the form of posters, leaflets or graffiti ranging from small slogans to massive ones many meters in length:

But the next stage has obviously got to be hacking. Imagine when you open a website and see the usual foul depiction of a big jet-black man with a White woman in his arms promoting miscegenation. Or type ‘White women’ into Google images and get a page full of images of black men with White women. Or a BBC or CNN website headline about “Fascist, racist nazi thugs” or yet more grotesque Jewish insults to Jesus or his mother or a Department of Education website promoting paedophilia to children.

Instead of just feeling sick in the stomach about the Jews and their lies and their deliberate genocide of our race and nations and destruction of all that is precious to us, what if instead with the help only of a laptop and the internet and a knowledge of how to do it you hack into that website and place your own information there countering theirs?

This is what a group truly great heroes, nationalists and patriots known as the Syrian Electronic Army are doing and have done successfully for three years. They have taken on the Jewsmedia at their own game and posted the truth about the assault on their country by ZOG using paid al Qaeda terrorists and criminals to try to destroy their nation for Israel and the Rothschild banking interests.

Without further ado let me bring a major pointer to one of the techniques of the future of White nationalist struggle, the wonderful, admirable, brave warriors who stand for their beloved and successful homeland against it’s Zionist enemies and devils. I give you The Syrian Electronic Army:

الجيش السوري الإلكتروني