The White Race is NOW THE MINORITY in Ohio !!!

Dr. J. Edward Weed III

This tragic news is a result of several things. One, this communist government continuing to put more and more people on welfare programs; two, this is the result of White whores who have continually rejected their own kind so that they can have children (usually out of wedlock) with Negros, Latinos, and God knows how many other races of people. And third, this happened due to pressure from other people. And what I mean by that is that anyone who rejects their daughter or son when he/she has brought home a Negro, a Latino, Asian, etc. or anyone who is unhappy about halfbreed grandchildren, is isolated and ostracized from their local church, their local seniors groups, and their local communities.

Now, thanks to so many (weak kneed, wimps) succumbing to such pressure, they can really be ostracized, because now, their local houses of prayer and their local communities, are no longer made up by the White Western European, working class citizens. Before long, every community in America will look like this one in Ohio. But hey, even though your grandchildren will not look like you or any member of your family, even though your daughter or son will probably be abused or contract some sexual disease from the other race they bedded down with, at least you will always be able to say that you were in favor of and endlessly supported, diversity. 

Working class whites lose voting dominance in Ohio.