Exposing ISIS, The Obama Lie

And just what does ISIS stand for? Why isn't Muslim Marxist Communist Obama unleashing total U.S. air power to completely wipe out these loonies? Why has U.S. Senator John McCain been so quiet lately? Because ISIS is a murdering, killing, and butchering group of loonies made up by the Jew Mossad and financed by the United States taxpayers, and their "buddy" is Senator John McCain. Time for a wake-up call about this 'private little spook' army of the Jews and Washington, D.C.. Another 'boogey man' army of murderers. Enjoy ths 8 minute video and share!
Dr. James P. Wickstrom


Jack The Ripper Was a Jew, British Paper Claims

'Mail on Sunday' reports that Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Polish-Jewish immigrant was behind the murder of five women in London in 1888.

Whitehall mystery of October 1888.. (photo credit:Wikimedia Commons)
Jack the Ripper was a mentally unstable Polish-Jewish immigrant, the Mail on Sunday has revealed, citing the work of an amateur sleuth who claims to have cracked the 126-year-old case through the help of DNA evidence.

Aaron Kosminski, a 23-year-old Jew who had fled from Poland to London with his family, escaping pogroms in Russia in the early 1880s, has long been a suspect in the gruesome murder of five women in the Whitechapel district of the English capital.

The key piece of evidence was a shawl found on the body of victim Catherine Eddowes which was found to contain blood from the victim and semen from Kosminski. The discovery was made through DNA testing of descendants of both Eddowes and Kosminski.

Russell Edwards, a British businessman, bought the shawl at an auction and enlisted the help of forensic scientist Dr. Jari Louhelainen.

Using cutting edge forensic techniques, Louhelain was able to determine with more than 99 percent certainty that stains found on the shawl matched the DNA of Eddowes and Kosminski.

Edwards explained in the Mail: "Kosminski has always been one of the three most credible suspects. He is often described as having been a hairdresser in Whitechapel, the occupation written on his admission papers to the workhouse in 1890. What is certain is he was seriously mentally ill, probably a paranoid schizophrenic who suffered auditory hallucinations and described as a misogynist prone to ‘self-abuse’ – a euphemism for masturbation...police did not have enough evidence to convict Kosminski, despite identification by a witness, but kept him under 24-hour surveillance until he was committed to mental asylums for the rest of his life. I became convinced Kosminski was our man, and I was excited at the prospect of proving it. I felt sure that modern science would be able to produce real evidence from the stains on the shawl. After a few false starts, I found a scientist I hoped could help."

"Now that it’s over, I’m excited and proud of what we’ve achieved, and satisfied that we have established, as far as we possibly can, that Aaron Kosminski is the culprit," Louhelain wrote in the Mail.


Jew Rabbi Makes Direct Reference That 'All Jews' Are The Fallen Angels Of Lucifer

The Edom/Esau Jews know 100% who they are the spawn of.  It is Satan who lost the battle in the heavens long ago, and this is what this devil in a white beard is telling you as to what is written below his picture. He makes direct reference that 'all Jews' are the fallen angels of Lucifer.  The battle is recorded in the historical book of Revelations, Chapter 12, verses 7 - 12.  "Have come to conquer them in the end," this Jew is referring to "conquering" today's pure White European peoples and nations thereof, including White Russia and White Ukraine.  Now read St. John, Chapter 8, verses 31, 44, and 47.
Dr. James P. Wickstrom.



"Today, September 4, 2014, early afternoon, a California mortuary notified Mrs. Cyndi Steele that her husband Edgar was dead.  Since that time, specific circumstances regarding Mr. Steele’s death are being confirmed. This web site and the Edgar Steele Defense Fund (ESDF) will release more information as it becomes available.

Mrs. Steele contacted the ESDF Board, saying she was utterly devastated by this information, and is furious that no Victorville representative contacted her in the last few days regarding his failing health and did not even call her regarding the death of her husband. It was cruel to allow the mortuary to make the call.

Based on the best knowledge at hand, the following are the most likely causes of death: overmedication, persistently delayed, insufficient or improper medical treatment, medical neglect.  The federal government and Victorville Penitentiary bear responsibility for the lives of the inmates who reside there and have refused to be accountable for the decline in Edgar Steele’s health.

Some hours before Mrs. Steele was contacted by the mortuary, ESDF President Robert Magnuson received an email corroborating Ms. Steele’s concern for her husband’s health and safety, validating the suspicion Mr. Steele’s health had been in a sharp decline for the past month.  This fact was obscured, if not hidden by the federal government.

First, Mr. Steele was the victim of a false prosecution, then he was imprisoned in the most dangerous prison here in America. Then his wife was never allowed to visit him despite a court order allowing visitation. Then, his health was compromised because of  neglect, and finally, the reports came in that he had been drugged out of his mind earlier this week, which was the final blow that killed him. Call it anything else you like, but it is murder.

The facts of this tragic situation will be disclosed as the information is gathered.

 (Please be patient as we gather more details to present to you all…  Keep the Steele family in your thoughts and prayers.  - Admin)"