Blacks Do Have A Sense of Humour!

A twin-engine passenger plane has an engine failure and the altitude and speed are decreasing rapidly. The pilot speaks over the intercom ..... 
"I'm sorry it has come to this ladies and gentlemen, but unfortunately we are going to have to jettison the luggage in order for the aircraft to remain airborne ".

Baggage is thrown out but still the plane's altitude continues
to decrease. Once again the pilot gets on the intercom …..
 "I hate to do this folks but in order to save the majority we are going to have to start off-loading some passengers. The only fair way is to do this Alphabetically, so we'll start with the letter -
"A" - Africans? Are there any Africans on board?"
There was no answer so the pilot calls ….

"B" - Black people", are there any black people onboard?"
Again silence.

"C" - Coloured people? Are there any coloured people on board?"
Still there was silence.

A little black boy sitting near the rear of the plane turned to his mother and said ….
 "Mum, ain't we African? 
Ain't we black? 
Ain't we coloured?"

She replied, "Yes, son but for the moment we is "N" - Niggers. 
Let them do the "M" - Muslims first, AND If that don't work we is Zulus".